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Rocking The Boat

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I was 15 years old living up in northern Wisconsin on my parents fishing resort. Every August my aunts and uncle and there daughter would visit us for my birthday. One very hot day I was planning on going fishing and my cousin Judy asked if she could come along. Judy was much older than me, she was in a junior in college. We gathered up all the gear we needed and took off. We found a secluded cove and got out the poles and started to fish. After a while she mentions how hot it was and started taking off her t-shirt revealing a pretty skimpy bikini. I guess I never noticed, or was too young to realize how pretty she was. She was kind of slender with long tanned legs, smallish breasts, a nice flat tummy. She asked me if I could rub some sun tan lotion on her back. As I was putting the lotion on, I could start to feel my cock swelling inside my cut-offs. Her skin was so soft to the touch, I kept massaging her back almost down to the crack in her ass, she never told me to stop so I figured she was enjoying it. After that we chatted for awhile but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, she must have noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, Dave it looks like your getting a little excited. My face turned red from embarrassment. She told me not to be embarrassed, as its a very natural thing. She then reached behnd her back and unsnaped her top revealing her beautiful pointed breasts, Her hard nipples were sticking way out telling me she was excited too. She asked me if I would like to touch them, as I was leaning over rubbing her nipples, she reached down and started to feel my cock through my jeans. Maybe you better release that thing, it looks awfully cramped in there. She unzipped my fly and out came my rock hard boner. Oh my she said, what a nice penis you have Dave. Grabbing a boat cushion, she knelt in front of me and pulled off my cut-offs and shorts, and told me just to relax as she was going to give me my birthday present. Taking out the lotion again, she squirted some in the palm of her hand, and started to stroke my throbbing cock. I could not believe this was happening to me, she definately knew what she was doing, she could tell just about when I was ready to cum, she would back off. She jacked me off better than I could myself. I could tell Judy was getting off too, her bikini bottoms were soaking wet. I told her she should take them off also, as it wasn't fair for me to be completely naked. She stood up, and slipped off the bottoms. Her bush was neatly shaved and glistening from her wetness .I told her that this was the first time I ever seen a girl naked or see me naked, let alone do what we were doing. I asked her if it was ok to touch her down there, she replied that it would be fine. So here we were masturbating each other out in a boat on a nice hot sunny afternoon. It didn't take long before I shot a stream of hot cum all over Judy's perky titties. She came too with me awkwardly fingering her while she had my cum all over her hand. As we cleaned ourselves up, we laughed at the sight of us naked in the boat, she was amazed I was still hard, but that's a 15 year old for you. I told



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