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Short Story Number 2.

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This is a true story where my wife and I get down to it fully clothed. Happened in the mid 1980's.

You know it's not always what you can see that can get you turned on and aroused, sometimes it's what's hidden from view and the promise of what's to come that's just as good.

One evening we were sitting in the lounge wondering what to do. There wasn't anything much on the TV so I asked my wife what she fancied. After a few moments she said 'you stay down here until I call you,  then come upstairs'.

I wondered what she was up to but had a pretty good idea & soon found out. She called to me to come up so I went to our bedroom but she wasn't there, I found her in our spare bedroom which had mirrored wardrobe units in it. She was dressed up in her best suit that comprised of a skirt, jacket and a white blouse. I worked in an office so I was wearing  suit, shirt & tie. She threw her arms around me and we started kissing passionately. Our hands were all over each other without taking any clothes off at all. She stroked me down the front of my shirt & rubbed me by the fly of my trousers causing my cock to swell up as blood flooded into it. I was stroking her body especially pushing her boobs upwards which she loved. I then hoisted up her skirt so as to stroke the front of her knickers only to find that she had put on a pair of very sexy one's that I had bought for her. They were shiny black with red lace around all the edges and a slit down the middle of them that I could poke my cock through & into her vagina. She also had a sexy suspender belt and stockings on which she knew got me aroused. She looked gorgeous & so damn sexy !

My finger found it's way through the slit in her knickers and I started to finger her lips. She unzipped my trousers and put her hand through the fly of them and my underpants and pulled my now twitching cock out. We were both standing up doing all this. I found her clit and started to stroke it up and down which was a little difficult in those knickers so I then switched to circular movements which always drove her into a sexual frenzy, she screamed out for me to fuck her so I laid her on the bed with her legs hanging over the end and stood between them, lowered my cock down and pushed it through the slit in her knickers. The tip of my cock head found her lips and as I pushed forward I felt her wet lips open and the head of my cock enter her vagina. I pushed a bit more and felt my shaft start to penetrate her, she was so wet which made it easy for me to thrust into her. I pushed a bit more and the whole length of my cock was now inside her sopping wet vagina and I started to fuck her. I could feel the warm wet walls of her vagina as they stimulated my cock, the feeling was intoxicating.  She was soaking wet and giving off a lovely aroma. We continued to fuck with my wife just able to lift herself onto her elbows & tilt her head to see around us & get a view in the mirrors of my cock thrusting in and out of her vagina. I eventually came spurting my load into her and keeping going even after I had come until I lost my erection. I withdrew my cock and fingered her soaking wet clit & lips as my cum leaked out of her vagina, until she had an explosive orgasm, screaming out obscenities as I vigorously fingered her clitty in circular movements. She writhed on the bed and thrust her body up and down as she came her clit throbbing like mad till it was over and we laid down together to kiss and cuddle.

Having sex dressed up became part of our sex life after that. We would try wearing different clothes & I especially loved fucking her when she wore a bright yellow summer dress that she had. If you've never tried it you should !!

Let's have some stories from other members who have done something like this.



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