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Revenge by Anonymous
One night I was doing what I normally do when Iget bored, masturbating. But then the phone rang. I answered andto my surprise it was an old friend calling to see if I wouldlike to go out and see a movie or something. Since I wasn't doinganything that I couldn't do later, I said sure. She said thatshe'd meet me at my house so I gave her directions and saidgoodbye. When she showed up I was happy to see her but she wassad and when I asked her what was wrong she just walked throughthe door and sat down on the couch and got a funny look on herface. I sat down and again asked her what was wrong and she toldme that her boyfriend was cheating on her. So for the next twentyminutes we just sat there and I tried to console her.

Then she said something about getting back at himand then kissed me. She started groping me and grabbing me and Ifigured that I knew exactly what she wanted and that she justwanted to get back at her boyfriend, but I didn't care. So Istarted to grope her and grab her and I let my hands slip underher shirt and up to her breasts. Right then she stopped me andsaid wait. I asked her why she was stopping and she said that shehad heard that lots of guys masturbate and she wanted to see aguy masturbate but her boyfriend never would.

I asked her if she masturbated and she said"Hell yeah, that's why I want to see a guy do it!"

And with that I told her that I would jack off ifshe would do it to, which she eagerly agreed to. As she upzippedher shirt I pulled out my rock hard 9-inch cock and gave it anadmiring stroke. She told me that she wanted to see me stroke itso I started to slowly stroke my shaft as she pinched and pulledon her dark nipples. As I stroked pre-cum started oozing out ofmy dick and she began to finger herself like never before. Shelet out a few short wimpers and some muffled screams and she saidlet me do it, let me stroke it. So, being the nice guy that I amtold her to go ahead without hesitation. As she neeled infront ofme and stroked my dick I played with her pussy with my toe. Shetold me to tell her a fantasy so I told her about all of thetimes that I fantasised about titty-fucking girls, so she put mydick between her tits and started to bounce. Since I was playingwith her pussy with my toes she ended up shoving a couple in herevery time she came down. At that she began screaming and betweenseeing her and feeling her tites slide along my shaft I told herthat I was going to cum. She screamed that she was too and acouple of seconds later I came, shooting my stuff in the air andlanding on her face, her chest, and on her lips. She then cameto, screaming and fingering herself. After that we sat on thefloor and talked to each other for a while before resuming ourlittle games. We fucked the rest of that night and since thenwe've had sever mutual masturbation sessions, but that's anotherstory.



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