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Sex Shop Experience

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This happened a few months ago during my trip to a local sex shop


I decided one day to go to the porn store a few towns over from where I live. Now, the first thing I do when I get there is go into one of the viewing booths. I put a couple of dollars in the machine and dozens of different movies pop up that I can view. I like to watch a lot of different kinds of porn, but I usually watch teen videos, or anything that strikes me as I come across while flipping through all the different ones.

I was in there for a few minutes watching a very good porn of a petite girl having sex in a hot tub, and of course the need to get off began building up. Making sure I had the door to the booth locked, I stripped down fully naked, and laid my shirt down across the seat of the chair in the booth, at this time I was almost bursting just from the thought of being nude in a public setting, even though it was a viewing booth in a porn store.

I began tugging away at myself furiously. It was a few minutes in that I realized I didn't have anything in the room with me to cum into, so I forced myself to stop, got dressed, and wandered back out into the store. I began looking at a bunch of the cheap dvds they had, and picked out a couple featuring Asian teens, and then began looking at all the toys they had. I was looking at them for about 20 minutes when I decided just to by one of the cheap strokers. Now this was not my first ever masturbatory toy, but I was very excited nonetheless to see how this one would feel.

I made my purchase and left the store. I was very eager to get back home so I could try out the new toy while watching the porno I just bought, and I couldn't think about anything else. About a third of the 45 minute drive back I realized I was rock hard, and really needed to do something about it, I just simply couldn't wait until I got home. So I unbuttoned my pants, and began rubbing myself through my boxers while I drove to a parking lot that wasn't packed.

Once parked I pulled the new toy out, lube it up with all the saliva I could muster, and thrust my shaft right into it. I couldn't believe how good it felt, and knew I wouldn't last long, because of the amazing sensation, and not being able to finish in the store, and also because of the sheer excitement of everything I was doing. I decided not to finish in the parking lot, but rather, I began driving and continued pumping away while driving.

Not too surprisingly it was very difficult to do this, since I couldn't lean back as far, and thus was not as comfortable, but it did allow me to last longer, and enjoy the toy for longer. I had to relube the toy a few times.

When I got home, I realized my roommates weren't home, so I went straight to my bedroom, put my dvd on and it did take a while, but when I had a HUGE orgasm, that really made me yell out in pleasure, which is amazing since I'm normally very quiet. I have used this thing countless times now, and every time I do, I have a really hard time containing how loud I am when I cum. I have never experienced anything like it before.



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