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Showing Each Other

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I am married and quite happily. Up the street lives a couple, Dan and Susan. He is 55 and she is 50. Susan is very attractive for her age. We have known them for three years, as they moved here three years ago from New York. She and I have hit it off wonderfully. She is a great friend.

Recently we were together, all four of us, having dinner. During one moment when she and I were somewhat alone, she told me how much she liked me and something about we should have met years ago. That made me feel really special. I told her I thought she was very pretty and sexy and I liked her a lot. We then swapped email addresses, both having secure passwords and assuring each other our spouses had no way of reading email.

After about two emails we started heating it up in our writings. She mentioned she had fantasized about me. I wrote asking how, and she said she had a luscious fantasy of us naked, kissing, and making love. Boy, that blew my mind. I was rock hard as I wrote her back telling her how much her body turned me on ... and how I just HAD to see it, and see it soon. We agreed to have a mid day meeting at her house when her husband was away at work and my wife was at work. I have a home office.

The next day I walked over, having a hard time controlling the sexual build up going on within my body. Within minutes of being inside her house we were passionately kissing. She told me she wanted nothing more than to make love with me, but she said we both know we shouldn't do that. I told her again, as I had in writing, that I was desperate to see her body. She told me she would love to see mine also, and that was OK, we just couldn't 'go all the way.'

We stood directly in front of each other and undressed totally. My eyes settled on her pretty breasts and large pointed nipples, and a nice bush of dark pubic hair. She looked directly at my dick, which by now was absolutely as big and hard as it could get. We must have stood there for five minutes without touching, just looking and admiring each other out loud. Then we came together in a raw, bare, naked, passionate embrace and wildly made out. My dick was standing straight up nestled against her hairy pubic mound, and her large breasts squashed firmly against my chest. It felt wonderful.

The exploration came next as she started fondling and feeling my hard-on, and I lowered my head and relished in sucking her nipples. Then I lowered my hand to her nest and stared running my fingers through her hair, between her pussy lips, and finally up inside her. We both were moaning and telling each other how excited we were and how nice it felt. I said, 'come on' and walked her to the couch. We both laid down on her large couch and held each other and kissed, and I ground my hard dick all against the outside of her pussy like I was fucking her, just wasn't penetrating her. Then I sat upright and spread her legs wide open. I told her I had been jacking off thinking about her in my fantasies. She told me she had made herself cum in her fantasy as she thought about me. I then told her 'I'd love to cum with you.' We both started rubbing ourselves, stroking and fingering as we devoured each other with our eyes. We were talking rather trashy, with things like 'I want to fuck you so badly' and 'Ummm, I'd love to lick your pussy,' and so on.

I lasted as long as I could, but the excitement was overwhelming. I told her I was cumming, and I leaned over her and shot loads of cum onto her stomach and breasts. Seeing me cum was like a catalyst. She started cumming, her body contracting in jerks, as she took deep breaths and lost herself to her powerful orgasm.

That first experience with Susan was so wonderful. It was maybe the most overwhelmingly hot experience ever. That was only about two weeks ago. Our emails now are so X-Rated. We literally suck and fuck each other like crazy in writing, and we have been back together several times in the late mornings.

I DO love my wife, but my heart pounds when I think about Susan. She is fulfilling a niche that has been void since marriage. My wife is more timid, would never masturbate in front of me in a million years, thinks curse words are terrible and so on. Anyway, we don't want to get caught certainly, but Susan and I are enjoying what we are doing so much. I can't wait to see her again.



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