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Size Matters

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Just part of my sexual life story. First time I've written down things like this. Hope people like it.

I am a middle aged Doctor who works in general practice. To look at me I expect a lot of people who meet me in the course of my job think of me as a slightly staid lady past sex and to be honest for work I find cultivating that image useful as it makes me neutral and easy to talk to about personal things. What they don't realise is I was brought up by liberal parents in the 60s and in my younger years was extremely promiscuous and have always had a very high libido. I learned about masturbation from a chat with my mother around the time my periods started, she explained biology in a matter of fact way and explained that I would probably start getting feelings that I would come to learn as being sexy. She explained how the body had evolved to make sex a huge pleasure we all need and there was no shame in it, but that also there were dangers in sex being too casual and that masturbation was a natural way to control those instincts and have fun with your body. An approach I hope I have carried forward with my own children and patients. Outside my day job I have a couple of part time things that bring in extra money as well as being enjoyable. One is I occasionally go a local TV programme as their "house doctor" (so who knows you may have seen me). The other job is more regular as one day a week I do a clinic at a big company in their in house health facility, I actually enjoy my sessions there more than in my own practice as most of the patients are basically fit and intelligent and fun to talk to unlike the sort of people who visit the surgery. This story is really about things triggered by a sequence of events about five years ago. I got a call from the TV company that they were doing a medical plot in the programme the next day and was I free. I was so went along. When I got there the editors were laughing and giggling. It turned out the item on after my medical slot was going to be a "does size matter" and yes they did mean like that. I joked they ought to get a Doctors view and to my surprise they thought it was a good idea so they suggested I stay on screen for the next item after mine. My item was rather boring for me, explaining for about the thousand time that the MMR vacine was perfectly safe, but the other one was much more fun. As well as the usual anchors there were a couple of female agony aunts and me. The conversation was quite joke ridden although I gave the expected responsible advice that size did not matter, it was what you did with it and at the time I believed it. The next day was one I went to my clinic at the company. It was a very quiet day, just some people needing travel vaccinations and someone booked in for a full medical for the company insurance. It turned out the insurance medical was a stunningly good looking guy: over six foot and built like an athlete. When he took his shirt off he was very well muscled. It turned out he was a keen rugby player and kept himself in good shape. Part of the medical needed him to drop his trousers and pants for a check there. As he slipped them down I looked and let out a (very unprofessional) gasp. He was huge. Now for a little secret: of course the doctor looks and not always in a professional way. I have seen all sizes and shapes, but he was by far the biggest I had ever seen. He laughed a little at my reaction. I apologised and made a joke about the TV spot I had done yesterday and how I had said it did not matter. We both laughed and I quickly did the necessary procedure and he pulled his clothes back on. We chatted a bit when it was done about the work I did on TV. I was in no hurry and he did not seem to be either and it was certainly a much nicer way to spend time than a busy surgery full of coughs and colds. I remember that night my husband and I made love and I could not help it, but my mind wandered to my big patient and imagining how he might look hard. My husband is not really very large, but sex with him is always nice, but still my mind wonder how such a large one might feel. The next week I had to go to a medical conference about some new drugs. These things are a mixture of interesting and dull lectures, but often the most fun is chatting to colleagues in the bar in the evening and that time was no different. I was onto my third glass of wine when I had a surprise there was my insurance check man. It turned out his company sold medical software and he was there to talk at one of the sessions. We got chatting again and had a great evening and I drank way too much. All evening I could not keep my eyes from wandering to the bulge in his trousers knowing just what they contained. One time he caught me and winked. I blushed, but neither of us said anything in front of the others. Eventually I decided I had to turn in or risk falling over if I drank more. Back in my room I undressed and climbed into my bed, I never wear anything in bed, but a mixture of the alcohol and horniness from thinking of my friend meant my hand soon wandered over my clit and inside my pussy trying to imagine how he felt. Then the devil took me, I stopped and picked up my phone. Before I knew it I had typed and sent him a text: "your doctor wants to examine you again. Room xxx". Almost as soon I had hit send I regretted it. And was halfway though composing another to try and back out when there was knock on the door. My heart flipped, but I did not hesitate in walking over to open it. It was him of course. He looked and my naked body and grinned as he walked in. This site is about masturbation so I won't go into detail about what happened next. Suffice to say it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. It was the first and only time I have ever been unfaithful to my husband and was borderline unethical, I rationalised he was not a patient at the time so was not really breaking the rules, and in the sober light of morning I made it clear it was only a one off, but a wonderful one I would always remember. I am small and have never given birth naturally, both my children were by C-section, and the first time with him had hurt a little, but after that he showed his skill and totally changed my mind about size not mattering. Ever since my body craves something as big as him. My husband is skillful and loving, but my body tells me it needs to be filled more. I have lost count of how often I almost called or texted him again. Once I almost did, and scared myself so much I have deleted his number. I think now I have at least a partial physical solution. I have scanned the internet and bought myself a couple huge vibrators. I now masturbate using them many times a week. I have learned to love being totally stretched and filled by them so that I can again appreciate the more sensual loving sex with my small husband again. But it is like an addiction, I crave more and bigger, so have to keep surfing to look for new toys. So ladies when they tell you size does not matter, take it from the doctor, oh yes it do. But take care: once sampled you might be as addicted as me.



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