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'Selfloving' Finally

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Continued from Oct.2 -This ending was only the beginning!


WOW!!...At this point we were all giggling like school girls---once inside Beth suggested we all take a shower---She has a large and beautiful tiled shower which we all fit in quite comfortably---The warm water felt nice as we began to soap each other up---Beth was soaping my breasts when she looked into my eyes and leaned in and gave me a long deep tongue kiss---I could feel my nipples grow even harder and my loins tighten with excitement---after the kiss I looked over to see Sarah and July doing the same-Sarah was rubbing July's sweet little pussy and both were getting into it---Beth said she had an idea and that we should all dry off and go into the big family room---then she left the shower.

After drying off the girls and I went into the family room as Beth was coming in from her bedroom---she was carrying a hot pink vibrator.

"Now who wants to play spin the vibrator?" she said with a big smile knowing very well we were ready for anything at this point---"Who ever it points to has to sit in the big chair and masturbate for the other three...Ready?" We all agreed and sat in a circle on the floor---I could feel myself getting wetter with anticipation---I don't know which made me more excited---to be in the chair or to be watching these beautiful ladies in the chair---I was reeling!

Well the first spin it pointed towards Beth -this was probably best because she seemed most comfortable and would break the ice for the rest of us---besides she knew this vibrator well! As she sat in the big chair we moved around her on the floor so we all had a good view---She slowly parted her legs looking at each of us---she licked her fingers and began to rub her pussy-the she ran the vibrator over her clit---she hadn't yet turned it on so everything was quiet---I could see her juices start to glisten on the plastic---After a minute or two she spread her legs farther apart and slowly pushed the vibe into her wanting pussy---she gave herself a couple of gentle strokes and then pulled it out---I was shiny from her juice---I looked at July and Sarah their eyes, wide with excitement, were glued on what Beth was doing---my daughter was softly caressing her inner thighs---Beth switched on the vibe and I saw my daughter give a little jump with surprise---it dawned on me that this may have been the first vibrator July had seen being I didn't have ne myself---Beth pushed the buzzing pink toy deep into her wet pussy---her eyes closed-mouth open-with the other hand she squeezed her breasts it only took another couple of minutes and she was bucking and moaning with her orgasm---as she was coming back down to earth she pulled the vibrator out and we all gave her a round of applause---She looked so relaxed and happy !

I couldn't wait for it to be my turn---I didn't have to wait long because the next spin landed on me---I actually had butterflies in my stomach---I was going to masturbate for other people---one of them being my daughter-I was so nervous---but as soon as I sat in the big chair all that faded away---The vibe still glistened with Beth's pussy juice and I had to have it touch mine---I turned it on and ran it over my waiting mound---my nipples shot out like arrows and a wave of pleasure covered me---July was looking straight at me with a huge smile---I opened my legs to her and slowly pushed in the vibe- July quietly said "Yes Mommy...your so beautiful"-this put me over the edge---I quickened my thrusts-pushing it in as far as I could get it-it felt so good inside me---then in a rush-my toes curled and I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life as my pussy flooded over the vibe---I almost fainted with pleasure- As I sat there for a moment to compose myself I too got the applause form the others and July said "that was the most beautiful thing Mom." Well I had done it---now it would be up to the girls to show their stuff.

The next spin would land on July---she looked very shy as she moved to the chair- "It's O.K. honey just enjoy yourself..." I didn't know if July had ever had anything beside her (or Sarah's) fingers inside her but was about to find out- Her sweet firm breasts were flush with color and her nipples as red as roses---She turned on the vibe and pulled her legs up into her Computer chair pose---this left her legs wide apart allowing a clear view of her lovely little pussy.

She circled her mound with vibrator looking intently between her legs as if she wasn't sure what was going to happen---her juices began to flow as she became more aroused---she finally turned the vibe and put the tip up to her pussy---she said "Mommy..." I moved to her "I'm here baby,do you want me to help?" She whispered "Please..."As I took hold of the vibrator she pulled her knees back even wider and held the insides of her thighs---I slowly stared to push in the vibe---her head went back and she closed her eyes "Oh yesss..."she said---I gently worked the vibe in and out---each time a little deeper and each time it was more wet---Now she had most of the toy in her little pussy and she began to quake -I new that she was about to come---I couldn't believe it---I was about to make my daughter come, with my neighbors vibe and all watching- July moaned ..."Yes Mommy,yes mommy yes,yes yes!...Ohhhhhh!!!!"She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck---our bare breasts pushed tight together and I kissed her on the neck---she nearly exploded when her orgasm hit her---she was bucking and grinding my hand that held the vibe still deep in her---I almost came again right there !

Well after she recovered it was Sarah's turn-she seemed much more confident than July and made quick work of getting the vibe deep inside her---I think she had done this before---She then said "Mom, Martha would you please come suck my nipples"- Beth and I looked at each other then moved to either side of the chair---we both began to caress and suck her beautiful breasts---she let out a sweet little moan of approval---July was sitting directly in front of Sarah's pussy watching every stroke with the vibe---"July lick my pussy...please...lick it!" July leaned in and did just that- the vibe still deep in Sarah buzzing away---another long "Ohhhhhh..." from Sarah "Oh I feel so good , Im almost ready to come...yes...oh...lick...lick...July...my ass... put a finger in my ass!" Did I hear her right? As I looked down between her legs July had sat up licked her middle finger and was slowly pushing it up into Sarah's tight little ass hole, had she done this before? "Oh God yes that's it and rub my clit...oh...oh...yes...lick..suck...rub..." we were all moving to her commands in one mass of human sexuality. I had to touch myself and began to rub my own clit---Beth started to do the same -then in an instant we were all moaning in a chorus of oooohs and aaahs as Sarah finally hit her peak -trembling and cooing with her orgasm -Beth and I hit ours almost simultaneously and leaned over Sarah to give each other a deep kiss-Sarah took this opportunity to suck our breasts as they hung over her-then I saw July lay back on the floor and rub her little clit till she came again-

WOW what an adventure! We were all so relaxed that we lay on the floor in a pile of naked bodies and fell asleep---Beth held Sarah and I held my beautiful July---that was the first of many wonderful times together---but those are other stories! Sorry it's so long but there was a lot to tell! I hope you enjoyed!



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