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She Kissed Me all Over

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She couldn't have me in her that time, but she made me feel totally loved.


My most erotic experience occurred when I dated Vicky when I was about 25. One night, after only a couple dates, Vicky stopped by the small house I was renting in the country. My roommate was away, and I had just built a fire in the wood-stove to take the light chill out of the fall air. Basking in the warmth of the fire, we started to really make out for the first time, standing in front of the fire. As we kissed and ran our hands up and down each others bodies, we stumbled towards my bedroom, which was just off the living room.

I pulled my shirt over my head and slid my pants off. Vicky did the same and we collapsed on my bed together. As I unhooked Vicky???s bra, she reached down and started pushing down my undershorts. I kicked them off and reached down to remove her panties. Vicky grabbed my hand and said she didn???t want me touching her down there because she was on her period. I told her that was a shame because I was looking forward to making love to her. Vicky replied that we could still have fun. With that she pushed me over on my back and straddled my hips.

She wasted no time and started to passionately kiss my face, my neck, my chest, and she worked her way down my body, gently kissing my stomach and my hips. She ran her hands up and down my legs, kissing my thighs, my knees, my shins and finally the tops of my feet.

I was stunned and in heaven at the same time, never having experienced anything like this before. I didn't know what to expect next. For the first time in my life, I felt that a woman was making love to me. Seducing me. As Vicky worked her way back up my legs, she pushed my knees apart and kneeled between my legs. She paused to kiss my hips again, then began lightly kissing the underside of my penis, which was sticking straight up towards my stomach.

I felt almost faint and electrified at the same time, as Vicky brushed her fingertips over my balls, up my shaft and over my stomach. She leaned over occasionally to ever-so-gently kiss my rock-hard cock. She played with me in this way for a few minutes before taking my penis in her hand, alternately stroking me and planting kisses on the swollen tip.

My entire body was pulsing in ecstasy. After several minutes I told her that if she kept it up, I was going to make a big mess. I felt so close to her, I didn't want to spray cum all over without warning. And spray I would. I've always been blessed with an ability to hold off from cumming for a long time. When I finally do, I'll easily shoot seven or eight times.

Vicky told me not to worry. She would take care of everything and I should just lay back and relax. With that, she bent down and started sucking the tip of my penis while she squeezed and stroked the base in her hand. After a couple minutes more I knew I couldn't last much longer. I still didn't want to cum in her mouth without warning. I told Vicky I was about to shoot my load. I reached up to grab the headboard as my ejaculations shook my body.

Vicky took me all the way into her mouth. After the spasms stopped, she held me in her mouth for a moment, then sat up to catch her breath. I raised my head, exhausted, to see my dick was still coated with cum. Vicky smiled, then took me back into her mouth to clean me off. In that moment, I felt closer to her than I had ever felt to anyone.

Afterwards Vicky laid in my arms. She said she found it totally erotic when moaned that I was about to shoot my load. In that instant, I knew Vicky and I were incredibly connected.



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