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Sibling Discoveries

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A mostly lonely childhood without many friends or family, we only had each other.


I spent my entire childhood living on the same plot of land in the middle of nowhere with my mother and older sister (and one older brother who had gone off to college by the time of this story, in the way-early seventies), all the while waiting for dad to come home from Vietnam. My family lived on a narrow strip of farmland that was maybe a couple of acres wide and ten acres long bordered by a treeline at the back end, with an old abandoned stable (once used for housing a few head of cattle) that had long since gone into disrepair. As kids, my sister and I used this old building as our clubhouse, and we would practically live in it during summers out of school. We cleaned it up as best we could and even moved in a couple of old matresses so we could sleep out there.

Even though we were always close and seldom argued, there was absolutely nothing sexual going on with this situation, until we started to reach our mid-teens. My sister was only one year older than me. She was actually rather tomboy-ish though she looked typically girlish enough, with long straight blonde hair and hazel eyes, a tall girl for her age (slightly taller than me) with an athletic build and canteloupe-sized breasts that developed earlier than most girls. She had somewhat of an overbite that made her look slightly buck-toothed, but it didn't really detract from her beauty overall. It just made some people think she wasn't as smart as she really was.

Now by that time both of us were old enough to start developing, and I would frequently get strange feelings at the sight of even a magazine cover without really knowing why. Nobody sat me down to have 'the talk' being Southern Baptists, it was just something branded too deep in my parents' psyche to ever be comfortable talking about sex out loud. So, us kids were destined to find out on our own, though maybe not in a way society deems appropriate.

One day in late summer we were swimming at the creek which wound through the treeline at the back edge of our property. We weren't skinny dipping or anything like that, we were both in our underwear since neither of us owned swimwear. We had done this numerous times before, but at some point I started noticing how wet underwear tended to become see-through, and I had strange new feelings I didn't understand. I never really saw my sister as a 'real' girl until she came out of the water that day with 'real' curves and breasts that threatened to heave up out of her wet bra. I didn't know what to think at that moment, but to my horror I got an erection almost instantly, and the head of my penis actually poked up out of the waistband of my briefs.

To my surprise she just laughed and said it was no big deal because she had seen our older brother with a hard-on when he visited the week before. When I asked her how she got to see something like that, she said she saw him in our clubhouse, and he was laying on my bed and pulling on it while reading one of my magazines (I had a few hidden under my mattress). She thought about walking in and teasing him about it, but she admitted that she started liking what she was seeing so she decided to stay hidden until he went back to the house. Then she asked me if I ever pulled on it like our brother did, and I got embarrassed but admitted that I started doing it a year before, and then she asked if I would pull on it for her right then.

I was confused and feeling very guilty (but also incredibly horny) just by seeing her sitting around in her wet bra and panties. Without thinking about it or knowing why I was behaving this way, I just laid down on the bank beside her, pulled the front of my briefs down below my balls, and started slowly stroking myself up and down. It was strange having somebody see me do it, and I told her we needed to go back to the clubhouse so I could get out a magazine and have something to look at.

But my sister was not in a mood to go anywhere at that moment, and she gave me something to look at by removing her bra, and her already womanly breasts fell free. I had never seen a live naked girl before, and after only a few seconds it was just too much for me. She didn't bat an eye as I moaned and squirted onto my stomach and chest, but she did tell me she wanted to see me do it again sometime. I didn't ask her how this could happen between two siblings who were otherwise still childlike in many ways or even why she wanted this in the first place, I just let things go as they would because it was new and exciting, and there was no one else to learn from (our closest neighbor was an elderly gentleman about two miles away).

That was my first sexual experience with anyone, but it didn't end there. It wasn't but a couple of days later that she talked me into masturbating for her again, this time in the clubhouse. That ended up being where all the activity took place the rest of the year, until it got too cold to feel like playing around out there for very long. It seemed like nearly every other day I would end up jerking off for her at some point. She never touched me at first, but just said the word and I happily obliged (unless I wasn't feeling good, I was prone to catching colds). I soon found out that my orgasms were much more powerful and I shot a lot more sperm whenever she was with me.

At some point that autumn she decided to join me in our sessions and she would remove her clothes and lay opposite me on her own matress, just so I could get a good view of her female parts while she fingered herself. She would watch me read a Playboy until I came first, then she would really get into it and bury her hands in her crotch until she was almost screaming.

When winter time came, we quit going out to the stable so often, and we figured out ways to sneak into each others' rooms at night after mom went to bed. So many fond memories I have of all those times, having someone to play around with, remembering the first time my sister ever touched my cock (it was Christmas Eve, and she let me touch her down there too). Many times she would just lay her head across my stomach and watch me work myself up to the end, and most of the time I would squirt far enough to splatter her face and hair with multiple ropes of cum.

Eventually she learned to take my juice into her mouth and she would wait for it to shoot out, not saying anything but just rubbing and holding my balls until they were empty while I pumped out a new load for her.

Once we got comfortable with feeling someone else's hands on each other, we quickly moved to mutual masturbation. A favorite position of hers was for both of us to sit up in bed, me behind her with my hardness wedged in her bottom, while I reached around and fingered her. With both hands free she was able to play with her breasts. She had learned to pull her breasts up and suck on them after she saw photos of women doing it in a Penthouse magazine, and she greatly enjoyed self-nursing during masturbation, because she always said that it made her orgasms more intense.

One night she turned the tables on me, and asked if I ever tried to suck myself off like she did with her tits. I would get brave once in a while and try it, but I just was never limber enough to go farther than hitting the head with the tongue. However, I didn't mind tasting my cum so I would just roll up with my butt in the air while I used both hands to support my back, and let my sister jerk me until it would squirt down into my open mouth.

All this activity carried on for several years, until we both started dating in high school and eventually left home. Nobody ever got wise to what we were up to, though mom almost caught us once. One night, we were together for what we thought would be the last time in our lives (she had joined the military and was shipping out the next day, and I was going to college in two weeks), and she actually kissed me. I remember that kiss as well as any masturbation session.

Now we live in separate towns (but only about a half hour from each other), and we've both gotten older and had families of our own. I'm your typical middle-aged old coot, but my sister still looks good for her age, I wish she could have bottled up some of that eternal youth and saved it for me. We see each other once a week on average, and we tell stories and remember our youth. Thankfully, she's not the least bit embarrassed or guilty about the naughty stuff we did growing up, and once in a great while we still find time to be together (if for no better reason than to make sure all the body parts still work). I get just as excited around her as I did my wife (she died about fifteen years ago and I never remarried). She still prefers to rub herself rather than insert anything, and her tits got bigger and more pliable as she got older, she loves to fold them up and suck her nipples until she cums (she claims to be able to orgasm from self-suckling by itself, though not all the time).

As teenagers, we learned about sex together and what to expect of a prospective mate at a time and place when there was almost no contact with the outside world, except for a few equally isolated friends at a school nearly ten miles away. Though we never had intercourse, we learned things about each other, and ourselves, that no school except for experience could ever teach.



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