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Roses for Dinner

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In High School, I managed two girlfriends, and neither relationship lasted more than a few months. Both relationships, however, taught me invaluable lessons about sex. The first truly memorable sexual experience I had with a girlfriend took place when I was sixteen and my then-girlfriend was 15.

I had driven down the highway to her house, where I was invited to dinner with her and her parents. Her mom was dashing flavor into pots and pans when I arrived and her step-dad was working grooves into his easy chair in front of the downstairs TV. Upstairs was OUR space, sort of. There was a couch and a TV. We wound up making more use out of the couch on most days.

She was sporting a pretty black dress with roses on it and trotting around barefoot and bright-eyed. I was absolutely melting for her. I laid on the floor in front of the upstairs TV while she sat Indian-style behind me and we played some two-player combat game that confused me to the point of hitting buttons aimlessly. After a few rounds, I turned to look up at her long, blonde hair, emerald eyes, and adorable freckles. I played with her toes and kneecaps to coax some smiles and giggles. Then we moved to the couch.

On the couch, she took to sitting behind me with her legs curled around me while her hands pressed the tension out of my back. I instinctively rubbed her feet, which she kept brushing up against my crotch. I reached back and felt her pussy through her panties. The touch startled her, and she slid back a few inches suddenly. I turned and began kissing her, rubbing the sides of her body and aching for her skin and lips and wanting every physical part of our attraction to turn into actions. She laid on her back while I hiked the bottom of her dress past her belly button, allowing me to kiss and caress her stomach lovingly.

After tensing up for just a few moments, she relaxed, and I could smell her juices flowing in her panties, making a tiny wet spot on her underwear. I did my best to find her clit and circled my fingers over her panties where I thought her little clitoris was throbbing. She began to breathe heavily and she whimpered whenever the pads of my fingers slid away from her sex and towards her thighs. I lined up a few fingers with her slit and shook them side-to-side gently. She began to buck her hips slightly, her lips curled into an "O," and her breathing became erotic music to my ears. I, of course, was fully aroused at this point.

I was either going too slow or was unable to find her favorite spot, because she wound up sliding her own right hand over her panties to masturbate herself over her underwear. Her hips began moving in waves and the sound of skin sloshing with fluid emitted from her pussy. I kissed her thighs and crotch while she masturbated and then slid up to kiss her lips, and she moaned into my mouth for the duration of our kiss. I sat back up and caressed all the skin I could until she whispered, "I'm close" and bounced her hips harder than before and raised her ass a few inches off the bed as she came.

I held her close and kissed her for a few minutes afterward. After dinner, and on many other occasions, we had lots of fun. Since this is my first submission, I guess I'll just leave it here and see what you think; maybe next time I can describe everything better.



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