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Sex Education At The Nudist Colony

I was raised a nudist and spent time almost every summer at a nudist colony. This story is about how an older girl at the colony taught me about masturbation.

My parents took me and my siblings to the same nudist colony almost every summer. It was something no one at home knew about. I wasn't allowed to tell my school friends about it, which I thought was silly because I loved being naked and I thought they would too, but I still kept it secret. But there were some kids my age at the resort, and I'd see them every year. They were like cousins sort of. Some were a little younger, some were a little older. I always looked up to Mara, a girl that was a couple years older. She was super sweet and nice and very cool. She liked cool music and seemed so much smarter than everyone else. Mara hit puberty before I did of course. One year, she had a fairly thick bush, then the next year it was shaved. I asked her why and she said it felt nicer to be smooth. From then on, I've always shaved. That's how influential Mara was on me. When I was 13, I was hanging out with Mara. It was just me and her, and we were taking a walk through the woods. Mara was 16 at the time, and she was so beautiful. Slim body, nice round butt, nice breasts. I didn't realize it at the time but I was actually very attracted to her. Of course, being teenagers, our conversation was mostly about sex. I was still a virgin, Mara wasn't. I dug for all the details she could give me. She then mentioned masturbation. I knew what it was, but I'd never done it. Mara was shocked. She then asked if I knew how. I told her "no," so she led me to a more secluded spot. We found a grassy area and she told me to sit down facing her. Mara sat as well, and positioned herself so her legs were open in front of me. I looked at her smooth kitty with wonderment. Never had I looked so closely at one before. Mara didn't do much explaining. She just said "do what I do." She then rubbed her outer lips. So I did the same, spreading my legs and touching my lips. Felt kind of nice. I watched then as Mara started rubbing her clit. I did the same, and wow, that was nice. For a while, we just did that, rubbing, getting ourselves wet. Then Mara slid a finger in. I was a little scared to try it but she said to, so I slid a finger inside. Ohh, that felt great. She then told me to use both hands, to rub my clit and to finger myself. So I did, and the feelings just started overwhelming me. Eventually, it all built up and I experienced my first orgasm. I tried not to scream, clenching my teeth. Mara came soon after. We sat there for a while, talking more about sex and masturbating. It was the best sex education I ever got. Mara moved away a few years later, but we email sometimes. I'd like to see her again and thank her in person for being a great teacher!



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