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Room Mates at a Chinese Boarding School

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The following story is entirely fictional, though it is based on a dream I had a few nights ago.


In the summer when I turned 15, my dad decided to move back to China after having spent the last few years in the US. Because his job in China required a lot of travelling, he decided to enrol me at a Chinese boarding school. On my arrival to the school (in the late afternoon), I was introduced to some of my classmates and teachers. I was then led to my room, which I had to share with two students, Lee and Dawen. Lee was quite tall, almost my height, and had a nicely combed mop of black hair. Dawen was average height for his age and had short, spiky black hair. The room was really small, with just enough space for three beds and a table, along with our belongings.

After having dinner (rice, scrambled eggs and some vegetables) in a large hall, the students had to return to their rooms to prepare for bed. I quickly got to know both Lee and Dawen, and we instantly became friends. At first it was a bit weird speaking Mandarin when all I usually spoke was English, but soon it became natural. It was about 8:30pm, so we had an hour and a half to spend awake before lights out at 10pm. The three of us played some blackjack and other card games, but after a while that got boring, so we decided to go to bed early. The boys told me they slept naked due to the heat, but covered their blankets to prevent mosquito bites, and suggested me to do the same. I agreed to this- the blankets were light and comfortable, so it wouldn't be too much of a discomfort. Dawen had the bed closest to the door, Lee had the middle bed, and I had the bed closest to the window.

We all went to the bathroom to brush our teeth, before quickly returning to our room. As we entered and closed the door, Dawen and Lee immediately stripped of their clothes and got into their beds. In the few seconds between them taking off their clothes and climbing into bed, I managed to spot some smooth skin and penises, completely hairless and not circumcised. I had never seen another boy completely naked before, so my own cannon began to rise. I was still in my clothes, standing in the middle of the room, still surprised at the unabashed stripping that happened just moments ago.

'C'mon, don't be shy. Take your clothes off,' Lee said, laughing. 'We're all guys here'.

'Yeah, go on,' Dawen encouraged.

I quickly took my clothes off and hopped into bed, hoping neither of the boys had spotted my boner. Just as I was about to cover the blanket, I realised that we forgot to turn the light off. As Lee and Dawen were already in bed looking comfortable, I decided to quickly go across the room to flick the light switch. In my haste to turn off the light without embarrassingly revealing my hard on, I clumsily tripped on my suitcase and my body twisted, landing flat on my back against the wooden floor. I had made a loud enough sound that both the other boys had climbed to the edge of their beds to ask if I was OK.

I glanced at them to reply that I was, but saw that they weren't looking at my eyes, but rather at a region further down my body. Suddenly, Lee got out of his bed and squatted down next to me on my left, his eyes fixated on my slightly hairy, hard, 5 1/2 inch tube.

'Whoa, so that's what your dick looks like', exclaimed Lee in awe.

Dawen had also got out of bed and squatted down on my right, grinning slightly and clearly enjoying the view I unintentionally offered both of them. In my slight confusion I quickly looked at both of their things, as if that would somehow lessen my own embarrassment. Both Lee and Dawen's dicks were still relatively small, maybe 3 or 4 inches, the width slightly larger than a ballpoint pen and pointing straight out.

I was still a bit embarrassed, but immediately though of all the times I had wanted to masturbate with other boys. Seizing my chance, I quickly said, 'Do you know if you pull your thingies up and down you can make white stuff come out? Both boys said they didn't know that, so I said, 'Would you like me to show you how? They both nodded so I directed them back into their beds, lying flat on their backs against the mattress. I went to the small gap between my bed and Lee's and knelt down. I started off by rubbing Lee's cute nipples before slowly gliding my hands across his tummy towards his pubic area and testicles. As I brushed his penis and felt his smooth, hairless pubic region, I felt a tinge of excitement. This reminded me of my first time masturbating, at 13, when my own dick was Lee's size and hairless. I rubbed his tiny testicles with my left hand while slowly pulling the foreskin of his little prick with my right thumb and index finger. Eventually, I sped up the process until Lee said I have to pee, I told him not to worry and continued stroking. Soon, his body stiffened, his head tilted slightly back, his eyes closed, his stomach tightened and I felt his penis and balls quiver slightly before a few little shots of cum came out of his pee hole and landed in a little puddle around his bellybutton. While Lee relaxed, I went to grab some tissues from my suitcase and helped him clean up. Lee said it was an awesome experienced and wanted to go again. I told him he would have to wait a while.

Dawen, who had been watching the whole scene intently from the comfort of his bed, was now flicking his penis back and forth. I went over to his bed and told him we were going to do something slightly different than what I had done with Lee. I slowly lifted Dawen up and slid underneath him. My penis was now touching his bum and my chin was just an inch away from the top of his head. We stayed like this for a few seconds, with me sandwiched between Dawen and his bed. I mostly repeated what I had done to Lee but from underneath rather than from the side. I quickly glanced in Lees direction and saw him lying on his side, his penis now flaccid. After just two minutes of stroking Dawen's cannon, he told me he had the pee feeling and his body convulsed. I could actually feel his dick pulse as little splotches of cum shot out of his pee hole and on his stomach. I managed to bend my head, glancing over Dawen's head, to see his first cumshot. In this instant, I couldn't hold it in any longer. I let go of Dawens stick, brought my hands down and squeezed his mattress while my biggest load in personal masturbation history shot between my stomach and Dawen's back. Because we were having our spasm in unison, it seemed like we were slowly moving up and down together in rhythm. When our last burst of cum left us, we were both pretty tired and just stayed in that position. Lee came over and we all rolled around in Dawen's bed, our sweaty, smooth bodies bumping and rubbing against each other.

After the fun, we cleaned ourselves up and finally got around to turning off the light. We said good night to each other and went to our own beds. I laid on my bed, visualising the nights experience. I drifted off to sleep, thinking about the bodies, penises and butts of my two new friends just a few feet away. You can probably guess what I dreamt about that night.



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