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Slow Can Be The Best

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Sometimes having your lover really take his time leads to an incredible result.


It's been a long time since my last story, but Sunday night was very special.


It started as a normal lazy Sunday night.  We both had work the next day, so we got ready for bed early and cuddled as we watched a musical tribute show that was on tv.

As the show went on, I thought about how lucky I am to have Steve in my life and how much I loved him, so I cuddled close to him and gently kissed him on the cheek.   He looked at me and held me tighter and kissed me back.  Then he pulled me over to my side and kissed me harder as his hand went between my legs.  I instantly became wet and he slid a finger inside me, coating his finger in my fluids.  He then very gently started to stroke my clit up and down.  I moaned quietly as he continued his slow stroking.   I then reached down and lightly rubbed his penis up and down, using the same speed on him as he was on me.

This went on for a long time.   We were both moaning and thrusting our hips up and down, trying to get more pressure.  I was moaning almost non stop by now, my clit hard and super sensitive.  The juices were running down my legs I was so wet.  But he kept that same slow, teasing stroke, bringing my closer and closer to orgasm.  Time was standing still for me as the feeling were so amazing that I didn't want them to stop, yet at the same time, needing to cum as badly as I ever had needed it before.

Then  I felt the tension build to it's apex as my vagina started to contract.  But it stopped and I kept building higher.  I was there but not going over.  I didn't realize that I was jerking him at the same time really hard and fast.  I heard him gasp and felt his cum splashing against my stomach.  That finally sent me over edge as I screamed and had one of the strongest orgasms I ever had.   My nipples were rock hard and my upper body and face turned bright red as waves and waves of pleasure washed over me.  Finally, I calmed down and Steve was hugging me rubbing my back, telling me how beautiful that was.  I took a finger and wiped his cum from my belly and put my finger to Steve's mouth.  He licked his cum off my finger and then put his finger, still wet with my cum to my mouth and I did the same.  We then kissed and each said how much we love each other.




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