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Sister Showed Me How

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I was 13 at the time and my sister was 17.


Because the house we lived in was not very big, my older sister Jen (not her real name) and I had always shared a room from the time we were little. We got along great and there was never really any problems, but there was something that had mystified me. I remember being younger and hearing these strange noises coming from my sister's side of the room at night when we were both in bed. I would hear the bedsprings squeaking and my sister making quiet gasps and pants once in a while, usually ending with a long sigh. Because I was really shy, and a really sheltered and naive kid, I had never bothered to ask Jen what she was doing, though I was really curious. That all changed one night.

I was lying in bed at about 11:30, wide awake and not making a sound. Pretty soon I began hearing the noises that I usually heard most nights around that time-the squeaking springs, the panting and sighing. When the room was still again after a few minutes, I finally spoke.

'Jen...?' I whispered across the room.

There were a couple moments of silence before she answered me.

'What?' She whispered back.

'Can I ask you something?' I said, hoping she wouldn't get mad at me.

'Yeah, sure, what is it?' Jen replied.

'Well...' I trailed off for a second, not quite sure how to word it. 'You know... that thing you sometimes do... when we're in bed? That thing you just did?'

There was another long pause before Jen answered again.'...Yeah...' she said, though she sounded really embarrassed that I brought it up.

'Well...' I said shyly, 'What is it? What are you doing?'

Jen didn't answer me for a long time.

'Jen, please don't get mad!' I said to her when it became clear she wasn't answering me, feeling embarrassed as well. 'I'm just... curious, that's all! I really want to know.'

Jen breathed in really deep before she replied. 'It's called masturbation,' she replied. That was definitely a word I had never heard before in my life (told you I was really sheltered and naive).

'What is it?' I asked her again.

'Uhh... it's when you touch this certain place on your privates.'

It was like Jen had opened up my eyes, because that idea had never even occurred to me. 'Why do you do it? Does it... feel good, or something?' I asked, though from the noises Jen had always made, I had already sort of gathered that.

'Yes!' Jen told me, pretty enthusiastically. 'It feels amazing. It's the best feeling.'

'What does it feel like, exactly?' I asked her, now really intrigued.

'Uhhh, it's kind of hard to explain,' said Jen. 'It's something you have to do to really understand, I guess.'

There was a few moments of silence as I thought. Finally, I said, 'How do you do it?'

Jen was quiet for a second. 'Well, there are lots of different ways you can do it.'

My mind was totally blown! 'Really?' I said.

'Yeah,' replied my sister.

'But I want to know how it is you do it, in bed,' I told her.

'Ok...' said Jen. 'Well, first thing I do is find the spot I was talking about. Then I just, kind of... go up and down on my hands until it happens.'

Now I was really mystified. 'Until what happens?' I asked.

'It's called an orgasm. It's the really good feeling you get down there after a while when you masturbate,' Jen said to me, sounding a little baffled. 'Didn't they ever tell you what an orgasm was in sex ed?'

'No,' I said. It was true, my teacher had never said a word about anything like that.

'Oh. Well, that's what you do,' finished Jen.

'I... don't really get it,' I said to her, feeling extremely naive. Suddenly I got an idea, though I didn't know if my sister would go for it. 'Jen... would you show me? How you do it?'

'Carly!' she said, sounding really shocked.

'Please?' I asked again. 'I really want to know how to do it.'

'Well... OK, I guess,' replied Jen. After a second she sat up flipped her lamp on, and my eyes took a second to adjust to the dark. 'Don't tell mom,' Jen told me. 'I don't think she would like it.'

'I won't. I promise,' I said.

'OK,' said Jen. She then threw her blankets off so I could see, and she layed down on her stomach. I saw her hands go under and touch her pussy, she made one of them into a fist. Jen then started to hump her hands, slowly at first, but then she picked up speed after a couple minutes. She was panting, and making all these faces. I could feel this strange new feeling starting to form in my nether regions as I watched her masturbate. 'Ohh...' she gasped as she furiously humped her hands, and she let out a huge sigh when she stopped. She was grinning in pure pleasure as she opened her eyes.

'Jen, what are you thinking about when you do that?' I asked her, totally awe-struck.

'It depends,' she told me. 'I just think about things that really turn me on. Like, making out with Mike (her boyfriend at the time), something like that. I sometimes do it during the day if I really can't take it anymore, but I mostly like to do it at night. It really relaxes me.'

'I want to try,' I said. 'But with the lights off. Help me, though.'

'Sure,' said Jen, as we both got into bed and she turned off the lamp. I layed down on my stomach like Jen had.

'First, find the spot,' Jen told me. 'You might have to do a bit of feeling around, but when you find it, you'll know.'

I didn't have to feel around at all. My hands instantly flew to the spot on my pussy that was crying to be touched. I gasped at the feeling.

'Then... go up and down on your hands,' she said. I started doing it before she even finished the sentence. It was almost instinctive. I was practically going wild with the amazing feeling that was growing down there as I humped my hands like crazy. I could have sworn I heard Jen going at it again as I lay there panting and moaning. Then, all of a suddenly, I felt an explosion of pleasure. It was like nothing I had ever felt before in my life. My very first orgasm was certainly a memorable one. Jen came not too long after me, and we both lay in the dark for a while, basking in the afterglow.

'Jen...' I whispered to her after a little while. 'Thanks.'

She was quiet, so I wondered if she had already fallen asleep. But I heard her softly whisper 'No problem' after a moment.

I have since brought myself to more orgasms than I can count in many different ways, and I suppose I have my older sister to thank for introducing me to the wonderful world of masturbation. Thanks Jen!



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