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Sharing Alices Boyfriend

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My older sister Alice has her boyfriend over to our house all the time when my parents are at work. She's has been told many times she's not allowed to be in the bedroom with him. His name is Terry and he is really cute.
One afternoon, back when school had just let out, I came home early from the park because it started to rain. My sister was the only one home since my parents both work. When I got close to my room I could hear noise coming from my sister's room. I went over to the door and opened it enough to see in the room. Alice and Terry were both naked on her bed masturbating each other. I just stood there watching for the longest time watching them. It was the first time I really saw an older boy's penis and I certainly never saw a boy ejaculate before. I snuck back out of the house for awhile and when I came back I closed the front door hard enough for them to hear me. They both came down to the kitchen and I never said anthing about it. When I went to bed that night I couldn't stop thinking about them and mastubated myself thinking about Terry. For the next few weeks I would tell Alice I was going out, but wait and hide in my room to see if I could watch them again. As it turned out they were doing it a few times a week and I was able to watch again 3 more times and started mastubating as I watched them. The fourth time they caught me and at first my sister was furious and screamed at me as Terry hid under the blanket. She even started hitting me but stopped when I said I would tell my father. She begged me not to tell and I told her I wanted to watch them sometimes. Terry came out of the room already dressed and said there's no way I could watch them. My sister was so afraid I would tell on them she started begging Terry to let me watch. Finally he said he would and I wanted them to do it right away but both said they were to upset and he would come over the next day. It was a Wednesday afternoon I'll never forget. We went into Alices'room and I watched intently as Terry took off his clothes. I know he was embarrassed, but he started getting an erection as soon as he took of his boxer shorts. I couldn't help but stare at his penis as he was only a few feet away from me. I didn't even notice Alice getting undressed. When they were both naked and got in the bed they first started kissing and making out. Terry was kissing her and fondling her breasts and I moved as close as I could when Alice took hold of his penis and started to masturbate him. He also was fingering her vagina at the same time. I was so aroused myself I put my hand down my shorts and started playing with myself. I could tell when Alice climaxed just by the sounds she was making and I could see Terry cum all over her hand. I even had an orgasm just watching them. Alice finally told me to get out and again made me promise not to tell our parents. She also made me promise not to spy on them again. Over the next few weeks I kept my promises, but also kept asking her to watch them again and even asked her to let me masturbate Terry. One day when Terry came over and they were watching tellivision I walked in and asked Terry if Alice told him what I said. He didn't know what I was talking about and Alice never did tell him I wanted to do that to him. He laughed and said 'sure, why not'. Alice was mad as hell at him and they got into a big fight over it so I just walked away. A week or so later Alice and Terry came into my room one afternoon and said they would let me mastubate him if he could do it to me. Terry must have talked Alice into going along with it. I really wasn't planning on him masturbating me since my sole intention was to hold his penis. I agreed and we all started to get undressed. I could feel myself blushing and had never been naked in front of a boy before. Alice was already naked and I felt more at ease when I finally took of my bra and panties. I layed down on the bed and right away Alice informed me that this would be the first and last time we would do this and I had to promise again that I wouldn't bother them anymore. Terry first rubbed my hips and breasts and started to put his fingers in me. I was immediately aroused and got wet in seconds. He was kneeling beside me and told Alice to spread my legs open and his hands were all over me. I took his penis and started masturbating him, but it was actually more fun having him masturbate me. Now I knew what a real orgasm was like and had a bunch. He came on my thigh within a few minutes, and Alice layed down beside me and he was fingering both of us. Its sounds funny to me now but all I remember saying over and over was, thank you Terry. He masturbated me and Alice and after awhile Alice mastubated him again and he did cum again. I remember watching his penis as it went soft and it was only a couple of inches long. When it was hard I guess it was about 6 inches. We were all finally exausted and Terry and Alice left my room. I must have just layed there naked for another hour fingering myself even though I could'nt climax again. Unfortunately, that was the first and last time we did it. Alice and Terry still go in her room a couple times a week and I do keep my promises. The only promise I really regret is the one where I promised not to ask them for me to join in again. I still masturbate thinking of that day.



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