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She Said, 'I Want To See You Cum', Cont

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We decided we were finally in a dream world come true.


This happened when my second wife and I first married. Our sex lives with our first spouses left much to be desired and we discussed what turned us on and took it from there.

We both admitted we had always enjoyed masturbating to satisfy us natural urges and became comfortable doing it in front of each other anytime we were in the mood.

It started with 'Learning from each other'. We had always wanted to masturbate with our former spouses, but it didn't work out. We decided if our relationship was to last we needed to understand what we enjoyed doing to satisfy ourselves.

One of our first mutual masturbation sessions she had on the most exquisite mild perfume which would turn anyone on and said she wanted me to watch her so she started our relationship off with a bang! She had told me when she masturbated she usually was watching a porn video, but this night she wanted me to just watch her and I was to do the same for her later.

She asked me to hold off touching myself until she finished. She said when she masturbates she is usually in her own private world with her eyes closed fantasizing about whatever crossed her mind.

We were completely nude lying side by side on the bed when she asked, 'Are you ready to watch'? She closed her eyes and slowly started massaging her beautifully augmented 36 C breasts and her inch wide nipples, which were firm and erect. She rarely wore a bra as her breasts were so firm, plus she likes the freedom of touching them now and then. She moved on to pinching her aroused nipples, moaning to herself all the time. She then slid a hand down to her thighs and slowly up to her shaved pussy. She massaged all around it, then slipped a finger inside and took some of cum to lubricate her protruding larger than everage clit.

You can bet I had a tough time refraining from masturbating as watching her had made my dick super hard and throbbing. It felt like it was ready to explode.

She rubbed her clit for several minutes then slipped a finger of her other hand inside and began to slowly then rapidly finger fuck her pussy until it was dripping wet. Several times she stopped just long enough to lick cum dripping from her finger.

What a fantasy she was fulfilling for me! Her finger went back into her pussy and she began moving faster and faster and her body began to hump like she was being fucked. She pressed her finger deep inside and loudy moaned. 'YES, YES!!!!!', as she had a tremendous climax.

When she came back to reality she said, 'Whew, I've always wanted to do that with someone watching. Now it's your turn, OK?' I said. 'After watching you I'm too close to getting off without even touching my dick, let me calm down a bit. If I beat it now it will be over in a second'.

While we were relaxing she told me what she was usually thinking about when she masturbated but unfortunately mentioning expilcit oral sex on Solotouch will break the rules but, you can you read read a lot about it in the 2003 archives. I finally let my erection subside and caught my breath.

We decided I was so aroused we should take a short shower break. Later when I felt I could last more than a few minutes without immediately getting off I said, 'OK I'm ready now if you really want to watch'.

She said, 'YES!!! Just pretend I'm not here. Don't hold back. I want you to tell me what you are thinking while you masturbate and I want to see everything you enjoy doing for yourself so I can learn how to beat you off and you can watch me make your cum shoot off whenever you want'.

She rested her head on my thigh facing me so she could watch my eyes as well as my dick as I masturbated. I started stroking pretty slow or I would probably have cum in less than a minute. After about a minute she said, 'Tell me what you're thinking'. I said, 'Looking at you I can't think of much else right now but feeling and sucking your to die for tits and looking at your lucious pussy'.

Then she asked, 'What else? Are you thinking about tasting my pussy?' I was so busy just looking at her that hadn't crossed my mind yet but, I said, 'YES'.

With that she spread her lips and slipped a finger inside, pumped it in and out 'til her pussy was dripping wet. She pushed it deep inside and with drew it with a long string of cum and placed it in my mouth. It tasted so sweet I almost lost it, but fortunately I held back a little longer before getting off.

She said, 'I hope you like tasting it as much as I do'. She went back to her pussy and I watched her suck more cum from her fingers. I told her this had me close to cumming but she asked me to hold back a little longer. She spread her legs and said, 'Put a finger in me while I rub my clit, watching you shoot off is going make me cum too'.

In a few more minutes she said, 'I'm ready to cum'. She increased rubbing her clit and we exploded simultaneously. She said, 'Umm, look at all that cum!' There was cum all over my stomach, my dick and hand. We cuddled for a few minutes until I said I'd better clean up. She surprised me again when she said, 'You don't need to do that, let me'. I found she enjoyed tasting my cum as much as she did hers.

She admitted that was the most intense climax she had in years. Then she whispered in my ear, 'Next time I want you to shoot your cum in my pussy or better yet in my mouth. Hmmm, I bet you'll like that too wouldn't you?'

After all our years of sexual frustration of not being totally satisfied with our first spouses without masturbating alone later we decided we were finally in a dream world come true for each other.

There's more to come.



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