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Road Trip!

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Spicing up the highway


My man and I frequently find ourselves on long road trips over uninteresting stretches of highway. To alleviate the boredom, he takes great delight in teasing me to unbearable hotness, playing with my tits and pussy until I am phenomenally aroused for what feels like forever until he finally makes me cum. We had such a road trip scheduled for this weekend and I have to say, I was looking forward to it with pussy-moistening anticipation. Off we set, and thankfully before long he busily playing with my sensitive parts, stimulating me until I was squirming at the edge of orgasm for miles and miles. Finally, it seemed as though his hand was going to take me over the edge...and then he stopped. Gasping with indignation, I demanded to know what he was thinking, torturing me in such a manner. With a devious smile on his face, he suggested I make myself cum. I have no problem with that, but this time there was a twist; the rule was that I had to be laying on the seat, pussy and tits exposed to the passenger window, so people in taller vehicles than ours would potentially be able to watch me. I was very surprised and reluctant--yes, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, but this seemed over the top. As I balked, he started stimulating me again until I was so crazed with wanting to cum that I thought, "Oh, what the hell!" and decided to give myself over to what was obviously a very sensual scenario for him.

I slid out of my shorts, pulled my shirt up, and reclined with my head at his thigh and my dripping snatch towards the window. My thought was that I could just rub my clit to orgasm, keeping my legs together, but no--he commanded me to spread my legs, fully exposing my cunt. I nearly came just from the naughtiness of my acquiescence, but then he handed me my favorite large dildo, his hand then returning to my breasts, twisting and pulling my nipples. In that growling deep tone that told me how excited he was he told me to fuck myself with it until I came. I closed my eyes, the fingers of my left hand spreading my swollen pussy lips, my right hand using the dildo to spread my ladywet around my tissues before easing it into my tunnel, the exquisite sensation of my welcoming cunt walls stretching around it taking my breath away.

I started to ease the fuckpole in and out of myself, playing with my clit with my other hand. I was lost in bliss, my hips beginning to thrust as I fucked on the dildo. His hand left my tits and I heard the sunroof open. Opening my eyes, I found I was looking up at a trucker who was watching me through the passenger window, and who could now see the ministrations to my nipples through the sunroof as well. He honked his horn and my man gave him a thumbs up! I was mortified, dildo visible, protruding from my tunnel, still grasped in my right hand, my left defensively covering my mound and quickly shut my eyes again. "C'mon, Baby, give yourself what you've been waiting for...I want you to fuck your beautiful cunt until you cum and I want him to watch you do it," my man crooned. He flicked my erect nipples, sending shock waves to my clit. Slowly I began sliding the dildo in and out of my wetness again, my left hand relocating my clit, fully out of her hood and now so hard again as I stroked my clitoral shaft.

My animalistic tendencies took over and I gave into the extraordinary pleasure that was making my pulse race. In and out, in and out I fucked myself, the dildo shiny with my cunt juice, wetness spilling out of me, dampening the seat beneath my ass. My pace increased, my hips thrusting as I started to pound the rod as hard as I could into my eager hole, the luscious sounds of fucking driving me into heightened frenzy. The index and middle fingers of my left hand were feverishly rubbing my engorged clit and I moaned,"I'm soooo close, I'm going to cum so hard..."

With that, he took his hand from my throbbing nipple and pressed down on my abdomen, right over my G-spot. My  hips rose as high as they could to meet his hand, offering my fucked cunt to the trucker as my orgasm exploded with a scream, white hot searing pleasure convulsing my entire body, my pussy gripping the dildo with spasm after spasm, gushing my squirt onto my hand and the window, the sound of the truck horn blaring in my ears. My man was silent as I came down, reveling in the tremors of orgasmic aftershocks, slowly sliding the silicone cock in and out of my swollen cunt as I moaned with satisfaction. When my breathing finally returned to normal, he said, "You can open your eyes now; we're alone again."



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