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Sleepover Fun

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Story is based on a dream, but this would have definitely happened for real somewhere!


I went over to my friend Charlie's house often during high school. We would play video games and do homework until late at night. One night, my parents allowed me to have a sleepover at Charlie's. I went to his house after school and we pretty much played on his PlayStation the whole night, with just a break for dinner.

It was around midnight when we stopped playing and went to sleep. We didn't talk much that night. The video game playing made us super tired. I slept well in Charlie's sleeping bag. So well that, when I woke up at 6:30am, I felt perfectly fine despite only sleeping six and a half hours. Charlie was still asleep, and I was unsure whether I wanted to disturb him or not.

I slowly started lifting his blanket off him to see if he would wake up. To my complete shock, he was completely naked! His naked, pale body seemed to glow in the dim sunlight. I knew I should have just put the blanket back on him, but I couldn't help just staring at him. His body was a bit underdeveloped for a 16-year-old. He was of average build, but his legs only had a tiny amount of hair. I glanced over at his penis. There was only a small amount of pubic hair. It was sticking straight up, touching his stomach. It was about 5 1/2 inches long and uncut, free of any major blemish or veins. Quite smooth!

Charlie and I are both the quiet, shy type, so I never thought I would discuss or do anything sexual with him. When I saw his boner however, I had the sudden urge to reach out and start jerking him off. My eyes were so fixated on his penis that I didn’t even realise Charlie had started to wake up! When I did realise, he was staring at me with a grin on his face. ‘’Like what you see?’’ he asked. All I could do was nod slowly.

‘’I always get a boner in the morning. How about you?’’. Again, I just nodded slowly. Charlie then rolled over onto his side, facing away from me. He grabbed a few tissues from his bedside table and placed them on his bed, near the area where his penis was. There were four tissues and he placed them in a 2 by 2 square. Charlie had just begun to stroke his penis with his right hand when I blurted out ‘’Can I?’’. He seemed surprised that I asked this, and so did I! Why the heck would I just say that?

Charlie let go of his penis, and gestured to me that I could stroke it. I gingerly wrapped my right hand around the shaft of his penis and started stroking. With my left hand, I played with his balls, gently twisting them. In 30 seconds, Charlie shot out a rope of cum! One long stream of cum landed on the tissues, turning them from white to clear in an instant. I was so surprised that it happened so soon that I let go his penis.

Seeing my surprise, Charlie explained that it was always like that when he masturbated. Instead of building up to one big shot, his cum came in small doses, but he could repeat it three or four times. This meant that he could cum multiple times in a few minutes! After he explained, I continued to jerk him off. A minute later, he came again, with the same single short rope of cum. We repeated this twice more, before Charlie said he couldn’t go on anymore.

I helped Charlie clean up by throwing the tissues in his rubbish bin. Only a small amount of cum had leaked through and stained his bed. After we finished, he turned to me and pointed to my crotch. I glanced down, shocked to find a noticeable tent in my pyjamas. ‘’I think it’s your turn!’’ Charlie squealed.



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