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Showertime Fun

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I visited this site a few times, and read many of the stories and techniques. The way that everything was described sounded so pleasurable I decided that I needed to try some of them. I read about the electric toothbrush and I was skeptical.

I looked around my house, and managed to find one of the electric toothbrushes with the circular bit that spins round. I took it into my bathroom, and turned on the faucet for the tub. My sister was sleeping, and I was afraid to wake her and have her find what I was doing. I stripped down, and turned on the toothbrush. I tapped it on my clit a few times and instantly came. I was still really horny and wet, so I left the toothbrush on, and I touched it to my clit and left it there for several seconds. I came so much that I thought I was going to flood the bathroom.

Tonight I revisited this site and was browsing through some of the stories and techniques. I got amazingly wet, and realized I needed to take care of that. The only trouble this time was that my sister was asleep, and my mum was home. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to shower again, so I grabbed the toothbrush and hid it in my bathrobe. I went and turned on the shower.

I lay down in the tub on my back, and I tapped my clit with the toothbrush shut off, just to get a feel for how long it would take to get off. I turned on the toothbrush and I propped my legs up (similar to the position that most women give birth in). I held the toothbrush on my clit continuously. I instantly started coming, and I didn't stop for, what I guess to have been 10 minutes (based on the length of time I was in the shower).

I moved the toothbrush down my pussy, caressing my sensitive lips, into my cunt and let it rest at my G-spot. While the toothbrush was on my G-spot, I used my left hand and I lightly rubbed my clit some more. I started coming again. I had to try so hard to remain silent, which made the orgasm even better. I gave myself a quick break, and rinsed out the toothbrush and then I started at it again. (What can I say-I was REALLY horny and still am, even more so as I write this). I came at least twice more.

After that, I had to stand up (or at least attempt to) and wash my hair, body, etc. I also read on this site about someone who inserted a razor handle into their ass while pumping something in and out of their cunt and letting the water spray their clit. I decided to try that quickly too. It felt nice, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure that the amazing toothbrush brought me. I will never forget this night. Actually, I'm getting even more wet from writing all this down, so I'm going to go take care of that. ;D



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