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Rooming With Matthew

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Hope this isn't too long but it needs explaining.


At the end of high school I headed north to attend university a thousand miles away. I met up with another guy who was from my hometown and attending the same university. Matt is four years older so he was a senior in high school when I was just a freshman.

Matt was doing graduate studies. It turns out he was looking for a roommate. He had just rented a pad from a widow who was charging the same amount for the double room as we would pay in one of the university residences. But the accommodations were really spacious, he said and we could split the rent. So I could live there for half the cost of a dorm room, a ten minute walk from the main campus.

The bedroom for rent was the master suite of the house, it took up the whole upstairs. It was huge, with a lot more space than any dorm room. There were two beds set up and between them were two desks against the wall and a set of double bookshelves perpendicular to the wall as a divider. So we sort of had our own space marked off. There was a large walk-in closet and a full bathroom, complete with two sinks and a big ceramic shower. Everything was open, only the toilet had full privacy it had a sliding door if you wanted to sit and contemplate. And a good exhaust fan to keep the air breathable. (LOL)

The owner was a middle aged woman whose husband had been killed in a car accident a few years before. She had developed MS and now lived exclusively on the main floor. She had to use a wheelchair to get around. She asked us to shovel the driveway in winter and put out the trash on garbage day. Agreed. And she would not tolerate any drugs. Or women upstairs in our room. We could have male friends up there to study but female visitors (as she called them) were restricted to the TV room in the basement. That was kind of weird. I didn't have a steady last year and any female R&R was usually at the women's residence on campus. Matt used to spend the odd night at a friends apartment when both she and he had the urge. So keeping this a guys pad worked okay for serious study.

I bought a meal ticket at the campus cafeteria. I had extra labs and often didn't get home until well after dinner. Matt would usually be hitting the books at his desk, dressed in one of his long tank tops.

That brings me to the one disadvantage of the place. It was always too warm up in our room. Usually we kept a window open because the owner set the thermostat high, she was always cold. So when working upstairs and it was too warm, we were both usually dressed down to our skivvies. For me that was boxers and a T-shirt but for Matt that meant only a long tank top. His tank tops reached half-way to his knees anyway. He didn't wear underwear, period. The closest he had was a jock strap that he wore under his gym shorts when he went running. He kept his gym shorts on a hook at the head of the stairs for when he went down to the main floor or the TV room in the basement. Matt asked me if I was okay with him wearing just his top when he was up in the room. Like why should I care?

The bathroom was completely open to the bedroom area so we saw one another nude every day, including morning wood. When we showered and shaved in the morning, we were in full view of one another. This suite had been built for a married couple so nothing was closed off. As for Matt dressing down, it was when he sat back in a chair in front of you that his tank top would ride up his thighs. Same thing if he was lying on his bed reading or whatever. Those times you would see his pink dick head peeking out at you. But when you see one another's package on a daily basis, so what?

When we were in the room it was usually for school work or sleep. The flat-screen was down in the basement TV room. The owner had her own TV and could not navigate the stairs at all. The whole house was cleaned by a woman who came once a week. She also did the laundry including ours. So this was a pretty good set-up for us. Only restriction was that we had to party elsewhere.

When I do school work, I do school work. No watching videos on my laptop or listening to music. After the work is done, that's when I can relax. Matt is the opposite. He almost always had on a set of ear buds attached to his iPod or his laptop. After an hour or so of serious reading or whatever he was working on, he would take a break and surf the net for awhile. If I got up to get something, I could often see porn clips on his laptop screen but could hear no sound of course.

Not long after the semester started, I became aware that Matt did more than just viewing porn. From my side of the room I couldn't see him because of the bookshelf divider between our desks. Wearing ear buds, Matt wasn't aware that his labored breathing was as loud as it was. I suspected he was jerking off because his heavy breathing would become quite rhythmic and usually ended with a noticeable gasp. Then everything would quiet down again from his side of the room as he relaxed back into his chair.

Our desk chairs were on those hard plastic mats so they wouldn't dig into the carpet when you rolled around on them. Knowing that he was jerking off not ten feet away from me (by this time I was sure) I would sometimes stop working and listen, tempted to roll right back and say something like Are you having fun, Matt? But I didn't. I would wait for that heavy sigh of aahhh and then the inevitable trip to the bathroom (to clean up I guess).

Sometimes he would ejaculate on to the plastic mat on the floor under his desk. There were blotches where it had dried up because he hadn't wiped up everything. That was kind of gross. Matt wasn't shy about it. He didn't exactly jerk off openly but he didn't care that I was aware of it, he could hear my rhythmic movements when I did it in bed after lights out so what was the difference?

I always try to hit the sack by midnight because my classes began early. Matt stayed up late and usually went down to the TV room when I turned in. Now it was my time for R&R. My only serious girlfriend in high school was no longer available so it was mainly hand action during the school year except for the odd friendly encounter. I sleep nude and always like to end the day with a nice slow jerk if I'm not too tired. The bed is a super single, much wider than a dorm cot and lots of room to stretch out. When I ejaculated I would wipe up with the sheet from the far side of the bed and let it dry there. The housekeeper changes the sheets every week usually the left side of the bed was pretty crusty with dried deposits by the time laundry day arrived.

Matt used to run every morning, outside when weather permitted and at the college sportsplex when it got too cold or stormy. He has some form of juvenile arthritis in his hips and needed to keep up with the daily jogs to maintain flexibility. But after each run his right hip was quite sore so he would get a quick rubdown at the sportplex before coming back home to shower and eat breakfast. That is, every weekday. On weekend he had to rub himself down with A5-35. He said without the rubdown it was sore the rest of the day. Matt couldn't reach far enough back to do a good job on himself so I offered to lend a hand when needed.

On weekend mornings, Matt did his run much later. When he got back home he would lie on his belly on the bed and I would give him a 5-minute rubdown. The way I did it was to straddle his back, facing his feet. I put some cream on the lower part of his back and work down to his buttocks. It was always quick. I'll admit that it could be a bit erotic. I was aware of his smooth muscular buttocks and thighs. When he stood up afterwards to go shower Matt would be sporting a semi. Usually I was a bit aroused too but my dick was in my pants or boxers and not visible to Matt. I didn't want to have sex with him, I was just plain horny and usually jerked off at first opportunity. In return for my giving him rubdowns, Matt took out the trash every Monday morning and did most of the snow shoveling of the driveway. He was in good shape as he worked out regularly so this was a good trade-off. I hate doing chores and didn't mind doing the odd rubdown.

Was it inevitable that we eventually got together for a jerk-off session? Actually that didn't happen until end of term last semester. We had shared the same bedroom, bathroom and TV room and managed to keep our jerk-offs to ourselves. Even if each of us was aware of the other's jerk-off habits, we did not get to do anything together until a few days before classes ended for the year. It went down like this.

On Friday night I stayed home to finish up an assignment. Year-end parties were already in full swing and I planned on going out Saturday. Matt was out partying and came in around midnight, early for him. He was pretty buzzed. He kicked off his clothes and flopped on the bed complaining that his girlfriend was out of town and he didn't get any pussy. I had just finished up an essay and was getting ready to either head out or pack it in I couldn't decide.

We talked about the party he had been to when Matt said he had to crack a nut. He had on his usual tank top and that was all. He got up off his bed to go down to the TV room. Why are you going down there to do it? I asked. He grinned and lay back onto his bed. Within a few seconds all those barriers that keeps guys from joining with other guys in jerking off together well, let's say they all came tumbling down. I kicked off my shorts saying that I was in the mood too. I didn't even ask him but climbed onto his bed beside him and started to play around with my own cock. I was a bit nervous about it but went ahead anyway.

Matt said he hadn't jerked off with another guy since he was 15. I told him that I jerked off with the kid next door from eighth grade on until he moved away when I was 17. Maybe it was because Matt was buzzed that this all happened. I mean it takes one or the other to make a move and he was the one who announced that he had to crack a nut. Or maybe we were more interested in each other's bods than we would like to admit. We were laying side by side his bed leaning up against the headboard, legs outstretched.

His cock was extended to its full five plus inches. Mine might be a bit longer than Matts and I was hard as a rock. (I'm being totally honest we both said we had six inches but the truth is, neither Matt nor I quite made it. He shaved his pubes completely to expose his cock to full length. I shave only my nuts, girls definitely prefer a smooth hairless sack.) We are both circumcised. We both started to stroke. We talked a bit and Matt said he liked to finger his ass when he got near orgasm. He said it made it more intense.

After a couple of minutes of stroking, Matt reached into his night table for a bottle of lube, applied some and offered the bottle to me. I usually jerk off with my dry fist sliding the shaft skin up and down. So the lube added lots of play as my fist slid nicely over my cock head. Matt was reaching down between his legs to finger his asshole as he stroked.

What happened next is hard to explain. We had been living in the same room for months, often seeing one another naked, using the same shower, shaving side by side, etc. yet neither of us had ever jerked off openly in front of the other nor together. I knew that Matt stroked at his desk when he needed some R&R. But it wasn't in your face. I don't know what came over me because I just reached over and grabbed Matt's shaft and began stroking it. He let go and laid back and closed his eyes.

This was quite spontaneous on my part. I stopped stoking myself and turned sideways to do him. This went on for a few minutes. Matt was obviously building up into the final run. He started to stiffen and his facial expression became tense, you know, what I mean if you've watched yourself in a mirror when you get close to shooting off. At that point (I don't know why) I licked the middle finger of my other hand, reached between his legs and pressed it against his asshole. He gasped. I wiggled my finger and pressed harder and suddenly it slipped right in. At that point Matt let out a muffled yell of pleasure and a second later, cum started to shoot forcefully out of his cock head. He shot so hard it went right over him and hit the headboard. I withdrew my finger and kept slowly stoking his cock as he came down from paradise. Man, oh man. That was fucking nice, thanks Jason.

After a minute, Matt was ready to do me. OK, now it's your turn. What will it be? First I got up and washed my hands. When I got back, Matt had already wiped himself and was stretched out on the bed waiting to do me. I asked him to lube my dick and give me a nice slow stroke. And that's what he did. Lying on his side he glided his fist up and down my shaft, squeezing the head each time and then sliding back down to the base. He varied the pace and I must have lasted fifteen minutes. It felt WONDERFUL. He could see by my body language that I was approaching orgasm and asked me if I wanted a bit of extra, like his finger in my butt. No thanks Matt.

I erupted like a volcano, spewing a couple of days worth of cum over my belly and chest. All the pent up tensions came together with that one great orgasmic blow out. It was a really intense orgasm. I lay back and closed my eyes, mellowing in the nicest jerk off I have ever experienced. Matt was beside me but we didn't talk. I guess we were both pretty bushed. The after-orgasm had its effect and relaxation set it. We both fell asleep on his bed.

I awoke just as the sun was coming up. Matt was sound asleep beside me. My desk light was still on. All the cum on my belly and chest had turned watery and had run down my right side, some on the sheet. Most of it had dried and turned crusty. I was sort of sleeping in my own juice. I got up and took a warm shower before hitting the sack again (my own bed this time).

There was no repeat. Both Matt and I went back to our home town a couple of days after that night. He returned later to the college to finish writing his thesis before moving out west. I spent the summer at home, working at my uncles store. I returned to university this fall and now have a new roommate. Like me, Jeff wears his boxers, even when it's really hot. And he is not at all like Matt although he does jerk off a lot. I often hear him going at it at night.



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