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Role Play?

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I’ve realised how much I role play when either having sex with someone or on my own. There’s a difference, I think, between a masturbatory fantasy, something you think about to get to off, and actually acting something out.


Before I came away on holiday, I went through my clothes and was surprised at not only what I had, but what I still wore! 

For example, I still have my school uniform....and yes, from time to time I will put it on and go out in it. 

Then again, I have clothes that just scream “Slut! Whore!” And I wear those too. Sometimes out, sometimes indoors. 

When i masturbate, I may enjoy a fantasy, or relive a dream or sexual experience, but sometimes I want more than that, and I may actually dress up and play the part. 

The school uniform is, for me, very interesting. Like most adolescent girls, I had a tough time during puberty. Everything seemed to happen at once and although I knew the theory, I wasn’t really ready for the reality. When I role play “schoolgirl” there’s no doubt I’m taking control of a situation where I most certainly wasn’t in control at all.

i felt sexy then. oh GOD I felt sexy! Wet, musky, horny. More than anything I wanted a good fucking. Was I ready for it mentally and emotionally? Probably not, but my body was crying out for sex. 

So, from time to time, I give myself the satisfaction I never had at the time. 

It goes something like this.

I never plan it, just sometimes I feel drawn to the uniform. I will dress in it, making certain I miss no detail. My school were sticklers for wearing the exact right uniform, and they would check up. So, I wear the whole kit. Like most girls them, I even put on as much make up asi would be allowed to get away with....which wasn’t much, but we all tried it on. 

By the time I’m fully dressed and made up, I’m usually already very wet and my clit aches. It’s then that my mid picks an age. Sometimes I’m 16, sometimes as young as 14. I don’t know why age matters in solo masturbatory role play, but it seems to with me. Once I’ve got dressed and settled on an age, the next thing is scenario. Maybe I’ve just been caned by Sister Bertha (again). Maybe I’m furious! (Getting caned made me wild angry) I would walk home from school with tears of rage running down my face calling Sister Bertha all the names I could think of, which, of course, were dirty, and dirty names and words make me horny. Bu the time I’d get home I’d just have to play with myself which relieved the tension. 

Sometimes, I just lie on my bed, slip a hand down my pantyhose and panties and masturbate. Sometimes, I imagine I’m being followed and then forced to have sex. I will rip my pantyhose, yank my panties aside and fuck myself.

When I’m playing “the whore”, it’s the other way. I make up rediculously, wear my “whore” dress, fishnets and high heels. I will always go for a walk like that. I always get stared at and I’ve even been propositioned (though never brave enough to accept). By the time I get back home, I pretend I’ve brought a client with me. We go through the negotiation. What does he want? How much? Then I fuck myself in accordance with the fantasy. 

You see? This is very different to just having a fantasy. Role play during sex is fun, but I wonder if others role play during masturbation as I do?



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