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Sisters Weekend

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My sister and I spent the weekend in Miami and the topic of a story I shared here (caught by my sister) was brought up.

I have only told one person about this story, even Kristine doesn't know about it.

So this past weekend my sister and I spent 4 days in Miami by ourselves.Now this is the first chance we've had to spend time just me and her in several years. On Friday night after driving down and all ,we decided to just stay in our condo, drink a bottle of wine and catch up. After the second glass she started asking several questions about my relationship with Kristine, what it was like to be with another woman and stuff like that. I felt like she was getting around to something but wasn't sure if she should or not so I just told her "feel free to ask me ANYTHING you'd like I will be more than happy to answer it no matter how personal or embarrassing it may be".





Finally she asked "do you remember the day you were home sick and I came home for lunch"? "You talking about the day you caught me masturbating and told me I was doing it wrong"? I said.  "Ye..yes,  that day" she responded " I can't believe you remember". "How the hell am I supposed to forget the day my sister walks in on me masturbating, tells me I'm doing it wrong and then shows me the right way to do it" I ask.





Well after a couple more questions she changes the subject and we go on with our night. Saturday we get up, mooch around the city shopping, eating and just site seeing. After dinner Saturday evening we hit a coupe of clubs and have SEVERAL drinks before going back to our condo. Once there we shower, open another bottle of wine and just sitting around in our oversized t shirts and underwear talking. "I still can't get over you remembering that day" she said again. " do you think about it often?" "Of course I do" she said. "Oh, you're just saying that" she said "you'd probably forgot about it until I mentioned it".







Well, I go into telling her about ST and how Kristine, Jessica and myself share stories on here and how I actually shared that story. "Really, can I read it" she asked nervously. "Of course you can" I said grabbing my iPad, finding the story and handing it too her. She reads the story and then looks at me and says "OMG, that's hot. You did a great job telling it, and the comments on it just wow". "Thank you I said, glad you're ok I shared it". "You seriously wish it had happened more?" she asked. I'm sure my face was a little red when I responded "hell yeah, why not".  "Wou....would...would you be interested in doing it now" she nervously asked looking down at the ground.









Without saying a word I stood up, stripped my shirt and underwear off and said "I thought you'd never ask". "I thought you had a nice body back then but damn girl no wonder Kristine is always in a good mood all the time" she said removing what little she had on too. "Yeah, well you've got no right complaining, you've developed more since then too" I answered. We each took an end on the couch facing each other. "Same rules as last time" I asked to which she just nodded.





We start out just looking each other's body over as we caress or own making idle comments about the other. I start playing with my nipples, tweaking them and playing with the piercings. "Are your nipples more sensitive since you've had them pierced" she asked. "OMG yes" I responded . "I can almost orgasm from them alone. I'm sure I could if I would just learn to be patient". "I've always wanted to do it but I'm too chicken".  "I would be more than happy to go with you for support if you'd like. It's not really that bad. I've been wanting to get my clit pierced, now that's the one I'm nervous about" I told her.  "Yeah, I could see where that would make you nervous. Of course I don't have to worry about that, mine is no where near big enough to be pieced. To be honest I've been jealous of yours since the day I seen it" 








With that she reached out and tapped my clit with her finger and I could have almost cum then and there."I'm sorry, the rules are no touching" she said pulling her hand back. "That's ok,I didn't mind". With that we both sat back and just watched each other as we focused on our pleasures. Of course it wasn't long before she asked "are you close yet? I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out". "I'm ready when you are, I've been holding out waiting for you" I said. "I'm ready".








With that I extended my feet out to touch hers and play a little game of footsie while our orgasms began to peak. I'm sure the neighboring condos thought we were making love from the moans escaping our mouths and finally "I'm cumming" and "me too" as our legs stiffened (still touching), and we clamped our hands with our thighs as our orgasms hit us like a ton of bricks.



As we lay there catching our breath she looks at me and asks "again". "Fuck yes" I respond as we rub ourselves to another glorious orgasm watching each other. "What do you think Kristine is going to say about this happening" she asks. "She's going to say she wished she had been here to join in" I respond. "Who knows, maybe this will happen again and Kristine can join in!




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