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Sex & the Sister-in-Law

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Sex and the sister-In-Law
Shortly after I started dated my wife in 1982, we took a trip to visit her older sister who lived a couple of hours away. I had never met her sister, but was amazed at how incredibly hot she was when I first saw her. I couldnt take my eyes off of her. She had just given birth to a daughter a couple of months before and her breasts were heavy with milk. The second day of our trip started off like a wet dream. I awoke around 7A.M to find my girlfriend gone on a walk with the her new niece. My future brother-In-Law, who she was very unhappy with at the time, was gone to work, and my future Sister-In-Law reading on the bed next to the spot where I slept the night before on the floor. She was wearing a very revealing silk tank top without a bra, and matching silk short shorts without any panties. Which of course I noticed immediatly. She did not seem inhibited in any way in front of me. I rose up from the floor facing her, she said "Good Morning" and I replied with "It sure Is". I had nothing on but my underwear and was beginning to seep pre-cum through them. I was getting hard looking at her. She told me not to be embarressed, and to stand up so she could see what I was trying to hide. At that point I figured "Why Not" and raised up on my knees to reveal my hard dick pointing straight at her. It suprised the hell out of me when she said to hurry up! And asked if she could suck it? This was incredible! I agreed, and she pulled me closer still sitting on the edge of the bed and began sucking my dick with expert precision. Suddenly she asked if I wanted to see her body? I immediatly said Yes, and asked her to show me her pussy. She obliged by pulling her shorts to the side. I had never ever seen such a perfect cunt. It was covered with thick shiny black hair with very large pink lips which she spread with her fingers so I could see inside. It was so hot! I knelt down, without hesitation and began to lick her entire pussy and sucked her clit giving her a mild orgasm. I asked her if I could fuck her? She said that she was'nt comfortable with that, but wanted to continue our sexcapades over the next four days If we could do it without getting caught.
I thought, "Damn What Have I Stumbled Into?" The next day went by quickly. After driving around all day, my girlfriend, her sister, and I returned to the house to find a note from her huband that he had to go out of town on business and would not be back until the next day. So we hungout until about midnight and decided to go to sleep. My girlfriend fell asleep with her newborn niece in the bedroom. My sister-In-Law was asleep on the floor in the living room, and I was on the couch in the same room. I decided to wait until later to make my move. About an hour went by and I slowly approached my girlfriends sister asleep on the floor. She was laying face down. She had slipped into another pair of shorts earlier in the evening making it very easy to access her pussy or ass. After turning the lights out, I knelt down asked whispered to her, can I lick your ass? She had an ass that was big but not fat, and turned me on. She answered go ahead but be careful! in a sleepy voice. I pulled her shorts down to just below her knees and began to lick her ass crack up and down. She pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could better reach down into her ass My dick began to throb and got rock hard in a few short seconds. I could smell her asshole, and it drove me into a frenzy of tongue fucking her ass. I guess I did that to her for at least a half hour.
Pretty soon she asked If I had ever had anal sex? I had, and enjoy giving it and recieving it. She told me to stick it in her butt. After licking her ass, she was very wet and lubed up. I was gently pushing when she backed into it hard. She said that she liked it real hard and not to be gentle. So I began trhrusting my dick into her ass very hard and fast. Fucking her with all my energy. She began to moan and quiver and orgasmed really hard. I had to put a couch pillow down on the floor for her to scream into. Pretty soon It was my turn, I was ready to cum after ass fucking her for so long. She said that she wanted me to come in her mouth, so I began pumping my dick into her ass hard to the point of cumming. She pulled away and turned just in time to put my shit covered dick in her mouth. She did'nt mind at all that my dick was covered in shit and eagerly sucked it into her mouth. That ended our sexcapades that trip. But about two months later she fulfilled my ultimate sexual fantasy/fetish.
I had always wanted to get totally nasty with a hot woman. My fetish? her pissing and shitting on me while I masturbate and cum. I had to take my girlfriend to the same city where her sister lived for a training program for a couple a days. So I would take her to that, and return to her sisters for the rest of the day. One day after dropping her off, I returned to find her sister in the hall bathroom peeing with the door open. This was heaven to me! she did'nt even budge. I stood there watching and she pulled her pussy apart and shot pee out onto the floor right in front of me. To suprise her, I reached down and ran a finger through it on the floor and licked it from my fingers. She asked me why I did that? I answered, because It turns me on!
She began asking questions about fantasies and wierd fetishes and stuff. She told me to tell her what my favorite fantasy was? I was a little embarressed, but admitted that I wanted to have her shit in my mouth and let me masturbate while she peed on my face. She acted quite shocked! and to my suprise, said O.K.! She admitted that the thought of doing that never seemed a sexual thing, but agreed to do it for me. She told me that she had not had a bowel movement yet but coffee would help her go and would also help her pee. So we went to the kitchen and sat down and drank coffee for the next 30-45 minutes. Soon she started feeling the need to shit. I asked If she was still willing? she said If I wanted to, she would do it! I agreed, we set off down the hall to the bathroom. Upon reaching the bathroom, we both got undressed. she wanted to know how we would do this without making a total shitty mess on the floor? I told her to let me get in the bathtub naked and she could squat down over my face from the edge of the tub. We were both getting excited about this because It was something we each had never done. I layed in the tub towards the footend and she sat in the shitting position over the edge. She was getting sore holding it in, and said to please hurry. I layed down and put my mouth directly under her asshole. Close enough to lick it. Soon she let out a loud deep fart, and the smell really turned me on. After that, she spread her ass cheeks with her hands, her dark brown shit began coming out of her ass, making squishing noises as it emerged. I quickly opened my mouth and began sucking the turd from her ass, swallowing it, and masturbating like crazy, I told her to pee and soon, I was covered in her excrement.I shot a wod that would make any man proud. I came more that one time than any other time in my life. --Anon



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