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Room with a View

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Room with a View by Watchme (Foneguy413@aol.com)
As someone who frequently travels for my job, I spend a lot of nights in hotels. As someone who frequently masturbates, I take a special pleasure in leaving a load behind for the hotel maids to discover when they clean my room.
Fortunately for me, my job requires that I travel with my laptop and have access to the internet at all times. This usually means that I will end up browsing through chat rooms and web sites for erotic material late at night when I am on the road. My usual course of action is to jerk off before falling to sleep, helping me to relax in a strange bed and drift off into a sound slumber.
On one particular trip, I was staying at a large hotel chain's midtown Manhattan location for a few nights. The first couple of nights I went through my usual pattern - business dinners, some internet surfing, and an intense masturbation session before bed. The third night, however, being tired and having had my fill the last couple of nights, I went straight to bed when I got back to the room.
Not surprisingly, I awoke with a raging hard-on the next morning. Since my first meeting that day wasn't until later in the morning, I powered up my laptop and decided to see if I could find any fun. It wasn't long till I was completely engrossed in my activities, slowly rubbing on my cock. I gradually removed my underwear and t-shirt after having found a woman in a chat room who shared my interest in self-pleasure.

It must have been this distraction that made me a little slow to react when the maid knocked on the door to see if she could clean the room. As she began to fiddle with the door, I instinctually ran toward it. With my full erection bouncing up against my stomach, I was asking her to hold on for a minute as it began to open.
I was too late, to my embarrassment. She opened the door half way before she realized I was in the room, and was treated to a view of my full erection sticking straight out in front of my body. As I mumbled something to her about being out of the room in an hour or so, she smiled and slowly closed the door.

As soon as she left, a mixture of embarrassment and arousal consumed me. As I returned to my computer, I couldn't shake the image of the 40 plus year-old, slightly overweight Latina in her black maid's uniform staring at my naked body. While she wasn't the type of woman I typically fantasized about, she was all I could think of as I idly rubbed my cock.
Eventually, I got back to my original pursuit, searching chat rooms for a lusty companion. It couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 minutes, or just as I once again became engrossed in "conversation," that the lock on my door was being opened. While my initial reaction was similar, and I bolted upright with surprise, I decided that our encounter would proceed very differently this time.
When the door opened, I continued typing at my computer in a normal and relaxed manner, despite my nudity. As she looked into the room, I waved her in, saying that she could go ahead and start while I finished some things up. As she entered, I moved so that I was not visible to other hotel guests walking by the door, and sat down on the bed.
As I continued to rub my hard cock she smiled, not saying a word. My state of arousal, already high, became difficult to bear. With her looking at me, I was more excited than I had been in a long time, and my cock felt like it was more swollen than it had ever been. While I was a little self-conscious, I couldn't get over how excited this made me feel.
Eventually, as some pre-cum leaked from the head of my shaft, my middle-aged voyeur got down on her knees in front of me, close to the head of my cock. Now feeling a bit bolder, I wiped a bit of the pre-cum from the tip of my dick and moved it toward her body slowly. As she remained still, I touched her and moved my finger from her jaw, down her neck and to her cleavage. Taking her lack of response as a good sign, I said, "Show me."
She didn't move at first, and I said, " I want to come there."
Still, she was slow to react, and I began to move my hand along her large breasts while continuing to rub my cock and balls with my other hand.

She then took my message, unzipping her uniform and pulling it down to her belly, exposing her dark skin and full, white bra. I smiled at her as she reached back to unsnap her bra, which I would guess was about a size 38C. After unsnapping it, she slowly removed the straps from her shoulders and pulled it away from her, giving me a spectacular view of her fleshy brown breasts and large, dark purple nipples. This was nearly too much for me to bear.
As I continued to stroke I moved my cock closer to her exposed breasts, rubbing it head against her flesh and then against her erect nipples. She quickly understood what I wanted and scooted forward, and soon my hard, dripping shaft was buried between those big, beautiful breasts. As I began to thrust my hips, she slowly rolled backward so that she was lying on the floor. I followed and was now straddling her, fucking her chest with all I had, while she held her breasts against my hard cock.
After all this excitement, it wasn't long before I felt an orgasm welling up in my balls. I muttered that I was going to cum, and she continued to grind her soft breasts against my inflamed cock. Then, as I started to let loose a series of cum blasts, she quickly slid her mouth over the head of my cock, taking shot after shot deep in her mouth and throat. While it felt great for me, I think she was surprised by the volume of my cum, and it clearly leaked out of her mouth in a couple of places and down onto her neck and body.
After a moment to recover, I caught the time in the clock and realized that I needed to get in the shower quickly and get downstairs. When I told her this, she nodded and smiled at me, quickly pulling her uniform back on and getting up. I smiled back, and ran to get ready for my day.
While I still masturbate on almost every trip I take, I am much more conscious of opportunities to get "caught" by hotel staff and even other guests. If anyone else has had similar experiences I would love to hear about them, and if any women would enjoy watching a horny guy in a hotel, please feel free to send me an email!



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