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There’s this girl at work…..

I wonder how many people start off a sex story like that? Well, there is this girl at work. Since I run the place, there are strict rules about fraternization in the office. Plus, she’s younger than me. She’s 26, and has a great career ahead of her in the field of forensics. Her mind is sharp as a scalpel blade and like a steel trap - once she’s seen something, she never forgets. In fairness to her, I think I’d better refer to her as ‘H’. 


We’d both had to attend an autopsy. These are difficult at the best of times, and this was a long way from the ‘best of times’. It was of a young child of 7 who had been discovered six weeks after they’d died…and they hadn’t died of natural causes. It was a heartbreaking, grim and seriously unpleasant experience. 



So, we took our specimens back to the lab and started processing those that needed immediate work and put the rest in the fridge for the morning. After that, we needed a drink, and somehow that drink became dinner and somehow coffee was served at my place. 



One minute we were sitting opposite one another chatting amiably as we usually do, the next we were tearing one another’s clothes off…literally in her case, as I ripped her pantyhose apart. We were just about to consummate proceedings when she said, “Outdoors! I want to be fucked outdoors!” 



Well, I couldn’t say no, now, could I! In any event, I think my dick would have exploded if I’d declined her offer. Shedding the rest of our clothes, as ran into my long, narrow…..and totally exposed… backyard. 



The two houses to the left of mine are empty right now, but the one that joins mine on the right houses that flirty little teenager Jessica. She who delights in parading her adolescent body, stark naked sometimes, in front of me…..she whose bedroom faces out onto the yards at the back. And here I was, balls-deep in a truly horny, desperately attractive girl! 



‘H’ is one of those girls whose whole body - whole package screams ‘sex’, and who, I was discovering, has THE most horny pleasure/pain face when actually having sex. And boy, was she tight. Extremely well lubricated, but firm as all-get-out. She was also loud. Louder than I was ok with for outdoors. Also, as we both proceeded to the inevitable climax, her language became deliciously coarser. There was an increasing abundance of, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Bang into me.” But the finale was, “Cum in my cunt.” 



Now, maybe it’s just me, but when I cum, I tend to rear up, arching my back so I can push the last of my dick inside the girl concerned. 



And that’s when I saw Jessica, standing at her bedroom window, one hand between her legs and one clutching her boob. Worse still, her window was obviously open wide, and she had seen the whole thing!  Which made my orgasm positively explosive. My mind, I’m ashamed to admit, wasn’t too clear on whether it thought I was cumming inside ‘H’ or Jessica. Yes, I’ve masturbated looking at Jess’s body before, but I’ve never fantasised about fucking her…until now. I felt hideous that my brain had dropped that little image into proceedings. I like ‘H’. I like her. A lot. She wasn’t….isn’t….just a friend with benefits, a convenience fuck. In that moment, I felt awful…like I’d betrayed her. 



Still, that was my problem. Right now, I was feeling ‘H’ cum on my dick. Tight from the beginning, her orgasm was almost excruciating. I felt like I was being milked. 



Well…’H’ stayed the night, and we didn’t sleep. This was six weeks ago now, and ‘H’ is still here. She’s moved in, and we are super careful about maintaining a professional front in the office. 



‘H’ has also seen Jessica. In fact, Jess has been flaunting herself like crazy since she saw us having sex. It feels like a competition is taking place. For the first few weeks, Jessica was standoffish to the point of rudeness to ‘H’, but then ‘H’ turned the whole thing around. “I just started talking to her as if she’d a grown woman. I even told her how much it turned you on when she was watching you screw me.” Jessica has told ‘H’ that she masturbates thinking of me all the time, to which ‘H’ replied that she wasn’t surprised, and went into detail about my dick and how it feels. “I removed the competition, you see.” No, I don’t see. These are dark and mysterious female arts - not for the likes of men. 



‘H’ did catch me looking at Jess during one of her naked, spread-legged sunbathing sessions. ‘H’ unzipped me and wanked me off, talking the whole time. “Look at her. If you think I’m tight, imagine what she must be like….that tight, pink pussy stretched around your cock. I’d love to see you buried inside her. Maybe when she’s legal, I can guide your dick into her. I know she fantasises about you fucking her. Imagine her, wetting up her panties over you. Daydreaming about you at school and creaming herself up. Maybe I can get you her panties to smell…or for me to…..” And that was all she wrote. 



‘H’ is lovely, and we are at the very beginning of what could be something truly amazing. ‘H’ is open and utterly honest. I know, for example, that she lost her virginity at 15…but since then has only had two lovers, including me. I know she had a brief affair with another girl. ‘H’ tells me there are sexual things she enjoys that she will tell me ‘in time’. That’s fine, because there are things I’d love to do with and to her that I’m way too embarrassed about to tell her yet. 



Our sex life so far has been stupendous. Every night, and no, her period doesn’t stop us. Weekends seem jammed with ordinary household-type things interspersed with wild, passionate sex, or opportunistic sex…like the time we went shopping and she announced she was naked under her dress. We sat in the city centre in the main shopping arcade, on a wooden bench. Her dress draped over my knees, and my right hand under her bum fingering her as people walked by. Feeling her orgasm in broad daylight and in public was extraordinary. Of course, we had to sit there for a long time afterward until my erection had subsided enough for us to move without attracting attention. ‘H’ says that she’s sure we can work out a way to fuck like that. 



Oh dear….I’m at the start of a wild, wild ride! I hope I’m up to it. 




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