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Saturday With Susan

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Twenty years of jacking for her and lovin every minute of it.


Friday night Susan called me and asked if I could take her and some items she wanted to sell at the flea market on Saturday, I said yes. Come Saturday morning I drove up to her apartment garage and backed up to the door. Susan came out and opened the door as I got out of my truck. We kissed and I told her how happy I was to see her, she grinned. Susan had on a semi tight light blue skirt on that was several inches above her knees, and as always, I was turned on by anything she wore that exposed her legs. In the next hour it took to load up my truck we had fun. It should have taken only fifteen minutes but whatever. My truck was close enough to the garage door that we had some privacy from her neighbors. I couldn't keep my hands off of her. After I loaded the heavy stuff on the truck I backed off because she wanted to load her delicate items by herself. As she reached up for items from a corner of the garage I was there on my knees feeling and kissing her legs and butt. At times I would rub my cock on her calves as I licked her butt under her skirt. The last five minutes I sat on a chair behind a box with my cock out of my shorts jacking off. Several times she'd come up and kiss me and give me a quick handjob for several seconds. Just before she said she was finished she came up to me and faced me as she sat on me and pulled her panties crouch to the left and slid my cock inside of her and just sat on me as we kissed for a few minutes.

On the way to the flea market I kept my shorts down around my knees and Susan stroked me and sucked my cock a few times. For the most part of the drive she kept her left leg hanging between my legs so I could feel her legs and pussy. Susan did pretty good selling her stuff. She sold a mini bike for $100 dollars, and overall she was happy. Packing up we had fun. She'd climb up on the bed of my truck always showing me her legs and on the way down I'd hold her with my right arm around the back of her knees and bring her down to the ground and slid my hand up her panties feeling her nice ass. After we left we pulled over at this office complex's parking lot to check the tie downs. After checking everything I walked to the opened passenger door where Susan sat with her knees hanging out the door. I told her everything was cool. With her legs exposed to me I got horny. I kissed her and started kissing her legs. I started between her knees and worked my way up. After kissing her under legs and outer thighs I started on her inner thighs. Susan then dropped her skirt and panties down to her ankles and laid back telling me to jackoff on her. I came up close to her between her legs and dropped my shorts and started jacking off and feeling her legs and pussy.

I held off as long as I could because I love watching her looking at me jacking off. I finally couldn't help myself, I shot my load on her legs and pussy and with my cock still hard I went inside of her and fucked her for a few minutes. After we cleaned up we headed back to her apartment. We unloaded everything and sat on some chairs facing each other behind the tailgate. As I was looking at her legs and talking to her she slid her right ankle up to her left knee exposing her right leg. I became horny and slid my cock out of my left side of my shorts. Susan looked down at him and lifted her eyebrows with a smile. As we talked for a while I kept jacking off in front of Susan for a good half hour. I've always enjoyed exposing myself and jacking off at Susan.

After a few years Susan and I began to visit my nephew. Susan always wore short loose shorts or above the knees skirts. I started looking at her legs and noticed her sweet round butt. Susan always caught me glancing at her nice body parts. At that time they were arguing lot and it seemed like she enjoyed my glances, it was her way at getting back at my nephew. One day as my nephew and I sat at the kitchen table across from each other, Susan sat behind his right side on a chair in the front room. Susan was wearing her loose short shorts and I had a nice view of her left thigh. I got excited and my hard-on was wanting to come out of my shorts. In those days the shorts were short. I'd be talking to both of them at the same time and sometimes as Susan and I look at each other, as we talked, she took short glances under the table.

My cock needed to come out or else so I reached under and pulled him out of my shorts to my relief. Susan took notice and looked away with a smile. I tucked my shorts behind my cock and he hung out there for her viewing. Over the next hour Susan kept looking at my cock and at times I would jackoff under the table while Susan looked at him. I enjoyed it a lot. After another hour of pure joy I had to leave. During those two hours of joy I noticed that Susan tapped her ankles, one or the other, when she got excited. They walked me out to my truck and as we said goodbye their phone rang and my nephew said goodbye and went inside to answer it. Susan stayed outside next to my truck talking to me. It was dark in my truck and I was still excited being close to Susan, I slid my cock out of my shorts with my left hand to jackoff while talking to Susan. Susan picked up on it and moved in closer. I couldn't stop and as we talked she kept looking at me jacking off half the time.

After a few minutes I had to leave, Susan reached in and gave me a hug and we kissed each other on the cheek. My cock was hard and standing tall as she rested her elbows on the door and took a short look at him as she said goodnight and that she enjoyed seeing me, with a smile. Susan walked back to her apartment as I looked at her nice legs.

After that day I always found a way to expose myself to Susan while jacking off. Many times while playing cards on their round table I'd sit to her right exposing my cock out of my shorts for her and jacking off at her and waving him at her. Susan would take glances when she could and under the table she would be tapping her right ankle. I would slid my left foot and feel her calves and the underside of her legs. In the living room Susan sat with a view to the kitchen and when I'd go to get water or sometime I'd drop my shorts enough to expose my cock and jackoff at her for a minute or more. When they sat at their dining table and I was in the living room couch, Susan sat on the chair that gave her a view of the mirror in the living room facing the couch and I'd pull my cock out and jackoff at her looking at me. She'd turn and look in my direction as we talked and at times I'd stand up and drop my shorts to my knees stroking my cock at her. It didn't matter who was visiting them or if they were visiting where I was I'd always tried to find a way to expose myself to Susan and jackoff for her pleasure. It's always been something she allowed between us and I love her so much more for that.

For more than twenty years now I've been exposing myself and jacking off to Susan and loving it. I'll always love Susan and her beautiful body.



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