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Love solotouch.com, wanted to share my story...


So, when I was about 12 or 13 years old I met this kid who we'll call Jesse. He had just moved to my town from another province and didn't have a lot of friends in the area besides his cousins from his mom's side. I thought he was cool because he actually spoke French as a first language and he had this cool accent when he spoke English. Anyway, we eventually became best friends and started doing everything together. Every weekend he would either stay at my house or I'd stay at his.

I'd never actually jerked off until I met Jesse. He was a year older than me, so I don't know if he started squirtin' before these experiences I'm about to relate or not. If he had, I'm glad he never told me, I like to think that tugging was something we discovered together.

I remember starting to feel horny all the time at that age, and I'd play with my cock, but not actually get to the point of orgasm, mostly because I didn't know there was a point to playing with my cock. I just knew it felt good.

Anyway, one weekend I way staying at Jesse's parents' cottage and we were changing our clothes to go for a swim. We had always been really casual about being naked around each other. I mean, we'd change our clothes together, go skinny dipping in the lake our parents both had cottages on and non-sexual stuff like that. On this occasion though, for some reason we both had hard on's and when Jesse noticed mine he asked me if I ever "played with it". I told him I did, and started to kind of rub my hand around my knob a bit to show him. He started to do the same thing, and then he told me he knew how to do something that felt REALLY good. I asked him to show me, so he took me to the upper level of his room so we could sit on the bed together.

We sat down, and at this point I should mention we are both uncut. He grabbed his foreskin by the tip and started to kind of move it around on his knob. I started doing the same thing and before we knew it there was pre-cum leaking out of both of our cocks. I had never seen a guy with a hard on before this, and I remember commenting on how huge his cock was in comparison to mine. He told me not to worry about it, mine would grow more (which thankfully it has) and someday I'd be as big as him.

So we fooled around with our cocks for a little while, neither one of us shooting a load, and then gave up for the time being.

A few weeks later, I discovered something very interesting: The Porn Channel on my parents' satellite dish. When I first started watching it, I would just kind of fool around with my cock because it felt good, but then, during one afternoon I was watching some guy fuck some girl on the TV and then, he pulled his cock out of her and jerked it off until he sprayed cum all over her tits. It was obvious that it felt good to do this, so I decided to experiment. I started to fist my cock the way he did it on TV and before I knew it, I blew my first load. What a great day. I couldn't wait until I could share this new experience with Jesse, so the next day after school I went over to his house. As soon as we were in his room with the door closed, I started to take off my pants and told him to do the same thing. He complied, and by that time we were both hard.

I showed him what I learned, and he told me that he did that sometimes, but he'd rather just pull on his foreskin. Then I told him that he should follow along with me and he'd see what I was talking about. So we both stood there, beating our meat for a few minutes, and then, all of a sudden, Jesse shot his first load ever all over the carpet. He almost collapsed and he had this silly grin on his face. A few seconds later, I shot my load and then started to lick my cum off my hand. He asked me what that stuff tasted like, so I let him lick some of my cum off my fingers as well. He said it didn't taste bad, and I agreed.

The next weekend, Jesse was staying overnight at my house. After my parents were in bed, we snuck down to the TV room and I showed him the porn channel. Before long, we both had our PJ's down to our ankles and we were both tugging on our cocks. There was some girl on the TV giving some dude a blow job, and we were both getting close to cumming. Just before I came, Jesse put his hand on my arm to stop me.

He looked me straight in the eye and said: "I'll suck on yours if you'll suck on mine". I didn't see anything wrong with this, at the time neither one of us even knew what gay meant. We were both interested in girls, and I'm a straight male adult now (don't know about Jesse, haven't seen him since we were about 15) but what happened that day will always be one of the best memories I have.

So after we agreed, Jesse got down on the floor between my legs and just started to suck away on my knob like he was trying to drink through a straw. It felt really good just to have pressure on all sides of my cock head, and I blew my load in about two seconds. Jesse sat down beside me and then said: "Now it's my turn" as he wiped my cum off his chin.

So I just kind of leaned over and started to suck on his cock head. In retrospect, I think Jesse may have had some type of foreskin adhesion problem, because his didn't really retract the way it should have, it would get 'caught' about half way down his knob. Mostly I remember feeling his pubes and between his legs with my hands while I slurped away on his knob but it was the size of his nutsack that totally blew me away. He had huge balls, even at that age they were the size of eggs and hung all the way to the couch cushion. They were kind of tensing and relaxing in rhythm with my sucking, and I gently started squeezing his balls. He shot his load right in my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop. I remember thinking about how his cum tasted different than my own We both kind of sat there, not knowing what to think, and then we just shut off the TV and went to my bedroom and passed out.

We always shared the same bed when we stayed over at each other houses, but this was the first time we slept naked together and snuggled. I remember it being so nice.

We had plenty of mutual jack off sessions over the next couple of years of our friendship, but we never did anything oral again. I think we knew in some kind of way that men weren't supposed to suck each other off. We knew it was ok to masturbate because by that time we'd started talking about it with other friends of ours and they all admitted to doing it, so why would we think it wrong to share that experience with your best friend?

I'm 25 years old now, and have never had any other sexual experiences with another male. I don't know that I'd even be open to that at this point in my life, not because I'd be afraid that it would make me gay or anything, just because I've got a girl friend whom I love very much and I would feel guilty if I were to "cheat" on her by sharing a sexual experience with another person, male or female.

I haven't seen Jesse in almost ten years, but he remains a fond memory and a very special person in my mind. I think that if we ever do meet up again, I'll have to ask him if he wants to rub one off with me just for old times sake, but until then I'll just have to keep whackin' away by myself.

Thanks for reading my story, I've never shared this experience with anyone before now, and it makes me smile to re-live these memories. Happy tugging y'all :).



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