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Self-facial With Some Help

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100% true


For many months, I've had a female friend with benefits. There isn't much of anything that we haven't done. Along the way, we even discovered she could ejaculate. I had always been skeptical of whether it was possible. Well, it is and it tastes delicious.

Anyhow, this recent experience was after a long night of mostly foreplay including squirting, footsex, vibe play, rimming(mutual) and even watersports. It got to be very late and we were getting tired. She had come several times but I hadn't. At that point it didn't bother me so much as I was ready to get to sleep. But she insisted I come. I asked her if she'd like to watch me jerk off and she said she did.

I got an idea but didn't say anything just yet. She was sitting upright somewhat at the head of the bed. I asked her to spread her legs, keeping them straight. I then laid down on my back with the top of my head being pressed against her pussy. She played with my hair and started slowly grinding her pussy against me. I could already feel my hair becoming wet and matted from her juices. I squirted a large amount of lube onto my dick and started stroking. A few times while jerking off, she would get her fingers wet with her juices and push them into my mouth so I could suck her taste off of them.

This went on for some time, maybe 20 minutes. When I was ready to come, I asked her if she wanted to watch me come on my face. She was already virtually humping against the top of my head. When I asked her this, she gasped and said 'Fuck yes'. I said that as soon as I threw my legs over my head and towards her, for her to grab them and hold them in that position.

I stroked harder while massaging my balls cause I knew if was going to be a big load after all the things we did without myself coming. The whole act was turning us both on a hell of a lot. For me, it being the first to do this in front of anyone. I had told her about how I would sometimes come so hard while masturbating, I'd unintentionally end up shooting some of my cum onto my face. She loved hearing about it.

I told her was about to come and since my hair is a little long, she began to brush any hair from my face and actually using her thighs and pussy to hold it all back. I of course waited till as close I could to coming before throwing my legs back. Closer and closer, she would say 'Come on baby. Come on your own face for me.'

The moment arrived and I threw my legs back. She grabbed my ankles and held them to where my dick was directly over my face. I started to come and she was elated. It splattered everywhere. I closed my eyes and felt it hit the side my face and run down, then my forehead, my cheeks, and into my open mouth. I milked every possible drop from my dick that I could.

Once I was spent, I said 'Okay' and she let go of my legs. I lay there exhausted, catching my breath, while licking some of cum from my lips. She told me it was the sexiest thing she'd seen just before taking her hand and rubbing, or more like smearing, my cum all over my face. I never would have thought she'd do it, but she did. While doing so, she said 'They say it's good for the skin'. It was really hot to have gotten her off like this. It definitely tapped into something she had never experienced before. When she had rubbed it all in and my face was coated in a thin glaze, she pushed two of her fingers on that hand into my mouth.

I had to built up the energy to even sit up after that, at which time she remarked she had soaked my hair because she had come again herself.

I finally moved to my side of the bed and was out in minutes.

I think it's safe to say that while it was perhaps an oddly kinky thing to do, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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