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Sally, Jean, and Moi

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An afternoon together in the meadow


Dream of walking in woods, with a friend. She needs a name, let's call her Sally. Sometimes I think I know Sally, sometimes I wonder if I know her at all. I do know, she has a heart of gold, is kind, and mature, considerate, and very beautiful. Sally always has a knowing smile for me, so I I was so happy she accepted my invitations for a picnic in the forest. 

 I wasn't sure Sally shared my love of forest walks, at least not for the same reason as me. For me, there was always something so very special, I think, maybe it was the aromas. The pine scents, were so delicious. Maybe because of the cool shade. An the earthy smells. And the relative obscurity. It just seemed like a great place to be, to exist, unencumbered by all the past, things left behind, for a moment, a day, even just an hour. So CLEAN. I loved it, and how extra special to share it, and maybe a tiny part of me too, with my friend, Sally. Yes, Sally was mysterious. But, there was something, probably more important than anything one could know, she was trustworthy. I never once had a fear that I had to hide from her. I think I trust her sometimes more than I trust myself. It's so confusing, because although I don't know Sally, I TRUST Sally.

So it was, such a lovely day, of peace, wonderment, calmness, a little exercise, a hike in an unknown woodland, with a trusty soul. Cool breezes, not at all cold, walking, so measuredly, timidly almost, at least on my part, into the woods. Sally held firmly on my hand, as we walked across a low mountain stream, laughing as her tennis shoes got wet, me, ahem, staring as she bent down to loosen and remove her shoes, unabashedly peering down her blouse. Even then, I can't say why, I wasn't worried that Sally would be angry at me for staring at the tops of her breasts that filled out her bra.

Truth told, of course I had noticed Sally's breasts before. Come on, who wouldn't, surely that was nothing to be ashamed of, was it? Sally had never flaunted her sex, not with me anyhow. But for goodness sake, she was, well, a woman. A lovely woman. OK, maybe there was a time or, well maybe more, alone at night, I had recalled observing Sally. I mean, it was my own room!!! Can't I have "private" thoughts. Maybe, ok, yes, some were, how would you say stimulating? It's not so easy to just say, "dammit yes my cock would get hard thinking of Sally's tits and wondering what her nipples really looked like" . I mean, yes, ok, without a bra!! Yes, I would touch myself and think of that. Sorry, I just did. I never once thought I'd actually peep on her or anything, but, yes, the idea, would sometimes  maybe, often? Cause me to, damn, ok ok I would lay in bed and jack off at night thinking about squirting endless ropes of warm sperm all over whatever her tits looked like. And, NO, I will NEVER tell ANYBODY what happened to my thoughts as a continued to empty my penis. Sorry, there is a limit.

So as Sally removed her sneakers, she noticed how soft the pine needles felt on her toes, and invited me to join, of course I did! And yes, the forest floor was amazing soft. We did have to walk slower, more carefully, as we moved on. We didn't even think about how silently we were walking, through shadows of woods, dim lighting, earthen scents. Sally heard it first, a sound, a very soft sound. Unsure, we walked slowly on, until indeed, we then saw, what appeared to be, someone? Me, I panicked! I thought I saw a body! And it was! But not a dead body at all. Just someone sprawled on the forest floor, immersed in the leaves and pine needles, relaxing. I thought we were going to approach to maybe say hello, when Sally put her hand on my bicep to halt me. We stood for just a second, just long enough to notice, it was just a young lady, alone, seeming to enjoy all that nature offered. I glanced at Sally and saw her understanding smile, which made me feel so much closer to my dear friend Sally. Sally drew me closer, and kissed my cheek, while we noticed the young nymph who was obviously, hmmmm, now I wasn't at all sure!? What. Was. She was prone, lying on her stomach, one handing squeezing leaves and needles, and the other hand, beneath her, while her body seemed to ever so slowly be mounding up, the thought a a porpoise came to mind, and I saw her back lift every so slowly, then just as slowly flatten again. Sally drew me closer, I'm embarrassed even now acknowledging I felt Sally's breast on my arm even before I realized we had walked up on a lady pleasuring herself in the woods.

I sure didn't want to interrupt anything! Personally I of course always feared someone would discover me in my private moments of personal pleasure. The horror! And yet, unconsciously I knew, maybe even I, no I would NEVER EVER admit that I'd REALLY want someone to see me doing what a do to my nipples, my lips, my shaft, I WOULD NOT! And yet, I felt, that, so ashamed, even the thought I WOULD BE DISCOVERED, something was starting to tingle, even though I denied it!

And Sally was NOT helping! She stood with me speechless, but I felt her breast on my arm as she wrapped her hand around my back, and I think, pulled me closer to her? Really? Please ?

My thoughts were a jumble, don't you understand? I wanted to believe what o thought I was watching. I was confident there was a very firm breast against my arm. Brave me, I leaned over at Sally to kiss her ear, only to peer down her blouse, to see what had caused so very many nocturnal emissions. But I couldn't see. I only felt. Sally's hip leaning, bumping, mine, to a rhythm, that was laying in front of me. I did not, could not, encourage Sally. 

But when she took just one single step forward, I already knew, the compassion in Sally, and ok, jealously, hoped some of it would extend to me? I mean, if the circumstances were kind of, well, like this? 

The young girl felt Sally's hand brush the top of her head, smoothing her hair, before she even heard Sally approach. The girl silently sat up and rested her back against a tree, Sally still touching the top of her head. I knew the girl heard Sally's comfort before she even opened her eyes. It was OK. Yes, this is OK. Yes, I am OK. 

And Sally heard her unspoken words of "Thank you for accepting" , even before Sally bent down, and kissed the top of the girl's head. She whispered loud enough for me to hear "My name is Sally", and heard back, "I'm Jean, I love you Sally". 

Then silence, as I watched an incredibly touching moment, while Sally too leaned into the tree trunk, smiled at me, and Jean rested her head against Sally's thigh. There might have been birdsong, I do not know, I saw Sally's eyes lower, a sweet smile on her lips, as she offered Jean, "You are safe, all is OK". We'll walk on now. 

Jean said nothing, the hand that been beneath her rested on her knee, as she looked up, smiled back, glanced first at me, then back at Sally, and said "Would you consider staying?" 

Sally quickly said, " I want to stay. I want this".

I heard Sally breathe. She looked at me but I did not understand the look. Then I SAW Sally breathe. Her back against the tree, Jean's head on her thigh, I saw Sally's chest rise slowly, her lips apart, her eyes still in mine. Sally raised her eyebrows as if asking me a question, before I could even fumble a nod, I saw Sally's eye sink down my body. Was she, no way, did Sally? Could Sally? Possibly want to know if any of this was exciting me? Sally and I had never been together! Not in THAT way! 

Or was Sally telling me? Maybe she could become? Like, excited? Sexually excited? But Sally didn't know ME! Was Sally asking me? Dare I admit, that maybe, I could, cut it out! I was scared to death that the outline of my penis had become visible!!!! 

And then there was Jean! Was she moving even now? No. That was Sally! Her breathing. Was, maybe kind of rocking her. Just a little. And Jean's head swayed gently. What was Sally doing? Encouraging? Inviting? Who? Jean? Me? HER? 

I was at least going to be honest enough to say how I felt. I knew if I maintained a little control my sweat pants might divulge a little non-committal maybe. Because Sally had worn a long blouse, I hadn't noticed until she unbuttoned it, even though Jean couldn't see her, that Sally was wearing some kind of yoga pants or something. My heaven's! I really was not, was I? staring? Not even in my what I thought were private perversions had I considered what do they call that? A cameltoe. Out in the open? In the woods? Sally! You must KNOW I can see the form of your vagina through those tights!! 

Oh no. Oh fuck. I can not. Embarrassed or not. I see Sally's eyes fixed now. On my, ohhhh please, I know the mushroom head of my cock is enlarging, and can't deny it! And I don't even doubt the shaft that I have fondled all too many times is lengthening, and here this beautiful woman named Sally is not only accepting it!!!! She has slid her own hand down her inner thigh to pull apart one of the lips of her innermost secrets, knowing I am watching. 

I can't even tell if Jean has straightened her back against the tree trunk to allow her head to perch higher between Sally's thighs, or if Sally has ever slow slightly bowed her legs to permit it! Sally!! Don't you know! Dammit Jean is, oh Sally, Jean, I thinks she wants, her head, to rest closer to your womanhood!!!! 

Sally looked at Jean's hand, it had slid off her own knee, moving closer to her own core, Sally! Don't you understand? She is asking permission. But why is Jean staring at ME! Sally ok no point in lying now, you can damn see ALL of me, damn I hope I haven't already spotted my pants, yes yes yes ok yes I like it, Why are staring at my cock while your own hand is inches from YOUR, ok, PUSSY, there I said it!

And what, you're both going to stare at my cock while your hands are so close to your own sex? I want to, yes, I need to touch, may I, stroke, my cock? Ohhhhhh so very good, oh yes, Ohhhhhh yes, oh, I need to, I want to, lower my waist band, looking down, the head of my cock, is soooo fucking red and wet, and so nervously, glance up, SALLY! Jean is touching herself too!!

Oh fuck, Sally, please, I don't know you, please give me permission? Oh your smile darling yes, that's enough. You too. 

And I watch, as you slowly lower yourself, against Jean's shoulder, and start rocking, while her legs permit more of her hand between her thighs, and you, without removing your bra, expose a breast, and squeeze, I moan, but you, damn Sally, your nipples at last, are you teasing, no? Pulling? Sally! Twisting!! 

I want to YELL don't hurt them, but even as Jean looks up knowingly, and watching, exposes her own nipples for you, I slide out of my pants, watch you pull your swollen slit out of your yoga pants, and as I wrap my hand around my shaft, I know, I am going to start masturbating even though you can see me doing it! 

I am shocked when Jean offers up one of her tiny breasts, and you squat and wrap the thickened lips of your sex around her nipple, and she starts pumping her tit in and out of your cunt while you yank on your own reddened nipples, and smile, pleased that you have caused me to jack off in front on you. 

I see what you must feel as her hand cups one of your buttocks, and she reached between your thighs, and spreading the inflamed lips of your sex, leans back so I can see inside you, and then plants her mouth over your sex and starts sucking. I don't know you Sally, but Ohhhhhh I know, yes I know the feeling, as your legs open, and I see you shaking, and you at least know what, is going to happen. You pull slightly away so you can watch Jean's legs open and see her stretch her clit for both the pain and the pleasure, you MAKE me wrap both my hands around my cock, you finally tell me that you want to watch me take myself, you want to because, for the loss of control, the wetness, you are about to share with Jean, while she twists her clit in a knot, you squeeze my testicle, oh fuck how could you know the deliciousness of sweet pain, you pull your silken cunt lips apart and squat over Jean's breasts and, eyes fluttering, you release, for me, for her, for you....



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