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Sister in Law

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This is a fantasy that came true with my sister in law.


A couple of weeks ago my brother in law, my wife’s brother, asked me if I could come over one weekend and help move some big pieces of furniture as they were redoing their hardwood floors.  I agreed as I hadn’t seen them in a while and thought it would be good to get together.  They live 3 hours from me so I would be spending the weekend with them.  My wife couldn’t go since she was busy.  I started the long drive Friday after work.  I was really looking forward to seeing them since I have always considered my brother in law one of my best friends and we had a lot in common.  My sister in law, Julie, is a conservative woman who occasionally lets loose especially after a few drinks.  Nothing has ever happened with us as I would never want to jeopardize my relationship with my brother in law, not to mention my wife.  However, I did fantasize about her tight athletic body sometimes.  She is about 5 and half feet tall, short cropped blonde hair with a slender body, small perky breasts and a perfectly shaped butt.  She usually wore yoga pants around the house which would show of her ass nicely.  I was getting aroused just thinking of her.  I thought about stroking myself during the drive which I like to often do but decided not to for some reason.

I arrived at their house late on Friday night and was greeted with hugs.  I’m not sure if I was tired from the drive or what but I could have sworn my sister in law hugged me a little longer than usual and kissed my cheek.  We caught up over a couple of glasses of wine and then decided to turn in for the night.  Since we were moving furniture, the beds in the guest room were not available so I ended up sleeping on the couch. 

The next morning after breakfast we started work on moving the furniture.  It was hard work as we were moving the furniture from the house into one of those Pods in the driveway.  The day was fairly warm and after awhile we had worked up a good sweat.  Julie decided to peel off her pull over and was down to a “sports bra” type top and her usual yoga pants.  I was instantly aroused.  She noticed me staring and playfully said, “we’re family here right.  You don’t mind?”.  I said, “no I don’t mind at all in fact I like it” as I looked her up and down.  She smiled and turned back to work.  This gave me a perfect view of her ass.  I tried to make out the outline of her underwear but couldn’t see it.  Was she wearing a thong where the strip of thin fabric disappeared between her cheeks or was, she wearing nothing at all?  Oh my, what a thought.  I started to get a little engorged just fantasizing about it.  I adjusted myself and turned to get back to work. 

The rest of the day was pretty grueling, however, stealing glances at Julie kept me going.  When we finished, we decided to cool off in the pool.  We changed into our bathing suits and dove in.  Julie looked great in her tight-fitting bikini that showed off her shapely ass.  We swam and drank beers for the rest of the afternoon.  I thought I felt some sexual tension between us as we played in the pool, but I couldn’t be sure.  Was she just playfully swimming close to me, holding on to me in the deep end or was it more?  I couldn’t tell for sure but the beer, sun and the sight of her in her bikini was getting me very horny. 

We ordered take out for dinner and continued drinking beers.  She put on a pullover top but stayed in her bikini bottom the entire night.  The conversation covered a lot of topics but never really veered toward anything sexual which was disappointing.  We were tired from the moving that day, so we decided to turn in for the night.  Julie gave me hug and thanked me for the help with the furniture.  She then went to bed.  I said good night to my brother in law and then headed to the couch.

 I was pretty worked up from the day and couldn’t stop thinking about Julie in her bathing suit.  I thought about rubbing one out but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea.  I feel asleep and had an erotic dream about her.  I woke up with a raging hard on and decided I had to do something about it.  I pulled back the covers and pulled down my boxers.  My 6-inch cock sprang out at attention.  I laid there slowly stroking while thinking about her.  After a few minutes I heard a noise and looked up the hallway entrance.  My heart skipped a beat as I saw Julie standing there looking at me.  She was wearing a long tee shirt but nothing else.  I began to cover up and apologized but she stopped me and said, “don’t stop because of me.  I’m enjoying it”.  I couldn’t believe it.  Did she really want to watch me masturbate?!?  I asked her if she was sure.  She said yes.  Who was I to disappoint her?  Plus, I am somewhat of an exhibitionist, so it was extremely hot for me.  I nervously pulled down the covers and my cock appeared, throbbing to my heart beat.  I wrapped my hand around it and started to slowly stroke it.  I was so horny that I thought I would orgasm quickly, but I wanted it to last so I kept stroking slowly.  I never took my eyes off of her. 

“You look really hard” she purred.

“Extremely”, I said.

Her hand was gently rubbing her breast through the tee shirt.  Then slowly, she let it drop to the hem of her shirt and began to curl her fingers up under it.  It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.  Her middle finger gently rubbed up the outside of her pussy lips as she moaned slightly.  I had stopped stroking and was just watching her.  She moaned for me to keep stroking.  I did, never taking my eyes off of her.  He pussy was shaved except for what looked like a thin strip of hair above it.  She was breathtaking.  We stayed that way for a few minutes, me slowly stroking my throbbing cock and she gently rubbing her pussy.  I was trying to hold off as long as I could because I didn’t want this to end.  She started rubbing faster and paying extra attention to her clit at the top.  I could tell she was getting close as her moans became more constant and I could see her wetness covering her fingers. 

“You look really horny and wet”, I said.

“Mmm.  Super horny”, she said.  “Are you close”?

“Very.  Let me know when you start cumming”.

“I’m almost there.  Fuck, this is so hot.  I am so wet.  Oh god, I am going to cum!”  Her hips started to thrust and her whole body shook as her orgasm washed over her.

“Fuck I’m going to cum too!”  My last stroke caused my orgasm to start as my cock contracted shooting cum up onto my chest in several long ropes.  My eyes closed as I felt my orgasm through my entire body.  After I finished, I opened my eyes and saw Julie smiling.  I couldn’t believe we just masturbated to huge orgasms together.  She walked over to me, bent down and gave me a long kiss on my lips. 

“This will be our little secret”. 

I just nodded as I watched her, mesmerized by her tight little ass, walk back to her room.  I laid there for a while thinking about what just happened.  I couldn’t believe it!  Then I wondered if we would ever do it again.  God, I hope so I thought as I started to get hard again.



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