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Self Penetration and Self Drinking

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In a previous post, I summed up my feelings about self-semen drinking, something many men long for, though lose their desire for after ejaculating. Here is one more idea.


In my previous story, I described how I learned to drink my semen, and how to get over the drop of desire after I ejaculate. I have read about how so many men experience this that I feel a need to fulfil yourself, so you don't leave that deep desire unmet.

One way is with the help of a woman, or a man if that turns you on. I am bi though I've learned to hold my thirst in the presence of women, then I've shown men. Whatever turns you on. With the help of a witness I am able to stay turned on through and beyond my orgasm and release.

With full consciousness, I let go into my hand as she watches...or into her hand...or onto her breasts or belly...and I am able not only to receive myself but to do it in a moment of full thirst. This can take some time to connect. It's her empathy that I love the very most; her understanding of what I do.

I've also learned that mirrors help. I described my technique of ejaculating onto a mirror and, if I don't want it right then, leaving it there.

Then the next time I am hot, horny and thirsty, I have some semen to lick off. Yes it's dry from a day or a week ago, or even longer...but somehow that doesn't matter. Licking dry semen, especially in someone's presence, makes me so hot that I absolutely must quench myself after I've spurted semen onto the mirror again. It's unbearably beautiful to see the dried semen and the tongue streaks as I am letting go into my orgasm, and then to notice my reflection midst all of this.

Okay that's my review. Now for self-penetration. I'm not sure how many guys want to do this; here's what I've experienced. When I am horny, I lube my ass and get a dildo. I prefer cock shaped ones, which I sometimes like to suck on. This reminds me what I want from myself.

Finally I cover the dildo with a condom (very good idea, if it's ever for oral use, or for sharing) and I penetrate myself. I always try to watch my face the moment that I take the penetration.

Then I relax into it, feeling my core filled up. It's such a beautiful feeling, to sit with my back straight, and take it; or to roll up my knees and fuck myself; and to imagine that this is a small taste of how it feels to be a woman and get penetrated. Sometimes I feel like I am honouring their pleasure when I do this.

All the time I'm thinking of my thirst, feeling my thirst, letting it reach into my body, and feeling the ejaculation inside me filling up. The penetration can make the need to let go so much more powerful. I am stretched into being more honest and sometimes I will talk to myself, sometimes even facing the mirror, or if I have a witness with me, facing her.

I tell myself: 'I want to drink your semen. I want to drink my semen. I can do that for you. Let's do it.' And so on. This can be embarrassing and that is part of the deep pleasure of letting go. Between being fucked and thirsting for semen, I can empathize with women so deeply that I feel like one, or that I want to be one. I am aware that in my thirst for myself, my feminine side is involved, and I help bring her out by self-fucking.

At this point I may lick a dry mirror. If I have a friend there I may ask her to hold it, or I will hold it for myself. This pushes me into a frenzy. It's only a matter of time before I will let go.

When I am in this space, the thing that gets me the hottest is to hear about her fucking, or to think about it. Empathy for her pleasure allows me to plunge deeper into myself, and I will rock on the dildo or push it deeper into me, teasing my orgasm. I've never cum from penetration alone, but I've come close.

At a certain point I am ready to let go. Sometimes I choose when to orgasm and sometimes I have to just let go, I let it take me. I reach for my mirror if it's not there...

How I like to orgasm this way is kneeling up. I might need a pillow to hold the dildo into me, but I like to kneel up, facing a big mirror, with a smaller cum mirror there to let go onto...and finally I spill and pulse and watch my face moan. Of course I have to see my ejaculation and how semen spurts all over the mirror, where I've let go so many times before.

Now I will describe this moment. I have let go. I'm no longer filled with my cum. Yes, I might lose my desire to lick it up, and that's okay, it will still be there for deep pleasure and self-acceptance later.

But I may also feel filled up and fucked and that dildo inside me is like a presence that pushes me, that allows me to connect with my inner woman and she, of course, wants to drink. I take a moment and feel that tension. She wants to receive, and from offering this kind of floor show for myself, usually there is a lot of cum on that mirror to receive, and I do.

I raise the mirror to my mouth and collect the semen with my tongue and hold it in my mouth...kneeling up, fucked, just like a woman (as one girl in Amsterdam said) or just like a man. I swallow and see my own wet face. If someone is there I show them my wet face, to feel the pleasure or revealing. I know in that moment that they have seen everything and know everything, as do I.



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