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Sexual Course Party

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I wish I could be there! [Webmanster's Note: RC - put the web address in the URL box. For your first link, the web address is: 'http://www.solotouch.com/contri/exp/files/01x58834.htm' You can leave out the 'http://www.solotouch.com/' part if you want.]

Sexual Course Responses
Sexual Course Final/Party


Having worked outside all day Saturday, I was tired by late evening. However, after my bath I heard snores coming from the bedroom, so logged on to solotouch. To my excitement, there was another contribution from Professor Barb, this time telling about herself, her summer fun, and announcing class finals and a party. I enjoyed it, but being tired decided to hold off working up to orgasm. The story must have really made an impact on me however, because I awakened around 5:00 with an erection! While turning the palm of my hand to cover my erection so my thumb and forefinger could squeeze way down around the sides of the base of my shaft while the palm of my hand could enjoy feeling the enlarged size of my manhood with every squeeze, I thought about a party after the finals for the sexuality course are over.
Since I've previously discussed course content for advanced classes and saw no need to add to that, I fantasized about a party that Barb mentioned is coming up. I deliberately kept squeezing for a long time, possibly an hour, instead of pumping to a quick orgasm. Because you enjoy going to 'clothing optional' beaches Barb, it seems entirely in keeping with your joys that a 'clothing optional' party would be naturally in line with the course content! Of course, the party should be announced as such so the students would know what to expect and can anticipate a really fun time!
I wish I could be there and be met by you! I'd love to see the twinkle in your eyes with a smile on your face and be greeted by your attractive breasts right up front begging to be touched and stroked and squeezed gently and kissed and your brown Love Nest inviting fondling and an exciting 'ball game!' But on second thought I'm getting ahead of myself, maybe that greeting in the nude should wait until everyone is there, for reasons to be discussed later. Last night I was too tired to notice that you mentioned in the story that your hair down below are brown, but caught it right away when I logged on now and I'm stroking my erection through my sweat pants frequently while thinking what to type next and re-reading for type-o's!
The size of the group would determine whether the party would be at your house or at a larger facility. Since finals would be over, there should not be any implications that would come back to haunt the administration as could be if the party were held during class. Hopefully, the invitation would have specified that there would be no intercourse, just 'lots of fun,' -- OR they could be invited to bring condoms so there would be no pregnancies resulting. Although other boyfriends and girlfriends might want to come, logically only participants in class should be invited because they are on a different level of understanding by having studied together, discussed their preferences in a group setting, and completed the course.
The first natural order of the party (for each person as they arrive) without even announcing it would be to deposit clothing as soon as comfortable doing so and then going all around the circle of those already present, giving each class member a bare hug! No, I'm getting ahead of myself again -- hold that for later also. I like tight hugging called 'bear hugs,' but enjoy 'bare hugs' much more and tell my wife that bear hugs with her don't do much for me because I want bare hugs from her. For some short gals to accommodate tall guys, it would be in order to have some foot stools handy so that the guy's erections could be squeezed between the thighs of the gals and everyone could see the purple tip protruding out behind and could reach over and tickle it a bit, spreading precum all over it to make it shine when she next sees it!
Now to the next steps, as you mentioned in your Sexuality Course Responses, Barb, on April 1, you have often fantasized about being nude in front of the class. Here's your chance! Classes and finals are over and as soon as everyone has gathered -- I'll bet there'll be no latecomers, you could announce that refreshments are ready and that prizes will be awarded for the most creative structures using hot dogs and buns, hard-cooked eggs, bananas, donuts, red strawberries, big purple plums, toasted/shredded coconut, whipped cream, etc. for assembling suggestive creations! Then when everybody has had a good laugh, played with their food suggestively, and is in a real partying mood, gather them all together in circles around you and announce that you have a secret to share. Tell them that you enjoy 'clothing optional' beaches. Describe some pleasurable experiences there, and mention that you have long wanted to disrobe in front of them! Proceed to disrobe ever so slowly, touching every part of your body lovingly, romantically, and enticingly as you remove each article of your clothing, bouncing occasionally on tiptoes to make your breasts jiggle!
Then when you have disrobed completely, invite each of them to do so also when comfortable with the setting and the other class members. Next, invite bear hugs all around the room, letting each one take as long as the participants chose to hug. Although no mention was made how long the party is planned whether for an evening, all day, or all weekend, I'm sure the bare hugs could be prolonged all the way around the circle as long as the time has been allotted for the party to last! I really wish I could be there to participate in all the fun! Meanwhile, I'll just have to fantasize, watch for such classes locally, and wish you all lots and lots and lots of skin time together and many, many, many happy thrills and orgasms! RC
P.S. I hope on the explicit site yet to come, we can all get better acquainted. I'm sure our intimate relationships will all be greatly enhanced! rc
P.S. # 2: Perchance the essay questions of the final test include exciting fantasies or personal stories that we can all enjoy, they should be posted on solotouch! rc Gotta sign off. My wife wants to use the computer. Wishing you all lots of self-love and happy self-pleasuring to you all!



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