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Shari by anthonybrock@yahoo.com (anthonybrock@yahoo.com)
I was about 15 at the time. We had some very close friends of our family. Joe was a couple of years older than I was and Shari was a couple of years younger than me, which was actually my sisters age. The four of us spent a lot of time together. Whenever our parents got together they would usually put us in a room together for us to stay occupied while giving them some privacy. It didnt take us long to start being curious about each others bodies. We had talked about sex and played some games of show and tell and truth or dare. Although I was very attracted to Shari my wildest imaginations began after my very first experience, which she was a part of. On one Saturday afternoon in the summer my sister had gone to cheerleader practice so I was alone in the house. I settled in my room where I had the TV on. I was laying on my bed and began to fantasize about Shari. I was thinking about the time she was dared by her brother to take off her top in front of the group.

I could feel myself begin to get hard. I had masturbated previous to this but never used my hand before. I was at the stage where I thought this was wrong. In the past I didnt feel guilty rubbing myself against a pillow until I came. That method was getting old for me and I decided to give the more traditional method a shot. My mind started to wonder when I heard the front door open. My Mom had yelled up to me that she was home and had some company. I yelled back that I was in my room and that I was going to stay and watch some TV. I heard my Mom and her friend go out the back door where they resided on some patio furniture out on the deck. I felt comfortable that I was safe to proceed. I lowered the volume on the TV and pulled my shorts and underwear off and got myself comfortable laying on my back. I closed my eyes and thought about Shari taking her top off. I was rock hard and began to stroke myself. I was into this no more than a minute or so when my door swung open. Standing in my doorway was Shari. Her eyes grew wide as she gazed upon me laying on my bed with my cock in my hand. I was embarrassed and mad at the same time. "Dont you knock before you enter someones room" I yelled. She just smiled but apologized. She asked me what I was doing. I told her "nothing", and asked her to leave. I was kind of surprised when she said she didnt want to.

She had seen me naked before during the same game of truth or dare. I wasnt embarrassed of her seeing me naked. It was getting caught in the act that bothered me. Now that it seemed she didnt mind at all, or didnt know what was going on, I began to get hard again. I mentioned to her that if she wanted to stay than she would have to at least close the door. She obliged and entered my room closing the door behind her. I surprised myself that I didnt go for my clothes to cover up. I sensed that she was interested in what I was about to continue. She walked over to me and sat on the end of the bed. I began to stroke myself. She smiled and said "whats with you guys, I caught Joe doing this last week". At this point I found myself getting very aroused and began to stroke myself a little faster. I quickly realized why this was the more traditional method. It was extremely more pleasurable than what I was used to. Shari just stared at me after she asked if I minded she watch. I told her that I never did this before, at least this way. I asked her if she would touch me but she said she was having more fun watching me. I felt it was time to let myself go. I closed my eyes and began moving faster and faster over my rock hard cock. I glanced once at Shari and her eyes were glued to my cock. I moved faster and faster feeling myself build up. I opened my eyes again to the sound of Sharis soft moan.

This time when I looked up I noticed that she had joined me in exploring her own body. She was rubbing herself outside her shorts. I whispered to her to take them off. She quickly unbuttoned them and slid them off. I felt myself begin to cum but I wanted to wait for her. She sat back down on the bed and moved her hand over her panties. I wanted to see her pussy but didnt want to ruin the mood. She slid her hand down the front of her panties and laid back on the bed. My desire to see her pussy grew stronger so I reached up and slid her panties down over her knees. She lifted her leg up so I could pull them off. The site of her young pussy was such a turn on. I stared at her fingers working on her clit. She said that she wanted to see me finish. This was all I needed to hear. I felt myself about to explode so I let her know. She sat up to get a closer look at me. I continued to watch her fingers move over her clit until I came all over my stomach. She looked at me while I let out a small moan. She smiled and finished pleasuring herself. We both got dressed without saying a word. When we were done she made me swear that I wouldnt say anything to her brother. I asked the same of her and that began a great relationship. We continued to masturbate for each other as well as pleasure each other during that summer. She made me cum in my pants by rubbing my cock one time while her family was over and we were watching some movie on TV.



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