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Rubbing Her Ass

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Finally, after a little coaxing, I convinced her to let me try something


Seventeen years ago, when I was in college, I dated a girl for a number of years. We never really tried mutual masturbation or anything like that, and we didn't really talk about the different things that we wanted to try, but there was one thing that we did that was amazing. For me, it was pretty kinky, and I wish that I had taken it further. Since that time, I have masturbated hundreds of times thinking about it, and how I could have done things a little differently to take it a little farther.

My girlfriend and I had tried many different sexual positions, and had sex many different ways.... but we had never tried anything anal at all. The topic would come up, and neither of us really talked about... if we wanted to try it or not. I think that we were both a little bit scared to be open about it, but I would have loved to have done that with her. She had a nice ass.. a little big, but it totally made me want to cream my pants. So, here is what happened.... One night we were both at my house laying on the bed watching TV. I was beginning to get a little horny, and wanted to get down to business. Unfortunately, she wasn't really in the mood.

Finally, after a little coaxing, I convinced her to let me try something. She was already laying on her stomach, and I slowly pulled down her pants and underwear, so her ass was totally exposed to me. I pulled down my pants, and slowly put my penis between her butt cheeks. I lubed up my penis with some saliva, and started to rub back and forth between her cheeks. For whatever reason this felt really hot to me. Gradually my penis started to rub against her anus, which totally turned me on like crazy. As I was doing this, I could tell that it was also turning my girlfriend on. We had never really had any anal play at all, and I think that having my cock rub against her anus was pretty exciting and weird for her all at once.

As I continued to rub against her anus, she finally said "put it in my ass". As she said this, the thought of doing that sent me over the edge, and I finally shot my load all over her ass. I wish that I had slowed down and actually put it in her ass, but I was captured by the moment.... After that happened, we never did anything like that ever again. We never talked about it, and I never got the feeling that she would have let me put it in her ass again after that.

Since that time, I have played that back in my mind a million times. I have thought about all of the different ways that I could have changed it so that I would have ended up putting it in her ass. I have thought about starting slower, and tonguing her anus until she asked for my cock in her ass. I have thought about slowing down, and waiting a minute or so, and then sliding it in her ass. All of the different possibilities. That was one of the hottest things that I have ever done... unfortunately, I was a little too inexperienced to know how to direct things to get what I really wanted. Since that happened seventeen years ago, that experience has been the experience I think about most when I masturbate.




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