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Shoot More Cum

Posted by: Author: Age: 32 Posted on: 2 comments
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My last cumshot was today at 2 p.m. and I nutted like a 16-year-old fantasizing about a cheerleader.


I gave up alcohol this week as part of my diet (too many calories) and have been drinking a lot of sugar free lemonade, gatorade, and water instead. I've also noticed myself shooting pretty good sized streams each time I jack off, and that's usually 2x on a weekday, 3x on a weekend. So I figured I would share my advice for shooting huge loads, or at least shooting normal sized loads for those multiple jackers out there, who wank until there's nothing but a watery trickle. Been there, many times.

The first is as I mentioned above: Hydration. It doesn't have to be purely water, either, but make sure you are not loading up on diuretics, which includes coffee, alcohol, and many carbonated drinks. So sodas at work do not count. Just drink a lot of fluids. That's the first thing.

Second: At least take a multivitamin. I forget what the concentration is, but you lose a lot of zinc each time you cum. Taking a zinc supplement in addition to a multivitamin (which usually has 100 percent of the RDA of zinc) is OK -- but you might want to consider taking a copper supplement also, as zinc and copper compete for absorption in the intestines, and copper deficiencies, while rare, can cause problems. Also, you might want to take the zinc on a full stomach. Many times I've taken it first thing in the morning and felt queasy for 5 to 10 minutes.

Third: Saw palmetto. This stimulates the Cowper's Gland, which produces pre-cum. Pre-cum is a lube that keeps your sticky load from sticking to the walls of the vas deferens. More pre-cum, I have found, equals a greater distance. Not hit-the-wall crazy or anything, but I have found if I go 48 hours without stroking, then edge for 45 minutes to an hour, I can hit myself in the face sitting in a straightbacked chair.

Finally: There are any number of supplements out there that some say increase the size of your load. L-Arginine is one. I have taken it but I can't say I have observed noticeable effects on or off it. Others include Vitamin E, lecithin, L-lysine and tribulus terrestris. All are available through drugstore.com, so you don't have to go to the health food store and plunk down six bottles of stuff that make it obvious you obsess over your load. But really, I'm not sure any of these have a compounding or cumulative effect, and at some point you might be just pissing nutrients down the toilet.

So, try lots of fluids, zinc, saw palmetto, and maybe the L-Arginine on top of that, and you should be good to go.



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