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Showing It on My Bike

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I love to expose myself to young women while I'm jacking off. I also like reading about other men who enjoy doing the same thing on your site. I have done it so many times in front of so many different women that I really can't remember them all. I usually only remember the best ones. Those I will recall many times and jackoff while I bring back the memory.

One day I was out riding around on my bike and enjoying the nice weather. I always wear really short shorts (a swim suit actually) that allow my cock to stick out of the leg band. I will ride through shopping center parking lots and expose myself to women going in and out of the stores.

I saw this young woman in her early twenties get out of her car and head into the store. I rode straight at her as she was walking across the parking lot and I saw her look down and see my cock. I smiled at her and said hi and she did the same. I knew I wanted to let her see more of my cock which was rock hard with anticipation. I rode over and stopped my bike between her car and the car next to hers on the driver's side and waited for her to come back out. I had cock rings on and my cock and balls were really swollen. I pulled the leg band all the way to the side so my entire cock and balls were exposed and waited for her to return.

I only had to wait about five minutes when I saw her come out of the store with a small plastic bag in her hand. My heart was pounding as she got closer. Then she was right there in front of my bike. She looked at me and smiled again. She glanced down and saw my cock and smiled even more. I had one foot on the ground and the other over the seat on the bike so it really exposed my cock and balls. She said "it looks like you are really enjoying the weather. It does seem like a nice day to be out riding." She had opened her door and threw the small bag on her seat and turned back to me. She straddled the front tire and put her hands on the handle bar. She looked down at my hard cock and said, "it seems like you have yourself a problem on your hands. You can't go riding all over the place with that thing sticking out like that. Someone will report you." She looked around and said, "if you want to go ahead and take care of that, I will stand here so nobody can see you if they walk by." I told her that would be great. I pulled a small bottle of lube out of my pocket, put some in my hand and started jacking off. She made several comments about how good my cock looked and that she had never seen a guy do that before. She asked me if I was going to squirt soon because she really wanted to see that. I only laste3d about five more minutes and I started cuming. Her eyes were glued on my cock as it shot stream after stream of thick white cum all over my bike and the ground. My first squirt had hit her on the leg but she never moved. When the last drop leaked out and I stopped stroking myself she said, "that was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I'm going to have to frig myself as soon as I get in my car. Just look at the wet spot you've caused in my shorts." She had on a skin tight pair of yellow short shorts and there was this huge wet spot right in her crotch. She had spread her legs so I could see it. Then she said, "I have to go now so you better put that thing away before somebody else sees you, but you probably would like that, wouldn't you?" She laughed and got in her car and drove away and I never saw her again, but I still recall what happened and jackoff like crazy, which is what I'm going to do right now.



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