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Sharing a Room With My Brother

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When I was thirteen


Every day, when I got home from school I used to go straight to my room to masturbate; but I shared the room with my brother, so I had to do it discreetly. So I'd wait till there was no one around, and then do it fully dressed, so no one could see what I was doing.

Still in my school uniform, I'd lie on my side and curl up with my arm down between my legs; then I'd massage my cock between my arm, my leg and my belly. No one could see what I was doing and I could just come in my pants because I'd never actually ejaculated, so it didn't matter.

If my brother came in while I was doing it, I'd just stop, and pretend I was resting; but I wouldn't dare move or he'd see my cock bulging in my pants.

And if I moved I'd probably come, and give myself away; but as soon as he left I'd quickly finish it off.

Sometimes I'd do it without pants on and that looked really good; I could see my cock in the little space between my arm, my leg and my body; and when I moved my hips in and out it looked like I was fucking it. That was good too, but I preferred to come in my pants; it just felt better.

Then when I started to ejaculate, things were suddenly different; I still did it the same way; except now I had to try not to come in my pants. So I'd lie on my side and do it for as long as I could, and then I'd just stop, and wait for the feeling to die down.

Most days, even when I stopped it felt like I was still going to come, so I'd lie perfectly still and grip tightly inside trying to stop it. It seemed to take forever for the feeling to die down, and I prayed that I wouldn't come in my pants.

And then one day it happened; I had only just started, and straight away it felt like I was going to come. I was horrified; I kept perfectly still, and gripped tightly inside, but it was too late.

I was going to come and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. I thought about getting my cock out, but I knew I wouldn't have time; and my brother was home and he'd see me, so all I could do was lie there and come in my pants.

It seemed to take forever, and it felt like it was pouring out; and it was warm and wet on my cock and it felt like I'd be covered in it. As soon as I could I got up and rushed to the bathroom with my cock still bulging in my shorts.

I felt really wet and I thought my pants would be soaked, but when I pulled them down they weren't. In fact, there was only a little bit, and it had only just oozed out of my foreskin; and it only left a small wet patch in my jocks. I was really relieved.

After that I kept on doing it the same way; and in the next few days I found out that I could still come in my pants, as long as I went to the toilet and wiped it up before it soaked through to my shorts.

And it felt even better; because as my foreskin filled up with come, it felt like there was a lot, but there wasn't, and it hardly even wet my pants.

I could usually get to the toilet in time, but if someone was in there I had nowhere to go; and I'djust have to lie on the bed and wait, while the come soaked into my shorts. It actually felt really good, except for the mess it made.

My younger brother and I were the only ones home after school, and he must have known what I was doing; I know he had seen me doing it, but he never said anything. I had seen him doing it too, and he did it the same as me; and I had seen him run to the toilet trying to hide his erection.

We never talked about it but we had an unspoken rule; he would stay away while I did it, and I would stay way while he did it. Occasionally one of us would forget and catch the other one doing it, but not very often.

Sometimes I did it in the bathroom just using my hand, but it just didn't feel as good; it felt more desperate my way, and I loved to come in my pants; it just felt better that way; I don't know why.

I had an almost permanent hard on, and I was masturbating three or four times a day; and some days my cock was sore by the time I went to bed.



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