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Role Reversal

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This happened several months ago and I just know there are people who will get off on it.....I DID!


I have been married for about 12 years to the love of my life. About four months ago we both planned simultaneous trips to different destinations - we were only going to be gone for two nights. She was going to a high school reunion and I was off to another city for business reasons - both staying in hotels.
We planned it so that our planes would leave at close to the same time. We checked in at curbside where our bags were checked through to our destinations. Here's where it gets interesting...we have two suitcases that are identical and these were the two we packed for our respective trips. As you might guess the skyhop reversed the tags on our bags and mine went with her and hers went with me. Of course we had no idea he had done this so we said our goodbyes and we our separate ways.
Upon arriving to the airport in LA my cell phone rings and it's my wife in a panic in her hotel room looking at a suitcase full of my clothes and stuff. After we get over the initial shock and she realizes she will be 'forced' to go shopping (big drag there) and pick up some new clothes to wear. We agree to talk later when I check into my room.
On my way to my room I start to get excited at the thought of what she might have packed and start hoping she was feeling sexy when she packed and put in some of her fine lingerie. She knows I love her to wear nice lingerie. I am always buying her silky stuff. When I get to my room I open her bag and to my great happiness I find a treasure trove of sexy things. Aside from the mundane stuff like t-shirts and shorts and skirts and things there was a satin nightgown and satin robe, a couple of silky panties and bras and to my great excitement she had apparently planned a couple of nights of some serious masturbation in her room. There were two of her favorite dildos, her 'Eurosilator' vibrator, and a bottle of astroglide. Also I found the long black strap that we have used to secure dildos so I'm sure she was planning to strap it to a pillow or chair. I love to watch her get her self off and the thought of her in her hotel room having a night of fun all alone sent me over the top.
I called her at her hotel and she asked if I had looked through her bag and what I thought about her nice pack job. I think she was a disappointed that she didn't have her sex toys for her stay. After all...I'm sure going through my bag was not nearly as fun as going through hers. All I had were my clothes and the basic guy stuff - no dildos or vibrators.
Later that night she called to tell me that she was getting hot at the idea that we each had the others clothes and we should 'explore' the possibilities. Of course I was already all over that idea. She put on some of my cologne and I put on some of the perfume that I love to smell on her. We had the most amazing phone sex - telling each other what to put on and what to do. She wanted me to use one of her dildos in my ass but they were both too big for me. I'm sure she wanted to enjoy the vicariously over the phone.
This was a night that we will both not forget. In fact I have had two biz trips since and on each I have found some of her silky lingerie tucked into my suitcase upon arrival at my hotel. What could be better?



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