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Single Again

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Amy's departure hurts. It hurts more than I could possibly imagine, and for a week, I didn't touch myself. Oh, I wanted to, but every sexual feeling turned back to her. In time, I will be able to remember her, and the good times, and masturbate thinking about her again, but right now, it's still too raw.  But, a girl has needs. I don't want a rebound fuck, our rebaound relationship. But I'm horny. Very very horny. You can't go from cumming several times a day to absolutely nothing.....


......so when I got fed up with dressing in th morning, and having wet panties by the time I got downstairs for breakfast, I decided to do something about it. 

First, I locked onto the feeling of being wet. Any girl will tell you there is a tipping point between 'yuck, I'm wet" and "ohhhh! I'm wet!" I've always loved being wet, so that seemed a good,place to start. 

As I sat at the breakfast table, I deliberately spread my legs wide. My skirt rode up and soon I was smelling myself.,when I was 13, sometimes I would touch myself, then smell my fingers. I liked my scent....always have.....when I got older, I would carefully insert a finger, get it wet and then lick it. At the time, it felt very horny and naughty.

As I ate, I imagined my quim pouting against the material. I swear, I could feel my clit pressing against the cotton, but it was the thought of my hole, open and gaping, and oozing cunt juice that really turned me on. 

Mum walked close to me and gave me a look. I knew she could smell me too. "Seems like you need to take care of something." I love my mum. She's always been so open and non judgemental about sex....as a swinger...so she should be! 

I've masturbated in front of her before, and for a moment, I considered doing it right there in the kitchen, but she was right, I needed some alone time. 

So, I squelched my way back to my room, and for once, I locked my door. I flopped down on the bed and began idly rubbing my tits through my t shirt. Instantly thought knew how badly I needed a cum. My nipple piercings seemed to be electrifying my erect nipples. Boys, believe me....girls with small tits get REALLY turned on by a little attention to their nipples. 

While my body was responding, my brain wasn't. I need a fantasy, or a mental image to masturbates to. I quickly ran through a few scenarios.....being watched.....being gang banged.......being forced.....all my usual fantasies. Hell, I even thought of Amy, but nothing really seemed to grab me. 

I sat up, shucked my t shirt and my skirt. One thing I did know was that I wanted to cum in my panties. 

Then I thought of the stables. A couple of weeks ago, I had seen a stallion service a mare. I'd watched as his handlers led him around a paddock, letting him smell the mare and then that moment as he reared up and mounted her, one of them grabbed the stallions cock and guided him into her. There were several stable girls standing around watching, and I wondered if they were getting wet watching this large stallion fuck the mare. I remembered their flushed faces, and that one of them wouldn't stand still. 

My mind blurred into watching that huge muscular cock fuck the mare, and. What might be happening in this girls panties. Did she need to change? Or......or....did she rub one out imagining that stallion had mounted her? 

My hand was in my panties at that very thought. One, then two, then three fingers deep inside me stretching me. I finger binge myself while th image of that horses dick, and her wet cunt alternated. I thought about when the stallion pulled out, and sperm ran down the mares legs, together with this girl......I thought about her in the hay loft, knickers round her ankles, knees pressed wide against the restriction of her jodhpurs as she masturbated. I imagined her arching her back as she came.

My orgasm hit me like a freight train. It was massive...truly massive. I felt a flood of wetness squirt from my over my hand and onto my bed. So much liquid! My mind flashed to the sperm running down the mares legs, and it triggered another full on orgasm. By now, I was moaning, and yelling obscenities. 

If a girl ever needed a cum, it was me right then, for a few moments, I just lay there, fingers still in me, enjoyingthe small after twitches, then I pull my fingers out of myself and licked them clean. I a, smack in the middle,of my cycle right now...ovulation time....and my taste is at its best. 

I sucked my fingers, licked between them, partly imagining it was this girls cunt, and partly just knowing it was me. Then I looked over into my mirror. I looked a real state! Legs wide, knees up and splayed, my hole still gaping wide, and trickling a milky fluid into my bum crack. 

But I wasn't done. I needed one more thing....and it had to be dirty. 

Naked, I walked across the landing to Chris's room. He is a late starter in the morning, and we rarely see him before 11:00. Me? I'm the opposite. Definitely an early bird. I slipped into bed beside him and my exploring hand soon found what I needed...a nice morning glory erection. I wanked him into wakefulness and then went down on him for a few minutes. 

Chris and I fuck....not wonderfully often, but every now and then. He helps me out, I help him. If his girlfriend has teased him and not fucked him, then I'll help,out. But today, this was about me, not him.

He had his fingers inside me and we were kissing passionately. Then, he tried to roll me onto my back, but that wasn't how  I wanted it. Instead, I got,on all fours and asked him to do me from behind. 

He must have been ready, because he didn't take me gently at all. He has a big cock, which has got a very nice curve to it and he quite literally slammed it fully inside me. He proceeded to fuck me, reaching under me to grab my tits as he did so. 

I love it like this, whether vaginally or anally. Chris....well.....the only word really is slammed me. I pushed back against him with as he thrust into me. Then, and I love him for this, he just knew that I wanted him to talk dirty to me. More than that....he knew I wanted him to talk dirty AT me. (Yes, there's a difference). So, as we both got near to cumming, he said "You fucking whore......look at you.....taking your brothers cock......you dirty little cunt........I could fuck you any way I please right now......in fact ANYONE could have you for the price of a bag of chips.....you slut.....you dirty fucker.....you fucking cunt." And with this last utterance he slammed into me, held perfectly still, and I felt him spurting....spurting....spurting.....which triggered my womb into convulsions and I came, clamping my brothers cock with each convulsion.

When he pulled out, I felt his load running down my legs. So I know how that mare felt! 

Afterwards, we snuggled up together, as we have done so many times. I dozed against his sweaty chest.

About midday, I felt Chris stroking my tits, and I knew this needed to be for him. I reached for his cock and wanked him slowly. His eyes were closed, and he was lost in his own world of fantasy. That's ok....I don't mind who he thinks of, and he doesn't mind who I think about. He opened his eyes, and an eyebrow raised as a question.  I knew what the question was without being asked and just nodded. His eyes closed again, and after a few minutes, he sighed "mmmm Karen. That feels so good." (Karen is his latest girlfriend, and they haven't done anything but kiss so far.) I wanked him up to full stiffness, and he asked me to kneel between his legs. Still being Karen for him, I was happy to oblige. I carried on wanking him and then he reached down For my left hand. I thought he wanted me to cup his balls, but instead he guided my hand to his bum. "Karen.....please......finger me." Now this, for me, was new. Chris has never asked for that, nor have I ever done it. I wet my finger using my own juices and gently pushed it against his bum hole. It slipped in deeper and deeper. 

Then something happened. Chris opened his eyes, and said "Claire. Will you do something....er.....different for me?" Of course I would. "Can you get me some of your used panties?" Well, that's ok....I scuttled back to my room and found the soaked pair I'd discarded earlier. I figured he wanted to smell them, but instead, he asked me to put them on him. The moment my wet patch touched his balls, he became even harder...if that was possible. I resumed my gentle masturbation, but he said "mmmm that feels so good on my clit" and I knew.....in a heartbeat.....he was imagining himself as a girl. Wow! Fucking Wow! I felt my quim leap in response! I leaned over him and breathed "let me suck your little titties.....Karen." Imsucked one nipple then the other before kissing down his tummy. "I'm going to suck your cunt through your wet panties now." And I kissed his ballsack through the soaked material. The tension was almost unbearable, but I knew how this would finish, I knelt up, and pulled the material aside. "I'm gong to fuck you Karen. I'm going to slip my cock up your wet cunt." And I eased my finger fully up his bumhole. It didn't take much. A few minutes of gentle finger fucking and he shot a load somhigh it his his chest. I felt something magical! I felt my finger being squeezed with each contraction, and it was my whole finger! I had no idea boys bums did that! 

Well, by now, I was ready to cum again, but I also knew how I wanted it. I lay back on his bed, in my best "I'm a virgin, but I'm horny" pose, and said "Finger me like I was Karen." As I said, I know they haven't got that far yet. So I let him stroke my tits, then my tummy, but when he tried to get between my legs, I played it all coy. "Oh. No. You mustn't touch me there." He made several attempts, each one I resisted. Then I got cross. "I said No," he fell into role beautifully. "You can't keep teasing me like this. It isn't fair." And he pushed my legs apart and stroked my quim. "Ohhh Chris....that feels,so....sooo.....oh my God.....don't stop." He rubbed my clit, and then pushed two fingers in me while using his thumb on my sensitive little button. I ground my hips on his fingers. But then....ohhhh then.....I felt a finger pressing against my bum. I pressed down on it to let him know it was ok. He wet his finger and slid it deep up my bum. My orgasm came in seconds. 

I've never been properly double penetrated, but it's something I will try....and soon. 

When I walked back to my room, I felt better than I have since Amy and I went our separate ways. 

I think I understand the phrase "needs a good seeing to." 

I certainly did. 



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