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Sharing a Bed With My Sister in Law

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This was on an annual girls night out to a nearby casino and I'm not sure what to make of it.

From the first time I met my sister in law LA (husbands sister) we were always the best of friends, in fact we spend more time together than I do with most of my good friends. She is two years younger than I and I always thought she was a very pretty woman.

First let me start off by telling you about my husband, we were married 16 years ago and from the time we first got married and sharing the same bed I would, for lack of a better word, get sleep groped by him. At first I thought he was just waking up in the middle of the night horny and would try to get something off of me as I slept, but after I confronted him about it in the morning I soon realized he had no recall of doing that the night before and we laughed it off after I'd tell him what he did. To be honest at times it got so intense he would bring me to orgasm fingering me and wouldn't know it.

So anyway for the last four years, four of us women, all good friends, would plan a Saturday night "girls night out" where we would go to one of the area casinos and spend the night. It was usually no longer than a two hour drive and it was always fun to get away. Myself and LA would always share a room because we were comfortable with each other and like this last trip we again checked in and went to our rooms first before we went down to the casino to do a little drinking and gambling.

This time however was a bit different, we opened the door to our room to find one king bed and not the 2 queens we reserved. Not being a real big deal I did call to the front desk only to be told the hotel was completely sold out and told me they were sorry for the mistake but couldn't offer another room. We joked about it and I even told her I was going to draw a line down the middle of the bed and she wasn't allowed to cross it.

So the night went as usual and finally it was time to go back to our respected rooms and get some sleep. So we got into our sleep wear (tee shirts and panties) and got in our separate sides of the bed and went to sleep. It was probably an hour or so later I was awaken by LA's arm around my waist, I couldn't help but giggle knowing how embarrassed she might be if she knew she was spooning me so I put my back to her and started to drift back to sleep with her arm around me. I must have just drifted off again when I felt her hand move upward toward my breast and instantly thought about my husband and how he used to sleep grope me so I lay there wondering what I should do, should I chance waking her or try to move her hand or just lay there like I'd do with hubby and pretend to be asleep.

It wasn't long before her hand was cupping my breast and I thought ..oh my god..this must run in the family as her hand began playing with my boob over my tee shirt. I've never really hated it when he did this to me and to be honest it felt kind of good when she was doing it also so I lay there pretending to be asleep and I was just a little curious as to see just how far this might go. It wasn't long before it was a full blown groping as her hand found its way to my naked belly and boob under my top, still laying on my side allowing her hand to roam over me. In my lifetime I have never been touched by another woman and never had the desire to but to say it was unpleasant would be a lie. I'm not sure if it was the fact that it was a very attractive woman touching me or the taboo part of being my sister in law but one thing was sure I was getting aroused by the whole episode even though in the back of my mind I kept thinking I should somehow put a stop to it.

And then it happened, her hand began running down my hip over my panties and started to move toward my mound, then sliding her hand down the front and pressing her fingers between my legs until she reached my now wet pussy and began rubbing me with more pressure. I lay there holding my breath as her fingers rubbed me through my panties until they finally found their way down the front and into my pussy.

Still laying on my side I made the decision to slowly move to my back allowing her easier access as my legs slowly parted and her fingers found their way to my clit. She was still laying on her side nestled against me as she began to press herself against the side of my leg. By now I'm laying there allowing her to rub me and I feel her breasts against my arm as well as her crotch rubbing against my leg and couldn't help but wonder if this was her first time rubbing another woman because she sure seemed, even in her sleep to know exactly what to do to please me and by now with my legs wide open I'm starting to realize that I am well on my way to an orgasm and have no intentions of trying to stop her but at the same time wondering that if she does make me cum, will I wake her and if she does wake up, just how embarrassed she would be, if at all, or would she continue and...in my current condition as I've said before never being with another woman but feeling her large breasts against my arm and being aroused by this, what I'd do if she awoke and continued.

All this is rolling through my mind as I feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm and still laying as quietly as I possibly can when I feel both the movement of her body against me and her hand between my legs begin to slow down until it all came to a complete stop. We both lay there for a few minutes quietly with her hand still resting on my pussy and her body pressed against me, feeling every breath she took when finally she moved her hand and rolled over finishing any contact with me whatsoever and then hearing her breathing as if she is very sound asleep.

So there I lay on my back, egs parted and worked up with what I thought to be a very erotic ending to the night and was left with nothing but the memory so I put my fingers between my legs and quietly finished the job she started and went back to sleep.

The next morning we showered, ate and left, all nursing slight hangovers and not so much as a funny look at each other as if nothing had ever happened.

I still think back on that night and masturbate and do still wonder what prompted her to do that, was she having a dream and if so who was she dreaming about? Me? And to be honest I do somewhat regret at least not touching her large breasts just to see what it might be like.

Now every time we go to eat and I see her licking something off of her fingers I can't help thinking, wow once those fingers were inside me. Next year is my turn to book the night out and I am seriously thinking of.."accidentally" booking another king bed...lol" Enjoy Annette



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