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Shower Torture

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Solo Touch Rocks!! I've been a daily visitor for a long time and I enjoy reading everyone's masturbation stories while I get myself off.

I thought it only fair to share one of my own. I'd like to write more if you enjoy this one.


Since I learned to masturbate after rubbing my five-year-old bone against the tub bottom during a bath, it was natural for me to invent new masturbation techniques while bathing. I had two favorite tub and shower routines. This was my first one.

Beginning at about five years old I really enjoyed bringing myself to orgasm by holding my dick in the water stream while filling my tub. Our faucets had a slight nozzle-like shape which accelerated the water instead of it just running limply into the tub. I could adjust the temperature and force of the water to splash just painfully enough on my penis head to provide about four or five minutes of dry orgasmic ecstasy and yet not arouse parental suspicions.

If I knelt at the nozzle faucet and supported my dick by a hand held lightly beneath the head, I could play the water jet all around my sensitive spots. I learned to bend my dick up to aim my piss slit right into the stream and fill my pee tube with water. Then I would pinch my piss slit closed and run a finger tightly against the underside of my shaft forcing the water into my bladder which I learned to control and relax.

As a teenager I would often fill my bladder completely and piss several times before finally beating off. That lead me to discover how pleasant it felt to blow air into my bladder through a straw held to my slit. The bubbles my dick blew the next time I pissed would almost make me cum at the urinal. If I ever had a close call of a guy almost hearing my bubbling dick I'd have to pinch my slit closed to hold it in and slide the bubble down my dick back into my bladder until I could piss alone again. He would become the subject of my next masturbation fantasy.

A few minutes of the heavenly turbulence of the water jetting under my dick head and my cupped hand and I'm left with my face plastered against the wall, eyes rolled back and my throat spasaming to restrain my desperate moaning until, out of breath I collapsed backward into the tub. I love my cum, but those dry orgasms lasted forever! This was a feeling I would discover again at about 20 years old naked in the gym's Jacuzzi. I left a few good loads floating in there!

As I graduated at thirteen from old house tub to the tub shower in our new family home, I discovered how to duplicate that feeling I got at the faucet. With the shower head and water stream adjusted properly, I could lie on my back on the tub bottom and let the falling water splash against the underside of my dick. My feet rested on the tub lip near the faucets so with my toes I could adjust a knob and quickly reduce the force of the water so I could let it hit against my balls, and frequently my upturned anus. (That lead to experimentation with enemas - ah, sweet enema!)

The 'V' on the narrow underside of my dick head and about the first two inches of shaft were the parts of my dick most responsive to this technique. I always resented being circumcised as I was certain that a foreskin would have been a fabulous addition to my water pleasures. I'm certain I would have kept mine clean!

As I would begin my spooge, I would position the water stream so that between spurts it would force my slit closed right at the tender spot near the end of my dick. The alternating feeling of squirts of cum jizzing open the slit, and then being pressed closed by the falling water would guarantee a paralyzing orgasm.

I highly recommend this technique to guys really into their masturbation.



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