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My early masturbation partner returned to my college.
I was very nervous for two days before my friend from Junior High came to visit me at college. We hadn't seen each other since he moved away, and our masturbation sessions ended. We had discovered masturbation together, tasted each others' semen for the first time, and watched hair grow on each others bodies. Since he moved, though we'd hardly spoken, and I didn't know if he would want to masturbate together again. I desperately wanted that. He was coming to visit the college; he might transfer. For weeks I'd masturbated thinking of our times together. Thinking of his cock, and wondering if it was even more hairy. He was bigger and hairier than I was, with more cum, too. I loved to look at him cum. I wanted so desperately, that I was nervous he would not be as horny as I; perhaps he would ignore my pleading eyes altogether. I needn't have worried. After a quick tour of campus, he wanted to go to my place. Something about the quaver in his voice told me he was desperate, too. As we walked up the steps to the apartment he asked,'Do you ever think about when we used to masturbate?' I told him I thought about it all the time. We went into the bedroom to take our clothes off, just like we had at his house. His body was covered with hair now, thick and black around his balls, and his cock looked bigger. He was playing with it, although it was totally stiff, like mine. We lay on the bed, next to each other, and stroked. I could hardly stand it, I was so ready to cum and so turned on. He told me, 'Don't cum yet. Let's sit up.' I sat up, and he wrapped his legs around my waist so our cocks were touching. I starred at my cock as he took it in his hand and pressed it to his own cock, and squeezed and stroked us together. I swear, I almost passed out, it was so exciting. He stroked harder and faster, and was ready to cum. I felt him stiffen, and started squirting cum, grinding my balls into his crotch, then he let out a deep, deep groan, a man's groan I'd never heard, and I felt his cock pumping ropes of cum onto our bellies. We lay back down, our hands on each others dicks, coated with cum. I leaned over and did what I'd imagined doing, hundreds of times since he left-I licked the cum off his belly as I held his cock in my hand. I was no longer nervous. Our desires had merged.



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