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Remembering 1

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After all these years, I’m sure the dialog isn’t exactly what we said, but the gist of it is there. I do remember the activities well, however!  All in all, we got together a number of times over several months; I’ll see what I can remember of those times and share them for those who are interested.


Sitting here thinking back about 20 years ago about this time of year.  The Ex called to tell me that the guy she’d been living with the last 20 years had passed away a couple of weeks previously.  Offered my condolences, we talked for a bit, then hung up.

Some background.  We’d been married for about 5 ½ years, just couldn’t seem to make it as a couple.  Parted friends, and had stayed in touch over the years, even got together for dinner a few times – no hanky panky.  I even met Ed, the guy she met and moved in with a couple of years after our divorce.  Nice guy.

So, she called again a couple of weeks or so later, we talked a bit more, and she asked if I wanted to come over on a Saturday night for dinner.  I thought about it, decided “what the heck?”  The day came, and I showered, put on a pair of shorts and a light shirt (summer in Arizona) and went over to her place.  She greeted me at the door, casually dressed as I was.

We shared some general chit-chat then moved to the dining room, and she started bringing in dishes from the kitchen.  Pot roast with all the trimmings; been a while since I’d had a home-cooked meal like that.  More chit-chat while we ate, and then we eventually moved to the family room, where she settled down on a sofa and I got comfy in a nearby recliner.

We spent the next hour or so catching up on things we’d done since the last time we’d seen each other, and then, out of the blue, she asked, “Matt, do you still masturbate?”

The question kinda surprised me.  We’d introduced masturbation into our sex life after about 3 years of marriage (a pretty decent sex life, if I might say so myself – 3-4 times a week, and at least one night of which we included masturbation, watching each other, doing each other, things like that).  But that was when we were in our 20s, and now she was in her late forties, me in my mid-fifties.  And yeah, I’d put on a few pounds over the years; she had too.  Neither of us grossly overweight, just not the trim “youngsters” we’d been twenty-five some years ago.

(Side note – look up some of my previous stories for some of the times she and I shared.)

“Yeah, of course,” I answered.  “’'bout all I’ve been getting lately.  You?”

“Me too.  Ed got too heavy to do anything some years ago, and then when he got sick he just lost all interest.  He wasn’t interested in even masturbating, didn’t want to watch me even.  So yeah, I’d do it when he was at work, or when I was travelling for work.”

We were quiet for a time while she got up and refreshed our drinks.  “Guess we were kind of unusual, weren’t we?  Lots of folks don’t do it together much, like we did,” she said after she’d settled back down.

“Dunno.  That was back in the seventies – maybe folks just didn’t talk about it much then.”

“You ever do it with another gal?”

“One,” I answered.  “A few times.  She’d put on a show for me, then want me to stick it in her – said she’d rather that than to watch me.  Did cum onto her stomach one time though.”

Silence for a few minutes, then she asked, “Want to do it tonight?  For old time’s sake?”

I looked at her, wondered if her drinks had gotten to her a bit.  “You serious?”

“Yeah.  You know, you’re the only guy I’ve ever seen jack off.  Think I’d like to see that cock of yours again.”

I thought about it for a few minutes.  The idea was arousing; I was getting hard. “You know, it would be kind nice.” I finally said.  “Been a few days for me, and maybe you can see I’m getting a bit hard.”

“Kinda hoped so.” she said.  “Let’s go into the bedroom – more comfy in there.”

I followed her down the hall to the bedroom.  Once there we each set our drinks down, then looked at each other, almost awkwardly for a moment or two,  Finally she started unbuttoning her blouse.  “May as well get these things off,” she said.  “It’s not like we haven’t seen each other before.”

“True,” I responded, and we quietly undressed.  She was a bit thicker all the way around than she’d been back in the seventies, perhaps 15-20 pounds distributed fairly evenly, though with a bit of a belly.  Her breasts were a bit larger, C cup now instead of the B cup she had when we were married, and they hung down a bit.  A tell-tale scar just above her pubic hair where she’d had a hysterectomy, a scar near her left elbow where she’d broken her arm some years ago.

“Not exactly Playmate material,” she said.

“Not bad, though,” I commented.  “Bound to be some changes in twenty-five years.”

“Yeah.  You’ve definitely put on a few pounds too.  ‘’Spose it’s gotten any bigger?” she grinned.  And she was right.  I’d gained about thirty pounds over the years, with more than just a little of it around my middle.

“I’d like to think it’s at least stayed the same size,” I said as I crawled onto the bed.  She got up on the other side – a king-sized bed, BTW – fluffed up a couple of pillows, and settled in against the headboard.  Almost immediately her legs opened a bit, and she lightly started touching herself.

“Don’t hurry,” she said.  “I like what I’m seeing, and I’d like to just look for a while.”

I moved around a bit until I was more at the foot of the bed, with a better viewing angle at her pussy.  She smiled a bit, opened her legs wider, and started running her finger up and down her slit.  “You always did like to look at my pussy, didn’t you?”

“Sure did, Jane.”  I was on my knees, very gently stroking my cock.  My pre-cum was starting to flow freely, and I rubbed a bit of it along the underside.   I could shoot a good load in a hurry if I didn’t watch it.

Jane continued to work her clit for a few minutes, reaching down into her vagina now and then for a few drops of her juices.  “Don’t get quite as wet as I used to,” she said.  “Hold on.”  She reached over to a drawer on the nightstand on that side of the bed, opened it, and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and a good-sized vibrator.  With a motion that showed she’d done it many times before, she lubed the plastic cock up, turned it on slow, and then slowly worked it into her vagina.  To me, this was something new; she’d never used any toys during our time together.  I let go of my cock so I could focus on just watching her.

In and out, in and out, slowly speeding up, and in a few minutes she was working herself well.  It had been a long time, but if memory served me, I knew she’d be cumming soon, judging from the expression on her face and her now labored breathing.  My cock started aching even more, and I knew I could explode soon if I started working it.

And then she started cumming, long and hard and strong.  She kept the orgasm going for what seemed like several minutes but was probably only a minute or two, raising her butt up off the bed and pounding away with the vibrator, before finally collapsing back onto the bed.  “God, that was good,” she said as she slipped the vibrator out of her now sopping pussy and turned it off.

“Looked like it,” I said.

She calmed herself down a bit, her eyes closed, and then she finally opened them again.  “I’d forgotten how much of a turn-on it was to do it while you were watching.  God, was that good!”

“Must have been.  When did you start using toys?”

“When Ed couldn’t get it up anymore.  Got to where I just had to have something in me.”  She looked at me for a minute.  “That’s right – you never saw me use a toy, did you?”

“Nope.  Never watched anyone use one, to be honest with you.  Kinda hot.”

“Yeah, I’d say you like it.  You’re really aching now, aren’t you?  Cock hard, balls tight… let me watch you.  Come in between my legs, and when you shoot, put it on my pussy…”

She didn’t need to ask twice.  And it didn’t take long before I was spurting as big a load as I’d shot in a long time, string after string of thick hot cum spurting onto her bush and pussy lips.  She watched every spurt, holding her legs apart, and when I finished, she reached her left hand down, scooped up some of my cum and brought it up to her mouth to taste while her right hand used the rest of it to rub onto her lips and clit, her fingers moving furiously until she once again came.

I collapsed beside her, exhausted, and we both dozed off for a while.  When we woke up, we talked for a bit, decided we both wanted more, and before we fell asleep for the rest of the night, I checked out how tight her pussy still was, but that’s not for here.



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