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Self Discovery on Wheels

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This is a little lengthy and descriptive, but it adds to my experience and is all true. I hope you all enjoy it. If I receive any positive feedback, I'll send more.


I found this website by accident a couple days ago and have been reading the contributions ever since. I figured what better outlet to share my experiences. Needless to say, I'm becoming a fan of this unique and exciting forum. Instead of talking about one single masturbation experience for my first contribution, I think I would rather discuss a little about my history in discovering masturbation and my sexuality.

Having a physical disability and living my life in a wheelchair didn't make my adolescent years very easy. Looking back on it now, I was pretty sheltered until the age of about 17 or so, and was also a late bloomer. I do recall starting to get erections when I was about 12 or 13, but I never really knew what to do with them until later on. I never really received an in-depth sex talk from my parents. I was basically left to figure things out on my own.

The first time I can remember fondling myself happened when I was about fourteen. It was a hot summer night and I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. Everyone else in my family had already gone to bed, and as far as I know I was the only one still awake. Because of the tremendous heat, I found myself tossing and turning and having a difficult time getting comfortable. I finally got so irritated that I grabbed my blankets and threw them on the floor. Lying on my back in only a pair of very tight silk boxers, I closed my eyes to finally try to fall asleep.

After a few minutes I began to feel a stretch-like aching sensation in my groin. I looked down to realize that I had once again 'pitched a tent.' With my hands at my side, I just lay there for several minutes admiring the bulge that was pressing so firmly against my underwear. I had gotten hard-ons before, but never took the time or had the privacy to thoroughly inspect it through clothing or no clothing. As I was staring at it I began to make subtle movements with my body. With each one I could feel my already hard penis rubbing against the silky fabric of my boxers, causing it to get harder with each twitch.

Finally I lifted my right hand and placed it right on top of the bulge and squeezed gently. Suddenly I felt an overwhelming tingling sensation starting at my groin and quickly rushing upwards towards my chest and face. I started to get really hot and flushed, partly because of the hot temperature and also because of this exhilarating and yet foreign state of consciousness. After a few minutes I attempted to pull my penis out through the fly of my underwear, but because my boxers were so tight and my hard-on was throbbing uncontrollably, I was having a difficult time to say the least.

After getting a little frustrated, I decided to take my boxers all the way off. Because of certain physical limitations it took me some time to get them off completely. However once I did, it felt as though an animal was being unleashed out of its constrictive and claustrophobic cage into a refreshing free environment, with nothing to hold it back. My bed was positioned right under a window. As I lay there just looking at myself, the brightness of a street light was coming through and beaming down on my pulsating and rigid penis, and shining on my somewhat full dark-brown pubic patch which glistened with each motion.

I couldn't take it any longer! I quickly placed my right hand back on top of my now free boner and began to massage it with intensity. I did that for about fifteen minutes or so, and although I didn't have an orgasm, I still was extremely fascinated by what my body was able to do to me as well as what I could do for my body.



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