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Scent of a Man, Ladies?

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I'm a man, and I love the smell of my own body. I read the stories here from women, and so many of you adore your own personal feminine scents and flavors, and there are many, many tales from men who love the smell and taste of pussy and panties. But I can't recall any input from men on their own natural, sexual smells and tastes, and very little from you ladies on the subject.

Well, I like how I smell, and it's almost always part of my masturbation. Once, when I was ill, I couldn't bathe, and my crotch got kind of nasty-yeasty-smelling, but other than that, it's just sexy to me. I like the smell of my crotch, my armpits, even my butt/perineum (when I'm aroused. It's not fecal, but a sexual scent that's different from the rest of my body.) I shower every day, but, most days, I only use soap on my butt. I find I have less skin irritation if I don't use soap. Of course, if I'm actually dirty, as opposed to just having gone a day since my last shower, I'll scrub with soap. But my skin seems happier without it, in general. I stopped wearing deodorant, also, except for times when I want to be scentless, or when I know I'll be perspiring quite a bit. And you know what? I don't stink. Yes, you might catch a whiff of me every now and then, but is that so terrible? Is the completely natural now disgusting? I quite like the smell of my underarms. It's not disgusting. It's naturally sexy. And damn, it's terribly sexy, even to me, after I've been aroused for a while and after an orgasm. And I love the scent of my privates, too. I'll often reach down an index finger between my thigh and balls, give a scratch and bring my finger to my nose...mmmmmm...just did that...I smell amazing right now...

I don't like scented products of any kind, but especially not scented sexual products. I only want to smell and taste my partner and myself. Even when it's just me, I want an unscented lube that lets my sexual odors waft unaltered from my crotch to my nostrils. I love smelling my crotch while I'm masturbating! And, sometimes, when I'm on a hunting/camping trip, and can't bathe for two days or more, it gets positively intoxicating. And another thing. Sometimes, I like to come in my pants. Well, it tends to run down into the crease between my thigh and balls and kind of, well, ferment. Not literally, not in a nasty, rotten way, but I just mean it's different from the smell of fresh semen, and different from the normal scent of my crotch. It's a synthesis, and I like it. Yes, I like to ejaculate in my pants, and, later, reach a finger down into the cummy wetness between my balls and inner thigh, and bring the scent to my nostrils.

I'm stroking my hard cock right now, and I can smell my arousal.

Come on, ladies, don't any of you like the scent of a man?



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