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Sex Ed With Sis and Her Boyfriend!

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My sister is three years older than me and we have always been very close. My sex education came from her long before I knew anything or talked about it with my girlfriends. By the time my girlfriends were talking about it I already knew about everything there was to know.

In fact, I not only knew about it but I had seen it too, as when I was about thirteen and a half years old and my hormones and my curiosity were raging, my sister had her first really serious boy friend, named James, and she would not only tell me all about what she did with him but I eventually got to see it!

She told me when she first went out with him about french kissing and what it felt like to get turned on and how he would get turned on and how exciting it was to make out with him and about letting him feel her up. She told me how she felt his 'boner' through his pants and all that good stuff!

As their relationship progressed so did her information to me about what they were doing.

She told me that she wanted to be a virgin until she got married and wasn't going to have sex with anyone until then, but that she liked to play around and tease James. She said she wasn't going to have sexual intercourse but that she wanted to do about everything else, like let him finger her and that she wanted to masturbate him.

One day she told me that she had gotten naked with him and let him play with her and that she played with him and had 'jacked him off'!

She told me in great detail all about how guys get hardons and like to masturbate and then ejaculate, which was like such a turn on for me; I wanted to know all about it and she filled me in with every detail.

She would tell me how his dick looked; that he was circumcised and how the head looked and his pee hole, how much hair he had, how long it was and how big around. She would describe how it felt to hold it and how she would jack him off. She said she loved to make him feel good and make him 'cum'; she said she loved watching him ejaculate and see it come out. I was all ears and excited like I had never felt before!

The best part was her telling me about him ejaculating and watching him cum; that sometimes he would make himself cum and sometimes she would do it for him. She told me how far it squirted, how it looked and how it tasted!

She would tell me every day after she got home from school what had happened when she went to his house. His parents worked and they were alone together every afternoon.

She would tell me how much he liked it when she masturbated him and that he wanted her to do it to him almost every day. She told me where they would do it, usually on the couch or in his bedroom. She told me he had a T shirt under his bed that he would cum on but that he liked to cum in her hand better or that she would lay on the floor or his bed and let him cum on her or her tits sometimes.

I got to where it was all I was thinking about at school and what she was dong with him and I couldn't wait for her to get home to find out.

One time she showed me where he had cum on her top, and she had to put it in the washer before our mom would see it. It was just a gooey wet spot, but it really turned me on to see it!

So finally one day she told me that she was going to get him to come over to our house when our mom wasn't home and do it with him so I could see it by hiding in the closet!

Om my gosh, I was so turned on! I couldn't wait until that weekend when our mom had to work until two o'clock in the afternoon!

My sister told me she had been teasing James all that week and told him that she wasn't going to do it until he came to our house and did it in her bedroom! She told him that I was gone for the day with a girlfriend and that they would be all alone.

She told him she would go to his house at ten o'clock and then they would come to our house and 'play' in her room.

That Saturday morning I had our closet all ready to go with a little stool inside and my clothes pushed to one side. I practiced sitting in there with the sliding door just open about half an inch. I could see the foot of the bed perfect and my sister told me that was where she would get him to sit.

As soon as she left to go to his house I took my position in the closet, closed the door just enough and waited for what seemed like an eternity until I heard them laughing and talking as they came into the house.

My heart began to pound with anticipation, knowing I was not only going to get to see a guy naked for the first time in my life, but I was going to see his hardon and see him ejaculate!

They were still laughing and joking about how horny he was as they walked into the room, my sister then pushed him down on foot of the bed and onto his back. Jokingly, she said something like 'OK, Mister James, now what would you like to do?', as she sat down next to him, unzipped his pants and then pulled them down and completely off!

James was a good looking young man with an athletic build. He played on the school team. He was slender but muscular, with sandy blonde hair,

My sister leaned back on her elbow and started kissing him and rubbing his dick through his shorts at the same time. From my viewpoint I could only see them from about his chest down, but I had a perfect view of the now much larger mound in his undies and could hear him lightly moaning as Sis continued to kiss and fondle him.

She then stuck her hand down his shorts, rubbed on him for a minute and then pushed his undies down, revealing a stiff pink boner protruding from a fluff of curly brown pubic hair!

Oh my gosh, my heart was pounding so hard I thought sure he would hear it, but I knew his was too and he couldn't hear my breathing over his own!

My own crotch was now needing attention, and I started rubbing myself through my pants as my sister slipped his undies completely off him too.

Sitting up now next to him and with him still on his back, she started to slowly go up and down on him. I remember how small her fingers looked; barely wrapping around his cock as she moved her hand up and down.

James just softly moaned, and moaned.. 'Mmmmmmmm.. Mmmmmmm.. Mmmmmmmm!'

My sister said 'we better get this wet' and leaned down to let her spit drool onto the pink tip of his penis, and with it the sound now of her hand squishing, as her fingers moved over the head of his dick.

I was mesmerized, peering out of my narrow window, as I silently rubbed away at the now wet spot between my legs.

Sis finally started speeding up the action and James' moans became louder. 'Do you want to you cum, Baby.. Are you getting ready to cum? ..Would you like to cum on my titties?

James did not respond, but my sister took her hand off of him anyway, pulled her top and sport bra over her head and layed down on the bed next to him.

He knew what to do and was getting up as her clothes came off. He now stood stradled between her knees that were bent over the edge of the bed. My sister was laying bare chested on the bed before him, as he was now jacking himself off as fast as he could go!

He was panting loud, throwing his head back and then looking down at my sister, who with arms at her side softly encouraged him, 'Come on Baby.. cum for me.. let me see you squirt, James.. I want to watch you cum, Baby ..It's Ok Honey ..cum on me now James, come on baby'

As instructed and with his hand a blur, body shuddering and gasping for air, James' cum erupted in a first shot that went out of my range of view. After that it came out in heavier globs that went flinging in every direction; some hitting Sis on her belly, some going on the bed and some on the pants she still had on and that were more directly under his cock.

All the while my sister still softly coaching him.. 'Oh that's a good boy.. Yes, cum for me James.. Get it all out Baby ..get all your cum on me..' The gush of his semen finally subsided and dripped down onto her pants top as James, now spent but still caressed the tip of his wet and red erection.

Sis said 'Come on Baby, lets get us cleaned up', and got up as James was collapsing on the bed, his hands at his side and cock laying on his stomach.

She came back and wiped him and the bed off.. they kissed and talked for awhile and then, knowing I was still in that darned closet, she got him to go back to his house, saying, 'Ok, that's all I wanted; you on my bed so I can have good dreams about it!'

When they left the house I was still rubbing myself and it was feeling better and better. Now however, I could make some noise! I opened the closet door, stood up and pulled down my pants and panties and let my fingers bring me to the best orgasm I had ever had!

Later that afternoon, when Sis came home, she was all excited.. 'Could you see it? ..Could you see it? ..Did you see him cum? ..What did you think? ..Did you like it? ..Did you get turned on?'

I assured her I had could 'see it all' and that I got very turned on!



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