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Sexy Skype Reunion (Fiction) (by Lilliebug18 and Emmasaurus)

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A girlfriend and boyfriend play on Skype.

This story was written as a collaboration between Lilliebug18 and me. I can tell you, we had TONS of fun writing this and there is definitely more of our co-writing to come!


In a Barcelona hotel, Brian fired up Skype on his trusty old laptop and waited for the program to load while nursing an iced cappuccino. He was about to video chat with his girlfriend Hannah for the first time since leaving on a two-week vacation together with his family. He knew he would have the hotel room all to himself for a couple of hours. The rest of his family had gone to a nearby water park, but Brian wasn't feeling up to it. Water parks tend to be filled with screaming kids, and he welcomed the opportunity to spend some time alone. His contact list appeared on the screen and he wasn't surprised at all to see that Hannah was online. She was always chatting on Skype with her friends. He pressed the video call button and leaned back in his chair.

As the ringing sound was going off, Brian could feel his cock start to harden in his pants. He missed seeing Hannah, and the thought of what could happen tonight got him even more excited! Those deep brown eyes of hers drives him crazy, the way she nibbles on those plump pink lips of hers intensifies her absolute sexiness. After four or five rings, Hannah finally answered! Her blonde hair was up in a messy ponytail, something she knows for fact that drives Brian absolutely insane. It's taking all his self control to not whip out his cock then and there to not masturbate for this beauty on his screen.

"Hey, sweetie!" He cleared his throat. Really, what he wanted was to tell her to pop her tits out of her top and rub them. But that was no way to treat a lady. Yet.

"Hey babe!" Hannah flashed a wide smile. "How's London?"

"Not bad. Missing you though. Missing you terribly." Brian smiled.

"Aww! I miss you too, really I miss you so bad." She did that pouty-lips-vulnerable-girl thing he loved so much. She knew he liked it - that's why she did it.

Brian couldn't resist. He popped his cock out through his zipper. She couldn't see that on the cam. He just had to get his fingers around his erection. He was aching for her.

"Are you alone there or what?" She tilted her head to one side and took a sip of something. Probably some kind of healthy smoothie. She was always making those even though she hated the taste of them.

"Yeah. They're at some water park. I wanted to stay here so I could call you." He smiled again. Hidden from the eye of the webcam, he was sliding his fingers over the swollen head of his cock. He then took his thumb and used it to massage head of his cock.

Between the thrill of secretly rubbing his cock while talking to Hannah, and the fact that he could see a bit of her beautiful clevage every time she reached for her drink, he was oozing buckets of precum.

"Sweetie, you seem preoccupied?" The head tilt again. Brian froze. She was on to him. What if she didn't want this? They had only been going out for nine months.

"I... No, just..." Stammering. Not the way to impress a girl. "Sweetie, I'm sorry, I'll be honest with you. Just seeing you makes me..." He leaned a bit forward and whispered, "It makes me really horny, sweetie. You look so fucking pretty."

"Oh really?" She got this devilish look on her face. "I must admit...knowing you're stroking yourself because of me is making me wet. Can I see that cock of yours sweetie?"

Brian reached for the webcam and tilted it downward toward his crotch.

"Look how hard you're getting me already." He ran the pad of one finger up the shaft, circling over the head and then down again. He decided to undo the button of his jeans, stood up and let the drop to his ankles, then sat back down again.

"Oh my! You're like that because of me?" she said coyly why batting her eyes nibbling on her bottom lip. Her hands had drifted to the button up shirt she was wearing and went to undo the top button. "Oh if only there was a way I could help you sweetie...some way to aid your pleasure."

"All because of you." He gripped his cock firmly now. Downstroke, upstroke. He was getting lost in the pleasure and the anticipation. "I'd really love to see your tits. You know how much I like your little pink nipples, how much I like to suck on them, lick them, make them hard. Oh my god, I love it when your nipples are hard. Can you show them?"

Hannah finished unbuttoning her shirt and let it drop to the floor behind her. She was left clad in a sexy purple bra that made her C cup breasts look spectacular! "You mean these breasts?" She asks as she starts to rub them all over, occasionally pushing them together to make her cleavage look even more impeccable.

"Oh god. They're so perfect, honey. Remember when I put my cock between them and you squeezed them together? Remember how hard I came, and how I shot my cum over your chin and cute lips? Press them together like that for me, babe!"

"Oh you mean like this?" She leaned forward so that her spectacular boobs filled the whole screen of the computer. "I know how much you love to bury your face in my cleavage, and how much you love to suck on my nipples along with a few nibbles." Hannah's voice was pure seduction at this point and it made Brian even harder if that was possible. "Since you sadly can't do any of that right now, how about I do it instead?" She then pulled her boobs up and buried her face right into the cleavage.

"Fuck yeah, baby. Lift your top up for me, let me see them." He stroked up and down his shaft, cupping his balls with his other hand. "Stand up so I can see what pants you're wearing. You wearing those jeans that make your ass look so great?"

"Oh you know I do!" Hannah turned around in front of the camera and bent at the waist showing off her perfect ass in her jeans to Brian. "You really want to see my luscious tits don't you big boy?"

"Oh god, yes. I'm imagining running my hands over your ass too, I know how that makes you crazy. I want to unbutton those pants and slowly peel them off, and I'd lick and squeeze your ass cheeks. God, you have me so horny - look." He stood up and tilted the camera back up and took a step closer to show a closer view of his cock. The head was glistening now, his entire shaft covered in the pre-cum that had started oozing out.

Hannah could feel her pussy dripping wet now. She wanted to tease Brian a little more before they really got into masturbating together. She went to go unlatch the clasps on her bra, going ever so slowly, she knew it was driving him crazy seeing her do this so slowly. When the clasps were undone, she held them out to the side, still keeping the cups on her breasts so they were still covered. "How badly do you want me to drop this right now and let you see my tits?"

"Oh honey, I'm aching to see them. Can't you see how my cock is throbbing? Look at all this precum I'm leaking. You're so fucking hot. Can't you pull that bra up, make your delicious tits drop? I want to see them so bad. I can't grab them, I can't lick them and suck them, but oh my god do I want to see them..."

"I love it when you beg! It makes my pussy ache even more! I guess I could let you see them..." and with that Hannah dropped the sides of her bra, finally letting her tits free and in full view for Brian. She started tweaking her nipples, pulling and tugging on them, and even giving a few pinches. She threw her head back and started to moan with pleasure as she played with her nipples.

"Oh babe, they are so perfect. You're so perfect. I could stare at you and jerk my cock all day long." He formed an "O" with his thumb and forefinger and massaged the ridge right on the bottom of his cockhead, using the precum as lube. "Honey, if you have something you want me to do, you just tell me. I'd do anything for you, you know that."

"I want you to keep stroking that cock for me and talk dirty to me while I rub my dripping wet clit." Hannah sat down in the chair in from of the computer, took off her pants, and put her legs on the computer desk so that Brian could get the perfect view of her pussy while she pleased herself.

"Yeah sweetie, wish I could go down on my knees in front of you and your delicious little pussy. I'd lick around the clit, really carefully at first, and feel you pushing your hips toward me, trying to get me to lick harder. Soon I'd be licking full strokes, from the bottom of your pussy lips all the way up to the top, then circle your clit with the tip of my tongue before licking downward again. I know you like those slow, long licks all over, don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes you know I do! I love the way you eat my pussy up, sucking on my clit and licking up all my juices!" and with this she inserted two fingers between her pussy lips, madly stroking in and out, and the only thing coming out of her mouth was incomprehensible moans of pleasure. Hannah had never experienced pleasure quite like this before while masturbating. Watching Brian rub his cock for her on the computer screen turned her on in a way she never knew was possible.

Brian grabbed his cock harder now, his fist gliding up and down the shaft. "I just love the way your pussy tastes. I could just lick you for hours and stay hard as a rock. You know that. I wanna fuck you with my tongue too. I love the way that makes you pull your legs up toward your chest as my tongue darts in and out in your sweet, beautiful pussy. Jesus, I want you so badly!"

"Yes! Oh yes please! Oh god Brian I'm about to cum! I'm so close now! Keep stroking your hard cock for me!" As she said this, her fingers were a blur as she started to madly finger fuck her pussy to an amazing orgasm, all right on cam for Brian. Her back was arching as she let out a scream while she experienced on the most intense orgasms of her life.

"Yeah, cum for me baby! Keep finger fucking yourself while you cum!" Staring at the screen, hypnotized by the orgasm of the woman he loved, he pumped his cock furiously. He was getting the first sweet contractions that told him he would either have to slow down or he would splatter his cum over the desk. "Mmmh, Hannah, now turn around on the chair, so I can see your ass and pussy from behind. I want to sink my cock into your pussy while you're still cumming. I wanna feel your pussy clenching around my cock, milking it, massaging it. Your pussy feels so fucking amazing, I love to fuck you. I really love to fuck you."

"Oh yes! I'll do anything for you to get you to fuck my like that!" Hannah took her laptop to the bed and got on all fours with her ass facing the camera, giving Brian the perfect view of her pussy and ass. "I want to feel you inside me, pumping load after delicious load of cum into into my tight wet pussy! So much that it's dripping out of me!"

The decision was made on Brian's part. He was going to cum. He wanted to. So he kept pumping his cock at a fast pace, staring at his girlfriend on the screen. "I'm behind you now. I bring the head of my cock up to your delicious, pink pussy lips. God, you're so swollen and wet. I can't resist anymore - I push my cock inside you. Slowly. All the way in. I can feel I'm hitting your cervix. I'm gonna let my cock rest here for a while, all the way inside your little pussy. You love it when I fill you up completely. I can see it, you have goosebumps all over your asscheeks. Reach back and spread your asscheeks out for me so I can see."

Hannah leaned over all the way and took her cheeks and spread them nice and wide for him so he could see luscious opening. "Cum all over my ass! You know you want to! Spray your hot cum all over them for me big boy! Do it!" Hannah was begging him at this point. She couldn't see him jerking his cock, but she hear his grunting and moans.

Brian, now rock hard and throbbing, kept sliding his hand over the shaft of his cock. He felt his balls tensing up, pulled upward toward his body. He was ready to orgasm.

"I'm fucking you now. First a few slow strokes in and out. Then I go faster, my balls are slapping against your pussy. Oh god, it feels so good to fuck you. I can't hold back much longer! I have to pull out, baby, your pussy is so tight and warm and wet, you're making me cum!"

Releasing the amazing amount of pressure he had built up, Brian shot his first rope of cum over the table. It hit the tissue box that was sitting there. The next spurt splattered over the copper base of the table lamp.

"I pull out and jerk my cock while you spread your asscheeks for me. I can't hold back any longer and I splatter cum over your left asscheek, then your right, painting your ass with my cum. Enjoying seeing it drip down your thighs. Some of it is on your pussy. I release spurt after spurt all over your beautiful little ass, baby. Do you like me covering your ass in hot sticky cum?"

"Oh yes I do! I love it so much!" Hannah let out a final moan of pleasure, and collapsed face down on to the bed, spent after all the intense and insanely pleasureable orgasms she just had. She had never done anything like that before, but she knew she wanted to do it again soon.

While trying to calm down, Hannah and Brian had talked about what has just happened, and decided that they were going to continue to do this while Brian was still on his trip. Eventually both started to doze off to sleep, so they said their "Good nights" and "I love you's" and signed off for the night. Brian couldn't wait for tomorrow night to see what would happen next!


Hope you enjoyed this collaboration! More to come from Lilliebug18 and me. Follow us both so you get updates!



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