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Sleeping Naked

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thanks for the inspiration - keep sending stories I love them


This site is awesome. I just found it two weeks ago and I have already read at least a hundred stories. I would have never thought that I would have had my own to write, but I do. My story is true and it took place just last week.

A little background first. Back in April, I spent 3 days in the hospital to have my spleen removed. After I woke up from the surgery, I noticed I was naked. I had always been very modest. I could honestly say that no one had seen my privates since I was ten and before then only mom, dad, and my pediatrician. I had never slept in anything less than my underwear and pajama shorts. The first thing I remember was asking my dad to put my boxers on up to my knees and then I pulled them all the way up. When the night nurse came in and looked at my incision, she noticed the boxers and told me that I could not wear them in the hospital. If something happened and I had to go back to surgery, they would be in the way. Without asking, she pulled them off of me, telling me not to worry, what I had she had seen a million times. I remember not taking much comfort in that statement. I left them off and quite honestly, I found it much more comfortable to sleep without them.

When I came home from the hospital, I continued sleeping nude except at a summer camp I went to in August. It has gotten to where I do not sleep very well unless I am nude. About a month ago, my mom came into wake me up for school and I was not responding so she jerked my covers up. She screamed and started hitting me with a pillow. There I lay as naked as a jay bird and morning wood to boot. She never said anything about it until right before our Thanksgiving trip.

We spent Thanksgiving at Disney World with my mother's brother and family. They are missionaries to China and had been for all of my life. I had never met them nor their son, my cousin, Stephen. Plans were that Mom, Dad, my twin sisters (age 8) would have a room. Aunt, Uncle, a boy cousin (8), a girl cousin (6), would get a room. Stephen and I would share a room adjoining my Mom and Dad's. My mom told me to not be sleeping naked with my cousin in the room because he was very religious and would probably 'freak out', her words. I told her I wouldn't dare.

When we got to the rooms, we found that we had a King room adjoining a double. Mom did not want the girls sleeping with her and dad so she ask Stephen and I if we minded sharing a King. Neither of us minded. That night at bed time I went into use the restroom and when I got back, Stephen was already asleep and under the covers. I slipped into my t-shirt, underwear, and pajama shorts and tried to go to sleep. I tossed and turned all night and was getting very angry at Stephen for being such a prude. I guess I finally went to sleep. When the alarm went off, we both woke up and decided that he could get in the bathroom first while I went back to sleep. When he got up, he was wearing nothing but a pair of white boxers! Nothing even underneath them, evidenced by his own morning wood tenting them.

I said, 'Dude, they told me you would not like me sleeping in my boxers without a shirt.' He asked me who told me that. He always slept in boxers. He asked me if I minded and I said, 'heck, no.' He laughed and went into the bathroom. I said 'tonight, I am going down to my tighy whities. He said that he didn't care and that when he spent the night with other friends they slept the same way.

After a busy day at the parks, we came back to the room and dressed for bed. This time we did it at the same time in the room. He drops his pants and briefs with his back turned to me and puts on the white boxers. I just slip off my pants and climb into bed with the briefs I had been wearing.. We talked for a few minutes and we were out - him first and then me. The next morning I again told him to go first and again he had his morning wood. I fall back to sleep and the next thing I here is 'Dude!!' What do you think you are doing?' I woke up, wiped my eyes and he was standing there, wet and wrapped in a towel holding my briefs between his thumb and finger. I quickly looked under the covers and sure enough, I had taken them off at sometime during the night. I was so embarrassed. I finally told him that I had been sleeping nude for several months and I hoped that he didn't think it was gay or anything. He told me that his dad slept that way sometimes and it was cool.

He took my underwear and put them on top of the tv stand. He went over to his suitcase and with his back turned, dried off and put on his clothes. In the mean time I ran into the bathroom before He could see. When I came out, he was already sitting outside.

That night, things got interesting. We got into bed just like the night before and as we were talking, he told me that if my underwear bothered me, I could take them off. I asked him if it would make him uncomfortable and he said it wouldn't. I took them off and laid my head down facing the opposite direction from him. A few minutes later he told me that he was uncomfortable so I said that I would put them back on. He told me no that he would take his off and we would be the same. With that he took off his boxers. I asked him how he was going to hide Woody in the morning, He said, don't you get them too. I said yes. He said then there is nothing that needed to be hid.

For the first time, I was beginning to think about the stories I had read on here. I told him that the sheets always made me hard right at first. He told me that it was working that way with him too. He said that he hoped he didn't have a wet dream. I said that I wouldn't appreciate it either. I told him that I knew how to avoid it. He asked me how. I said Jacking Off. He had never heard of that. I said rubbing it until you cum. He said, 'You do that?' I said, 'Yes, quite frequently' He said that he did it once and told his mom about it. She told him to never do that again. She told him that God would take care of that while he slept. He said he had a wet dream about once every month. I told him that God gave me a hand and let me learn how to do it. A lot cleaner. He asked me if I had done it there. I told him that I had in the bathroom this morning. He said that he wished he was brave enough to do it. I told him that we could do it at the same time. He said Ok. I said that we needed towels and started to get up and get them. He said that he would. He got up and turned the light on. He got the towels and came back to the bed on my side. This time he was facing me. He had a great tan except where his shorts were. He was about 5'10' and had a little hair on his chest and the little strip that goes down from your belly button and quite a bit of pubic hair. His dick stuck straight out in front of him about 7 inches. It was the first and only dick I have seen besides mine. I lift up the covers exposing mine. I am 6'1' and very smooth-I have hair only in my arm pits, a few hairs around my nipples, and a little patch around my dick. My balls and my ass are so far hairless. I am about 6 1/2 inches and all of it was bobbing up and down on my belly.

He gave me a towel and lay down next to me. He said, 'Show me.' I did and until a glob of very liquidy juice was squirting all over my chest. It was so intense and laying there I went soft. I said, 'Your turn' He mimicked my jacking and pretty soon he was cumming all over too. It was so hot that I was hard again. 'Let's try it again' He said 'This time together' we did and after a while we were both squirting cum again - him first, then me.

We repeated it the next night and the morning following. I told him that I had read of guys doing each other. That was a line he would not cross.

When I got home, I told my best friend about it. I told him it was his idea. I told him it was fun. He said maybe. He is going to be spending his days with me at Christmas break. Maybe. All I know is I jack thinking about Stephen and wondering about how my best friend looks naked and wondering if he will jack with me. If I can just figure a way to get him naked. Understand that I still like girls and think about tits and pussy all the time - I've just got another avenue to have a little fun with.



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