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She Likes a Man Who Knows What To Do

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Just a springtime fantasy.


There's a gorgeous young girl who works at the check-out in the local mom-and-pop grocery store that I've always secretly lusted after. She has a face that's both fresh and feral at the same time, and a beautiful peaches and cream complexion. She handles herself in a way that's both light, feminine and submissive and also very poised, confident and direct at the same time. Her body is in perfect proportion too, all the parts just the right size and shape. She is a little on the tall side, five foot ten or eleven, just a little taller than me, which is something I've always been especially drawn to. Her hair is her only nondescript feature. It's healthy looking enough, but it's a funny color, a sort of muddy blonde, or the color of wet clay. This is certainly something she herself is aware of since for the first few months that I saw her she was wearing it in big frizzy dyed dreadlocks gathered in a kerchief toward the back of her head. But that look never really suited her, and I always found myself wondering if she was of mixed race parentage. I was a little relieved when she went back to wearing it in a more normal and natural way.

Anyway, on this particularly memorable day it was closing time, all other customers were gone, she rings up my items and then goes and locks the front door. 'I've noticed how you look at me whenever you come in, I can tell you've got a crush on me. C'mon out back, I want to talk to you'.

Leaving my stuff on the counter I follow her to a small office in the back of the store. She sits down in a chair behind the desk and I in the one in front. 'I don't mind,' she says, 'but you want to know what I like? I like a man who knows what to do with his thing. So why don't you show me.' I'm flabbergasted at her directness and sit frozen, confused. 'So go on and take your pants off for me.'

Blushing and flustered I stand and begin to lower my pants. 'Take them all the way off,' she says, so I kick off my shoes and do as she says. 'Your undies too.' I blush and pull them off too, cringing a little at being so suddenly and unexpectedly naked in front of her.

'Now sit down and show me,' she says. I hesitate and she adds, 'take it in your hand and show me you know how to handle it.'

My cock is still quite small and shrivelled due to shyness and apprehension, but I do as instructed. She leans back in her chair, looks me in the eye and smiles warmly. My little noodle begins to inflate a little. She leans forward to watch more closely and says, 'circumsised, huh?' I gulp and nod an assent. 'Why don't you lean back a little and spread your legs so I can see all of you better?' I do as she says and feel my cock surge to greater fullness. I change my grip and begin to relax a little. She notices and smiles approvingly.

I feel my shyness evaporate and I become more shameless and bold as I stroke myself in front of her. 'I like a man who is proud of himself,' she says, 'who is proud of his equipment and confident when he is handling himself for his own enjoyment.' I feel my balls tighten and I change my grip to take myself more firmly and brazenly in hand. She notices and looks me in the eye and purrs, 'good boy, good boy, that's the way to do it, that's the way. That feels real good, doesn't it?' I just smile and keep stroking for her.

'I've had a few boyfriends, and I always love breaking in a new boyfriend and showing him what I like. It always takes some coaxing to get them to open up for me. All you men are such shy and embarrassed little boys, you need a girl like me to help you loosen up and learn to express yourselves.' My cock head was beginning to leak a little pre-cum. 'There's nothing like watching a man do it for me for the first time, they're so shy and grateful and turned-on all at the same time. After I've broken them in, it's easy to get a repeat performance, of course. I had my current boyfriend do it for me just last night, in fact. All I had to do was give him a sweet little smile and my special look and he immediately yanked his pants off, sat down and began stroking for me like an eager little puppy, hee! hee!'

Her talk is really turning me on and my pre-cum has really begun to drizzle down into my pumping fist. 'Ummmm,' she purrs, 'you'd better unbutton your shirt and bare your belly, you don't want to get any of your sperm on your clothes.' I couldn't believe what she is giving me permission to do. 'You mean you want me to...?' I asked. 'Of course,' she says, 'that's the best part. Now don't hold back, give me everything you've got. Show me how proud you are of that hot creamy sperm you have.'

As I let go and surrender to ejaculating my most delicate and private essence in front of her, she leans forward and purrs, 'good boy, good boy, that's right, give it to me, show me all you've got, don't hold back, ummmmm, yeah, oh yeah, that's nice, oooohhhh, yeah, wow! you're really shooting a lot! ummm, yeah, nice, alright.'

Feeling completely spent, I hunched forward in my chair, my cock slowly deflating in my hand. She gave me a couple minutes to recover and then handed me a wad of tissues to clean up with. She waits patiently as I slowly get dressed and then leads me back out front to pick up my groceries and then goes to unlock the front door for me. She says, 'I hope you understand that this was just a one-shot thing, OK?' She smiles and I nod glumly. She leans forward and gives me a little peck on the cheek, opens the door and I step out into the night, carrying my little bag of groceries, and trudge off back home to my little studio apartment.



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