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Shower Cubicle

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I would love to hear if anybody else has done this.

I love this site and reading the stories and the friends that I have made in the chat. I’ve never submitted a story before but here goes.

I was a competitive swimmer at a high level and in those days the racing swim costumes were getting smaller and smaller with a higher cut. I I love the boys looking at that thin pieces of material which hide my pussy, knowing that the costume was so tight that my outer lips were visible through the fabric. I also enjoyed looking at the boys and imagining their penis. However, I noticed that I started to look at the girls as well, and one particular girl in our club who are used to often catch in the corner of my eye watching me, especially in the changing rooms

After one race, I had strained my back carrying out the tumble turn and after talking to the coach, he suggested I take a shower and to direct the hot water on my back which may relieve the pain. The shower cubicles were unusual in the old fashion pool, so there were two shower positions in each cubicle, facing each other, and a curtain on the outside restrained anybody looking in to the two showers

I entered the cubicle and closed the curtain, took off my race suit and started to shower. The hot water felt good. I turned around and faced the wall and bent over. I reached down to my ankles, letting the water cascade over my aching back. At that moment, I heard the shower curtain open and I could see as I bent down between my legs that a girl came in. I froze, not knowing whether to move in this rather embarrassing position with my bottom in the air, and my pussy lips clearly visible, but I stayed still.  I heard the voice say,“ Hi, good swim.“ I said hi back and explained about my back and why was in this strange position. She said, "That’s okay. I don’t mind carry on."

The pain seemed to ease as I raised and lowered myself hoping that the stiffness would get easier. I then could put my hands on the floor and as I did so, I could see between my legs that the girl was washing, continuously,  her pussy and clit with soap. I thought is this girl really playing with herself while watching me? Then I realised that I was feeling not only the outer warmth of the shower, but the inner warmth of my pussy thinking that somebody was masturbating watching me.

I stood up, still facing the wall, not knowing whether I should look around, but I just had to. There was the girl that was watching me during the training sessions. Her hand quickly moved away and started to work on her breasts. I took some soap and started to massage  my breast also, mirroring her movements. We just looked at each other in the eyes without saying a word, then her hands slowly went down to her lower belly, and I followed slightly parting my legs apart, and so did she.  Her hand was once again between her legs, and I followed, wow my clit felt electric. I was keeping rhythm with my friend opposite of me. She was half closing her eyes, pushing her hips towards mine. I was following every movement, I was keeping as quiet as I could as there was only a shower curtain between us and the changing room. This made it even more exciting, thinking about what if somebody else came in. I couldn’t believe that thiswas really happening. Was I masturbating with a complete stranger? It all became too much and I climaxed and had to lean against the wall. My new friend soon followed. With the words, thank you I’m coming!

We were both glowing with the heat of the water and with the sexual release. Not a word was said as we went out into the changing room and I couldn’t wait until the next training session.

I could not stop thinking about what had just happened on the drive home with my mum and found myself thinking about it constantly. I’m sure my mum could smell my arousal and when I got home I had to rush up to my bedroom and let those memories come flooding back in all areas.

That was the beginning of a relationship which lasted three years. She was a wonderful girl, and I still think of those times. I have a wonderful husband who understands my need for other women. Both of my two daughters are swimmers and I wonder what they get up to in the showers after training😘



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